Yes, I’ve never tried good food in my entire life.

200X-XX-XX: tap water

A robust solution for hydrating yourself coupled with a great taste and unmatched availability. What else do you need?


200X-XX-XX: sparkling water

Literally the worst shit ever.


200X-XX-XX: vinegret

I can’t possibly imagine what kind of drug you have to be on to tolerate this kind of shit. This “salad” is pure evil that consists of the worst combination of vegetables and seasoning possible, and I want to puke just by looking at it. Under no circumstance am I gonna eat this meal, even if someone tries to force me. I had enough of it in my childhood, so no, thank you.


200X-XX-XX: Grandma’s borscht

You may be surprised, but I do actually like it. Yes, I know, it’s basically vinegret with additions, but I can’t describe how much better it tastes. There’s just something about it being a soup and not a salad and better proportions of the ingredients that bring it from the shit tier to the pretty good tier.


200X-XX-XX: Grandma’s pancakes


  1. Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Pour onto a frying pan in thin layers.
  3. Flip the pancake when it’s cooked.


This is the only kind of pancakes I can tolerate.


2018?-XX-XX: Grilnitsa Tsarskaya shawarma

Basically, this is the perfect shawarma. It tastes like no other shawarma I’ve ever tried and does it in a good way. As far as I understand, this is achieved by using high-quality ingredients and food processing technology. One drawback of this is that it’s kinda expensive, but I can assure you that paying this price is worth it.


2018?-XX-XX: microwave sandwich


  1. Take a slice of bread
  2. Put salami on the bread
  3. Put cheese on the salami
  4. Put the whole thing in the microwave for 40 seconds


Surprisingly, it’s pretty good. It doesn’t taste too bad and is really easy and quick to make, so that’s why I did it so many times. Of course, there is better food you can make by yourself, but overall why not eat it if you have an opportunity?


2021-01?-XX: KFC cheeseburger

This is by far the best meal you can get at KFC. To begin with, it’s really cheap. For less than $1, you get 2 chicken strips wrapped with bread and sauce. Additionally, the quality of these ingredints is quite high, and the whole thing doesn’t taste like it’s some kind of bullshit you can get at a soviet school canteen. For example, the strips actually taste like chicken and not some overfried patty made out of questionable meat. And lastly, it’s taste is just unbelievably good. Even compared to other more expensive KFC burgers, it’s quite remarkable. The cheese sauce fits the chicken perfectly and the onion and pickles only improve this perfection.


2021-02?-XX: echpochmak

Not a very interesting meal. It’s just boiled meat wrapped in baked dough. Sounds pretty mediocre to me. Wouldn’t recommend.


2021-02?-XX: Borjomi mineral water



2021-05-08: {McDonald’s,Burger King} Heinz cheese sauce

This is by far the worst substance I’ve ever got from a fast food place. It literally tastes like stale sour cream. Please don’t repeat my mistakes and don’t try it.