2020-01-10: Super Dimension Fortress Macross

I don’t know, it just doesn’t work good enough for what I expected from a space anime. The plot is fairly simple and isn’t bizarre enough. The visuals are kinda fucked up and the music, despite being really good (especially the opening theme), is overall repetitive, but I guess they had some budget and/or time problems with that.


2020-02-25: Princess Mononoke

This was the time when I decided to watch an anime dubbed. The dub was kinda awkward at first, but overall pretty good. The anime itself, though. Good fucking lord, it’s incredible. I can’t say much about the plot (and I’m also not the biggest fan of fantasy), except it works, but the music and especially the visuals are much better than I could’ve ever expected, and they absolutely blew up my mind.


2020-04-25: Serial Experiments Lain

I didn’t understand shit, but it was amazing. The plot does quite a good job at fucking my mind, comparable to Neon Genesis Evangelion. The minimalist soundtrack fits the anime pretty well, and the repetitive elements do work. The visuals really confused me - they are pretty good, but some non-UI foreground elements were computer-reanimated and not blended absolutely perfectly, and it made me constantly think about what elements are traditionally animated and what aren’t for quite some time.


2020-07-27: Spirited Away

The only thing I can say about it is that it looks impressively good for a computer-animated movie. The plot of the whole thing is mainly based on Japanese folklore, so I once again didn’t understand shit. Overall, it wasn’t as interesting to watch as I expected, but cool nevertheless.


2020-07-28: The End of Evangelion

Even what the fucker.


2020-08-04: Ghost in the Shell

The movie explores the topic of what counts as a human in an AI-filled world, which is the exact topic I was thinking about when watching Blade Runner, and I’m happy about that. Other than that, the movie is wonderfully drawn and has a pretty atmospheric soundtrack. It also opens a great opportunity for sequels, which I’ll probably watch.


2020-08-09: Your Name

Even though this is a romance anime, this is the one I get behind. It doesn’t contain any cringy bullshit, only pure emotion-inducing material. This movie, I’ve gotta tell you, brought me the closest to crying because of watching something in my entire life, and I’m so glad that I actually decided to watch it. The other good thing about it is that it looks fucking incredible despite being 100% digitally-made. It still misses something, but I’d gladly eat visuals like this, were they somewhere else.

When it comes to rating this one, it’s kinda complicated. It’s absolutely a 10/10 banger, but I’m not sure if I can let it take the spot of my favorite anime of all time, currently occupied by Gunbuster. I’ll think about it.


2020-08-20: Perfect Blue

It was terrifying, and the ending left me with more questions than I expected. Overall, it’s pretty well-made, and I appreciate the topic of idol industry it’s based on.


2020-08-29: Gurren Lagann

This show is by far the wildest and the most epic piece of art I’ve ever witnessed. The shit that was happening on my screen was so powerful, I was barely able to keep up with it. I’m so impressed.