200X-XX-XX: Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse

This is the first video game I’ve ever played. Or maybe it’s not, but I don’t remember playing anything before that and barely have any memories of myself at that age at all. The game is forever engraved in my brain, and just seeing the visuals or especially hearing the sound effects makes my heart melt instantly. And I do think that my feelings are completely justified because the game still looks and sounds amazing, and it was incredibly fun to play it as a child.

Also here’s an fun fact: Freddi is a girl, but I’ve always thought she was a boy. I guess it’s not that easy to determine the gender of a fish after all.


200X-XX-XX: Heroes of Might and Magic III

I managed to beat the tutorial map; that counts as a completion, right? This game is also kinda engraved in my brain but much less. The game as a strategy is pretty cool, I guess, but I can’t imagine a game where I sucked more balls than here. The best thing about this game is the music - it’s soooooooooooooo fucking great. I can’t express how much I love how the harp is used there. Also my favorite track is the Fortress town theme which sounds really groovy for classical music.


200X-XX-X: Total Annihilation

I don’t remember anything about this game except its depressive visuals and the fact that I had no idea how to play it. It still was fun to me, I guess.


20XX-XX-XX: a bunch of point and click games

They were interesting to play, and I still kinda like this genre. Here’s a (probably incomplete) list in the order I remembered them:

20XX-XX-XX: a bunch of Flash games from Mail.ru

Too bad I don’t remember their names, and they also probably no longer exist.