Lost or unlisted

(Ones I couldn’t find. Yet.)

It’s probably still possible to find some of them. Here’s a list of the videos I still remember capturing:

2013?: Minecraft let’s play channel

I’m not sure if I even uploaded a single video there, but it existed. Maybe it even became the next by being renamed, I don’t remember.

2013/2014: another Minecraft let’s play channel

The only non-halfassed YouTube channel, for which I regularly made videos and kinda even talked to the audience. It had about 300 videos and half a thousand subscribers. I even remember making my own “mods” using some GUI program to “review” them. I also reviewed other people and some video games, and, oh god, it was cringy as fuck. The whole channel was completely purged one day because I thought “the videos were complete fucking garbage.” As far as I know, all known backups of it have been lost. The channel’s group is still there, but I can’t leave a link here, sorry.

2016?/2018?: random shit channel

A more casual channel, where I posted funny shit for me and my friends. It mostly consisted of funny surreal montages and was deleted one day with some backups still remaining… sigh on PornHub.

2016/2017: TUSSE

A modified version of ToberUberStobe with a shitton of local memes and nonsensical humor. A backup has been recently discovered, but I can’t share it publically. Or can I?

2017-04-22/2017-04-XX: hctip

Small video game that parodies Russian pseudo-patriots I made as an LDJAM 38 entry. It was completely wiped out with no backups left because I thought I’d get in legal trouble for some reason.


Maze video game, where you have to write code to progress. It was being made for some competition or shit, which I hated, and the project was abandoned on an early stage with only 0 to 1 possible backups left, to which I have no access. The game featured a Game Boy-like video memory structure, which you had to fill with bitmapped drawings.

2017?: ToberUberStobe: The Movie

Just me doing weird shit on a “green screen” (actually, a wall, which I crappily cut off frame by frame in GIMP) on top of edited public domain backgrounds. The thing itself was completely annihilated with absolutely no backups of anything left, but, luckily, I remembered it in great detail, so here’s the screenplay.

2018: W**** of M*******

My friend and I had an idea to make an amateur movie using some ideas we’ve come up with. All of the mockups and the plot were lost, but recovery is still probably possible.

2018: billyvlogs

alantutorial parody, where I just sit in the bathtub and do ridiculous shit with an extremely autistic voice. Only a single backup was made, and it’s probably been lost.