2020-04-10: The Room (2003)

Yeah, it kinda sucked. There’s barely any plot and the characters are empty, but that isn’t the biggest problem, and the acting isn’t either… The sex scenes. Yes, too many of them. There’s literally like 2 in the first 20 minutes of the movie. It’s so fucking annoying, and the rest of the scenes being extremely awkward doesn’t help. I don’t know, I didn’t enjoy this one.


2020-05-04: 2001: A Space Oddysey

It’s unbelievably amazing, and I don’t know how it was possible to make it back in 1968. Everything about this movie just blows my mind - the soundtrack is definitely among the best I’ve ever heard, the visual effects look great even by this day, and the plot is so pleasant despite being surreal and barely understandable. The acting and the way the whole thing is composed are quite remarkable for me too.


2020-05-06: Blade Runner

This was the second time I’ve seen a cyberpunk movie (if we don’t count The Matrix), and, compared to Akira, the atmosphere in this one isn’t that creepy but still quite enjoyable. I think a little bit more violence would help. The music is interesting, and the visual effects look pretty damn good for 1982, but I think it was digitally remastered in some places, and it kinda stands out. I watched The Final Cut, and it looks like the cuts have significant differences between each other. I was somewhat confused about the ending, but, looking at the original one, it’s for the better.


2020-07-07: Zootopia

While being focused on the serious topic of discrimination, the thing tries to be funny by inserting as many jokes and puns as humanly possible. I think it succeeds.


2020-07-07: Total Recall

It’s a bloody mess with some deep sci-fi and a nice ending. Just as I like. Visually, I think, it’s pretty impressive, and the plot is pretty clever, but still perfectly understandable.


2020-07-11: Pulp Fiction

The whole movie is basically a very long dialog, which I’m not a particularly big fan of, but the shit did hit hard closer to the end. The music and the acting were great for the whole time though.


2020-07-22: Moana

If I knew that this movie is basically a musical, I wouldn’t even watch it, but it was really good. The Polynesian aesthetics fit pretty well, which is amplified by an amazing soundtrack, and the jokes even work.


2020-07-23: Interstellar

Holy. Fucking. Shit. Even though I absolutely expected this movie to be perfect, I didn’t expect it to hit so hard. It’s completely flawless in every aspect, and it made me more emotional than anything I’ve ever seen before.


2020-08-03: Toy Story

Not bad for the first fully CGI animated film. Some things, of course, are rough around the edges, but the whole thing overall is pretty funny and has a lot of detail.


2020-08-06: I Am Here…. Now

While the plot is ridiculous and the whole thing feels like a crappy commercial rather than a movie, compared to, for example, The Room, the whole thing is, for the most part, watchable.


2020-08-14: Pass Thru

People getting into trouble at the same time as an alien demigod arrives on Earth? I wonder where I’ve seen that before.


2020-08-27: Inside Out

Haha, relatable :)

Seriously, though, what a great movie. Not only it’s wonderfully made and has a nice amount of detail, it also manages to make me genuinely happy, which not many movies can do.


2020-09-10: Another Gay Movie

This movie managed to make me genuinely laugh throughout the whole thing, which I kinda didn’t expect. Also the soundtrack is kinda cool.


2020-09-18: Incredibles 2

I don’t remember the original, but I think it was better.