201X-XX-XX: Minetest

I actually played it before Minecraft. The game can be potentially entertaining, but Minecraft is much better.


2014-XX-XX: Outlast (including the Whistleblower DLC)

This is the first and the last horror game I’ve ever played. I was shitting my pants the first time I was playing it, but I adapted after some time. In addition to that, the game has a lot of disgusting crap, but it absolutely didn’t bother me. It was kinda interesting for me to complete it, and I enjoyed it long after I did it by messing up with internal game mechanics and discovering various things that were intended to be seen only by the developers.


201X-XX-XX: Heroes of Might and Magic V

Pretty cool continuation of the series, but some magic was lost for me when I played it. Maybe it’s because I got older.


201X-XX-XX: Euro Truck Simulator 2

I think played it exclusively to see some European cities, and I guess I succeeded.


201X-XX-XX: Super Mario Bros.

Yes, it did take me so long to get my hands on completing it. Other than that, this game is a legend and needs no explanation.


201X-XX-XX: Everlasting Summer

I don’t even know why I decided to play a visual novel. In any case, it was kinda okay. Also playing one of the mods put me in a depressive period, and I’m still not sure why.


2017?-XX-XX: SuperTux

It’s a pretty simple and not entirely polished platformer, but it has such a beautiful atmosphere, and I did genuinely have fun playing it.


2019-01-0X: Undertale

Fuck. This game is incredible. It’s the video game equivalent of Gunbuster - a miracle that somehow makes me feel genuinely happy. Everything here is perfect: the music is amazing, the story is touching, the jokes are lame but good enough for me, the visuals are simple but very pleasant. I still sucked balls at completing it though.


2019-XX-XX: Hong Kong 97

This shit can barely be classified as a game, but I still kinda like it because of its plot and vibes. Also this is the only game where I literally die instantly.