201X-XX-XX: Minetest

I actually played it before Minecraft. The game can be potentially entertaining, but Minecraft is much better.


2014-XX-XX: Outlast (including the Whistleblower DLC)

This is the first and the last horror game I’ve ever played. I was shitting my pants the first time I was playing it, but I adapted after some time. In addition to that, the game has a lot of disgusting crap, but it absolutely didn’t bother me. It was kinda interesting for me to complete it, and I enjoyed it long after I did it by messing up with internal game mechanics and discovering various things that were intended to be seen only by the developers.


201X-XX-XX: Heroes of Might and Magic V

Pretty cool continuation of the series, but some magic was lost for me when I played it. Maybe it’s because I got older.


201X-XX-XX: Geoguessr

This game is a very good example of how you can be entertained by an extremely simple concept. Putting you in a random spot on the map and forcing you to find yourself on the map is so stupid and genius at the same time, it’s unusual that the game only came out in 2013. The game itself is pretty fun to play. It also works regardless of whether you’re playing alone or in a team. The only downside I can find in this game is that it’s pretty expensive, but that’s completely understandable - they have to pay their bills somehow.


201X-XX-XX: Euro Truck Simulator 2

I think played it exclusively to see some European cities, and I guess I succeeded.


2015?-XX-XX: Sonic Dash

Well, it’s a fucking endless runner game. But hey, at least it has Sonic in it, which is supposed to be cool, right? Other than the presence of the aforementioned character, it’s basically Subway Surfers but maybe a bit better. The only reason I’m writing this review is because it technically means I have played a Sonic game. Have I actually completed it? Can it even be completed? Hell if I know.


201X-XX-XX: Super Mario Bros.

Yes, it did take me so long to get my hands on completing it. Other than that, this game is a legend and needs no explanation.


201X-XX-XX: Everlasting Summer

I don’t even know why I decided to play a visual novel. In any case, it was kinda okay. Also playing one of the mods put me in a depressive period, and I’m still not sure why.


2017?-XX-XX: SuperTux

It’s a pretty simple and not entirely polished platformer, but it has such a beautiful atmosphere, and I did genuinely have fun playing it.


2019-01-0X: Undertale

Fuck. This game is incredible. It’s the video game equivalent of Gunbuster - a miracle that somehow makes me feel genuinely happy. Everything here is perfect: the music is amazing, the story is touching, the jokes are lame but good enough for me, the visuals are simple but very pleasant. I still sucked balls at completing it though.


2019-XX-XX: Hong Kong 97

This shit can barely be classified as a game, but I still kinda like it because of its plot and vibes. Also this is the only game where I literally die instantly.