Ones I don’t develop anymore and don’t have any intention to develop again.

2015-1X-XX/2016-02-18: {Nblm,Null}Browser

“Web browser” made using MSHTML and later NWJS. Pretty weird choice for the first JavaScript project, isn’t it?

2016-03-25/2016-04-28: BirchBrowser

“The revival” of NullBrowser.

2016-06-21/2016-09-06: BFJS

BrainFuck compiler made in JavaScript for educational purposes.

2016-08-21/2016-09-05: BBrowser

Yet another reborn of NblmBrowser.

2016-08-31/2016-09-05: ImaVi

Viewnior copycat I decided to make because I thought I needed to release more shit that uses NWJS.

2016-09-24/2019-11-09: ToberUberStobe

This game is a tale on itself. A tale of how you shouldn’t try to make a game before you have a slightest idea how unless you really want to suffer.

The idea was simple: combining ideas from such games as Minecraft and Stranded II and using them in a slightly unusual and relatable (soviet) setting. A good person that could design the game and draw some sprites was even found (my friend), but there was a little problem: I barely knew JavaScript and absolutely didn’t know how to make video games. Well, I still don’t, but it’s not so important. Expectedly, the game went through multiple layers of development hell and was never finished enough to be actually playable by non-masochists. We still had a lot of fun though :)

2017-02-07/2019-01-26: tuserver

Very bad implementation of a ToberUberStobe multiplayer server.

2017-09-24/2019-02-16: PPL

Attempt at creating a public domain-like software license for no reason.

2018-02-18/2020-02-19: messmaker

Funny script to mess up with your web page and fry your CPU.

2018-04-03/2020-02-29: gamestaddle

Very bad HTML 5 game engine. The project was moved, renamed, and reborn multiple times and died while being rewritten to use Web Components.

2018-05-08/2019-07-09: assworder

Password generator that utilizes the whole Unicode range.

2019-02-21/2019-11-29: mewie

Programming language with a questionable concept but some good ideas. The project died even before being finished.

2019-05-01/2020-02-19: abc-ng

Alternative English alphabet I created for questionable reasons.

2019-11-09/2020-02-19: sway-autologin

Hack to allow starting sway with a DM without using X11.

2020-11-24/2020-12-03: bad-text-editor

“Text editor” made as a college project.

2021-01-08/2021-01-18: libinput-touchpad-scroll-fix

Workaround for the touchpads with broken scrolling on Linux.

2021-03-30/2021-05-29: Speaco - client, server

LAN messenger intended to look like it’s from the 90s. Was made as a college project.

2021-10-20/2022-01-15: N-Share - client, server

Simple web app that allows you to share files with your friends. Was made as a college project.

2021-11-02/2021-12-07: Malinovka International Airport

Fake airport website I made as a college project.

2021-12-12/2022-01-15: sneck

Console snake video game written in C# in 2 hours as a challenge.