If only I could afford them.

2007-08: Yevpatoria, Crimea

I don’t have many memories left of it, but the ones I do are pretty weird. We traveled there by train, and I think had motion sickness or something, so they fed me some salt? I don’t know. Other than that, I remember a couple of frames of random buildings, and I also have a photo of me holding a parrot on the beach. I think I enjoyed the trip back then in any case.

2015-08: Krasnodar Krai, Russia

It was decided to travel by car, but, as it turned out, Russia is really damn big. We spent less time in our destination than we did driving, but at least in the end I’ve seen a lot of interesting stuff.

2017-08: Alanya, Turkey

This was the first time I’ve ever visited a non-CIS country and the first time I’ve ever traveled by plane. We stayed in a pretty low-tier hotel, but it was a cool unique experience in any case.

2018-07: Avsallar, Turkey

It was pretty much like the previous time but with more food and in a better hotel.

2019-08: Konakli, Turkey

Also pretty much like the previous time but in an even better hotel and with a Jeep safari ride or whatever it’s called.

2019-08: Moscow, Russia

Despite the weather being depressive a large portion of the time and soviet architecture being everywhere, visiting this city was an amazing experience. If we exclude the possibility of moving the fuck out to an actually decent country, I’d 100% prefer living there than in this shithole.

2020-07: London, UK (canceled)

Big thanks to the 2019 coronavirus for ruining my plans of finally visiting a country I like. God fucking dammit, this was going to be the first time I visit something alone, and I hate it so much that I’m not going to for at least a year more.

2021-08: Alanya, Turkey

The pandemic wasn’t over yet, and there were forest fires everywhere. What a wonderful time for a trip. Luckily though, none of that affected our trip, and it was pretty wonderful. This time we decided not to buy an expensive hotel room but instead buy the cheapest one available on the market and spend the saved money however we want, which we did. Of course, not all of our purchases were reasonable, but to be fair, at least we were able to afford to eat actually whatever we want - I ate at least 2 doners every day. Because the hotel is bare bones, we had to get outside to do stuff, making us walk around the city, which was quite enjoyable. For the example, the hotel has no dedicated beach, so we had to use a public one, which turned out to be even better than the private ones we were on before. Overall, I’d say I enjoyed this trip more than the previous ones to Turkey, and we’d probably continue doing trips in this style because it seems like an all-inclusive hotel only makes things worse.