2020-10-17: Deltarune: Chapter 1

So far the game is even more amazing than Undertale. I’m so excited for the full release.


2020-10-22: Doki Doki Literature Club!

Despite the game being technically interesting, it didn’t scare me for shit and was really boring for the most part. Not good.


2020-11-14: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

Basically, it’s the same game but unfairly harder.


2020-11-18: Kirby’s Dream Land

This was supposed to be the easiest game ever, so how come I still sucked at it? But in any case, the game is too short for my liking but still worth playing. Its aesthetics and music are quite remarkable, especially for the Game Boy.


2020-11-22: Super Mario Bros. 3

This part of Mario is pretty long and pretty hard (but not in an unfair way) but it’s really worth playing. The game is extremely fun to play and impresses you with amazing graphics and music. In other words, it’s a NES masterpiece.


2020-11-26: Kirby’s Adventure

This game is a great upgrade over Kirby’s Dream Land - the game is exactly as long as it needs to be and much more balanced in terms of difficulty. It’s also more fun to play and features even more beautiful aesthetics, possibly as beautiful as they can get on an 8-bit or even a 16-bit bit system.