2021-03-05: Raya and the Last Dragon

Overall, it’s a pretty good princess movie. The dragons look cute and the women are strong, which I like like. The world it’s set in is nothing out of ordinary but still manages to be engaging. I think it’d look cool in a video game or a TV show. The whole thing ends on an emotional moment, but it could me more dramatic to fit my tastes.


2021-03-06: Tom & Jerry (2021)

I wasn’t as bad as I expected but still not good enough. The film tries to balance between the original story and the Tom and Jerry clusterfuck we all know and love since childhood but fails miserably - there’s just not enough Tom and Jerry. The story itself may not be the best and may be cringy and unfunny in some parts, but it could be much worse. Another thing to mention here is the visuals. Even though cartoony animals in a realistic world don’t look the best, at least it’s not as bad as it could’ve been if they went for a completely realistic approach.


2021-03-23: Nobody (2021)

It’s awesome. I came with high expectations and there were more than satisfied. The idea of a movie where the good guy gets plain revenge on the bad guy doesn’t sound too good on paper, but oh boy, it was executed perfectly. The whole story is pretty interesting to watch unfold, which is additionally fuelled by nice acting. The main part of the movie, the scene where the main character slaughters dozens of bad guys, was also executed pretty well. The violence level is just about what I like, i.e. really fucking high. It was really satisfying to watch so many people die.

One interesting thing about the movie is that it features Russian characters actually speaking Russian, meaning not dubbed. It does sound a bit out of place but is still satisfying to hear.

This cinema visit wasn’t quite ordinary. First, there were barely any people (like, 6 of them without me), which is sort of strange because I thought this movie was pretty big. Second, a family was watching the movie there with their 5-year-old daughter. What the fuck? Don’t they think this movie is maybe a little too violent for her? Also this baby asshole made stupid comments on the movie that made absolutely no fucking sense. I mean what can you even expect from a child? In any case, she shut the fuck up at some point, so thank God.


2021-04-27: Wrath of Man

The best I can describe this film is “uninspiring.” I’d probably say that the ending is pretty good, relatively speaking, but the movie overall is meh. The plot has some interesting ideas, but it feels like the movie isn’t even trying to be epic. There’s barely any swearing, and even though the movie succeeds at killing as many side-characters as possible, the level of voilence is just too low. And in addition to all of that, it’s pretty boring. Overall, I’m disappointed because the movie looks like it wants to be good but isn’t trying hard enough.


2021-05-01: Voyagers

Not gay enough.


Okay, I’m just kidding. The movie is actually not that bad. The basic idea of the whole strory is that humans are easily manipulative, and I kinda like it. The implementation of this idea is good enough, I guess. The movie is thrilling in some moments, but it isn’t too bizzare. The same goes to pretty much the whole thing - the acting, the scenes, the aesthetics all get a passing grade from me, no more. Still, I wouldn’t say I’m disappointed because it could do more because I didn’t expect much. What I however have a little complaint about is the ending. It’s not like it doesn’t fit or is unsatisfying, it’s just too safe and sterile. What I really wanted this film to show me is people murdering each other and things exploding, but instead I got a regular mediocre happy ending. I guess it follows the same rule as the rest of the movie. But in any case, I still enjoyed this movie overall somehow.


2021-05-21: Groundhog Day

On the first glace, it’s regular cheesy romantic comedy held together by simple sci-fi’ish concept but it still manages to somehow deliver. One of the things I like about it is how American it feels. There aren’t any particular elements like flags hanging everywhere, but the vibe is still there and it feels real nice. Another thing is that the progression of events goes exactly like you’d expect but it doesn’t become boring. It’s a great pleasure to watch the main character go from insanity to making the best out of his unlimited time, which I guess anyone in his place would do. And as a cherry at top of this cake, the film features great acting and nice cinematography. Overall, it’s a great watch.


2021-06-14: A Quiet Place

While I fully support the interesting idea of a film where no one talks, I can’t say it’s perfect. The major problem with the movie is that it doesn’t contribute enough exciting story to pass as a great standalone film. In other words, it feels like it just needs to have a sequel, and it seems like does. And don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely not because of the ending, which is, by the way, amazing. Another thing I have troubles with is the backstory. Specifically, the weakness of the monsters, which is revealed at the end of the movie, is just ridiculous. I mean it’s not bad writing-wise, meaning it’s a great opportunity for much-needed sequels, but come on, there’s absolutely no fucking way that people wouldn’t have been able to find such a weakness have these monsters arrived on our planet. While people are indeed stupid, they’re not this stupid.


2021-07-06: Gayniggers From Outer Space

Well, it’s an interesting shitty movie. On one hand, it’s extremely low quality. For example, the quality of the picture is even lower than in the Green Elephant - the resolution is extremely low and, apart from the ending, the movie is shot in black and white. The locations and props feel cheap and create an atmosphere on someone shooting with a non-existent budget. However, on the other hand, the movie is quite far from being unwatchable, and I’d probably say it’s even funny. The absurdity of the dialogue and the actions of the characters only play in the movie’s favor and improve the watching experience. Thus, despite the overall crappiness of the film, I can still recommend you to watch it.