1. Bruh moment
  2. Haram
  3. Bruh, Ltd

Johnny, you’re adopted.


anal prolapse of the brain

  1. Unspecified illness

Why didn’t you attend school yesterday?

I had anal prolapse of the brain.

barse guitar

From bass + arse

  1. Musical instrument which uses ass hair as the strings

Please stop playing your barse guitar.

bath-barf merger

  1. Combination of the English language mergers/splits that make the words bath and barf pronounced the same

His English dialect has a bath-barf merger. I wonder where he’s from.


From bittersweet + shit

  1. Bittersweet but without the bitter and sweet parts

I expected the film to have a happy ending, but I got a bittershit one instead.


From colon + tag

  1. Word or phrase followed by a colon character (:) used as a metadata tag

idea: explain what a colontag is


From cowboy + conference + hall

  1. Texas shit splattacre

What is he doing for so long in the bathroom?



From cute + hatred

  1. Hatred of a person because they look cuter than you

Just looking at her causes me extreme cutered.

Death Star control panel

  1. Complicated user interface

Would you like to try writing some music with this brand new DAW? It’s pretty easy.

Sorry but I don’t like dealing with Death Star control panels.

Downina Frica

From down + in + Africa

  1. Placeholder feminine name

I bless the rains, Downina Frica!

emotional exhibitionism

  1. Habit of exposing deeply personal information at inappropriate times

You know, I once had to suffocate my own dog to save my life…

Why on Earth would you have to say that while I’m having a lunch? You really are an emotional exhibitionist.

feeling drugged

  1. Having an unpleasant side effect from your medication

Sorry, I can’t talk right now, I feel drugged.

gay disco

  1. Rhythm and blues music genre
  2. Funky sounding disco music

I’ll give you the AUX cord if you promise you won’t make us sit through your gay disco again.


From genital + battle

  1. Act of 2 people fighting using their penises as swords

Man, you really shouldn’t have gotten into a genibattle with The Rock.


From group + classmate

  1. Classmate
  2. Member of the same group as you

Alexei is my groupmate. He’s a big pain in the ass.

horseshoe theory

  1. (computer science) Theory that suggests than extremely imperative and extremely declarative programming languages closely resemble each other rather than being at the opposite ends of the spectrum

Assembly and Haskell are actually very similar languages due to the horseshoe theory.

What the fuck are you even talking about?


From inferno + sister

  1. Sister that destroys everything

Amanda is a real infernosis. Yesterday she broke my collar bone after “accidentally” jumping on me.

Italian plumber

  1. Extremely masculine looking person

Don’t lie to me, I’m sure you’re pretty cute in real life.

I wish. I actually look like an Italian plumber.

John Buttocks

  1. Placeholder masculine name

John Buttocks. John Buttocks. John Buttocks. John Buttocks.

Learn Totwerk

Alternative forms:

From learn + to + work

  1. Placeholder masculine name

Learn Totwerk, where’s my saxophone?


From maltheism + solipsism + ietsism

  1. Belief that an unspecified god created you and only you to see you suffer

Very interesting. What is your religion?

I’m a malsolietsist.

mental intoxication

  1. That feeling when you consumed too much content, making everything feel unreal

Are you okay?

I’m alright, it’s just mental intoxication.


From metamorphosis + forget

  1. That feeling when you feel like you forgot something when you actually didn’t, and you suffer because of that

I failed the test because I suddenly had an episode of metaforgosis.


From microblog + vlog

  1. Online platform for sharing short videos

Does TikTok count as a microblog?

No, I’d say it’s a microvlog.


From philo + meta + obstaculum

  1. Desire for love despite already being loved

Oh Gods, I wish I could have some affection and love right now.

Don’t worry, philometaobstaculum happens to everyone. You already have everything.

please don’t die

  1. Used for wishing luck to someone

I have a math exam tomorrow.

Please don’t die.

post-depression anime syndrome

  1. Syndrome that causes an anime director to produce fucked up shit, which is caused by depression
  2. Misspelling of post-anime depression syndrome

What the fuck was Hideaki Anno on in order to produce such fucked up shit as Neon Genesis Evangelion?

He just had a post-depression anime syndrome.


From poop + toilet

  1. Video game where you move falling feces so they fall into the toilet

I had a strange dream today. It was about the game called PToilet.

resurrect Bruce Lee

  1. Do something impossible

There’s no use trying to resurrect Bruce Lee. Your liver won’t be able to handle so much alcohol.


From ща

  1. One moment
  2. Soon

When will you vacuum your damn room?


security through ignorance

From security through obscurity + ignorance

  1. Reliance on making people ignorant about a certain topic by depriving their access to information as a means of control

What is this company’s opinion on labor unions?

Security through ignorance.


From shitpost + long

  1. Wall of text that’s also a shitpost

I really like your new article.

Thanks, it’s a shitlongpost.


From shit + dandruff

  1. Dry pieces of shit stuck in your ass hair after wiping

Can someone recommend me an anti-shitruff shampoo?


From shit + piss

  1. Shit and piss at the same time

One sec, Imma take a quick shitss.

sup qurl

From sup + girl

Pronounced /sʌpkɝl/

  1. Fancy way to greet someone

Sup qurl! How are you doing?

survivorship syndrome

  1. Unlikeliness of your business/art project having huge success due to extreme luck being required

Look, I made this awesome new app that I worked really hard on. I bet it’ll become an instant hit.

I think you should take the survivorship syndrome into account. You’re no Steve Jobs after all.


  1. Placeholder German word

Say something in German.

Uhhhhhhhh… übertrühen??



  1. Digit
  2. Misspelling of диджит

Мой ранк в осу! три дигита.


  1. Torture

Происходит тортюра петуха и мяча.


  1. Exhibition

Я пошёл на эксгибицию чтобы посмотреть на картины.


  1. Expenditure

Была произведена экспендитура заработанных мной денег.


  1. Placeholder linguistic term
  2. Misspelling of эпитеты

Алёша, ты выучил эпимемы?