(Ones I actually develop.)

2016-11-18/..: this website

Initially intended to just host links to my profiles, now it serves as full-fledged personal website with a blog, a journal, and other stuff.

2017-04-07/..: my dotfiles

Horrible-quality GNU/Linux (and Android) rice you absolutely shouldn’t even try to use.

2019-02-03/..: khansoul

Terminal emulator I made because I thought other ones were too bloated.

2019-07-24/..: H***: C***** R******

Secret writing project. Can’t reveal anything yet.

2020-02-02/..: ethmenu

Menu I made because I thought dmenu wasn’t bloated enough.

2020-02-08/..: The Great Archival Project™

Put simply, this is my effort to document as much of my life as possible (without revealing too much, of course) until it’s too late because I forgot everything. This page was made as a part of this project.

2020-12-04/..: jamtext

JSON-based markup language that promises to fill the gap between JSON and XML.

2021-01-16/..: libinput-config

Hack allowing you to configure your inputs if your Wayland compositor can’t.

2021-03-08/..: Bruh, Ltd

Collection of random web pages, such as demos and art projects, that were created for questionable reasons.

2021-03-30/..: Speaco - client, server

LAN messenger intended to look like it’s from the 90s. Was made as a college project.