2022-01-20: Promare

Holy shit, they not only made Kamina more gay but also managed to make CGI not look like shit while not being Disney. What a fucking miracle!

In any case, this anime ticks most of the boxes on my anime requirement list:

However, if this movie:

It’d be a strong contender among 9/10 animes, but alas, it’s not that good.


2022-01-31: EX-ARM

I had a bigger animation and writing budget while watching this show than it had while being made.

I hate to once again compare something to Neil Breen, but this time the comparison is needed. This anime legitimately looks like something Neil Breen would make if he was into action anime. Even though the whole thing doesn’t feel epic, it isn’t quite as boring as his movies, but it has exactly the same level of awkwardness. The main things that fuel this are the baffling decision to mix poorly done CGI and hand-drawn animation for the foreground elements, incoherent pacing mixed with the scenes being extremely uncomfortable to watch, and of course, random sci-fi bullshit terminology that, for some reason, manages not to work. Overall, I can say that this show isn’t fun but is quite laughable to watch.

The only thing I sort of like about this show is the ending. Don’t get me wrong, cinematically, it sucks, but I appreciate that they had balls to pull it off. During the rest of the anime, however, they didn’t have as much balls and, spoiler alert, killed none of the supporting characters. Smh.


2022-02-18: Darling In The Franxx

Well, this time I actually prepared for writing a review. In fact, I even took notes while watching the anime. So now I can just write one paragraph about the good parts and one paragraph about the bad parts. How does that sound?

Good parts: First of all, let’s address the elephant in the room. The second half of the show, and especially the ending, is a masterpiece. It actually made me feel actual emotions. It couldn’t quite make me cry, but it was still impressive. Not Your Name level impressive, but impressive nonetheless. Overall, I’d say the worldbuilding in this anime is pretty nice. It steals from both Gurren Lagann and Neon Genesis Evangelion, which is a good thing. The atmosphere of the anime is also pretty nice. It’s quite immersive and works quite well in the sci-fi context. As a cherry on the cake, the visuals, while being a bit soulless, are not that bad. In other words, it’s like the rest of non-shitty modern anime. You get the idea.

Bad parts: Compared to the incredible second half, the first half of the show is horrendous. I know it’s not supposed to be action all the time, but you know, Gurren Lagann and even Neon Genesis Evangelion somehow managed to do better. The main problem I have with this part is that it’s just not epic. This may have something to do with the anime having relatively uninspiring, though well-drawn, action. Additionally, the anime is too fucking drawn out. What they put in 24 episodes could as well be 12, and it’d be twice as good. One of the things this problem manifests itself in is too much romance. Like seriously, this is some Macross level bullshit if not worse. At times, I felt like I was watching a slice of life and not a mecha show.

Overall, I can say that this anime is pretty good. I expected it to be a shitty Diebuster rip off but got a pretty decent Gurren Evangelion rip off, which I can’t complain about.


P.S. I’m no longer calling anyone “darling” in my life after watching this show.