11 - November


mutahar from some ordinary gamers changed his name

i mean his legal name mutahar

the new one sounded more western

i remembered there was a scene where someone asked me to lend them my pen

but i didn’t and was making excuses instead


it was about a new gnome update

they moved the dash to the left and made it always visible

so like in ubuntu but not orange

and they also made it extremely configurable

people were happy about it


i had 3 million rubles on my bank account

not sure how i earned them

i decided to withdraw 100k


  1. vacation

it was summer of 20XX and i think it was a foreign country

i was in a hotel with 2 of my friends

an extreme thunderstorm was approaching

i closed all of the windows and doors

but then i was told that it’s not enough

i was given chocolate waffles and told to put it between the door and the doorframe

i’m not sure if it helped because the dream ended abruptly

  1. sanatorium

i think it was for children which is weird because i was 19

there were my old friends and enemies i could recognize

the floor i was on had many rooms

i couldn’t find a bed for me because they were all seemingly occupied

so i called the hot line asking for help

the line was in english which was kinda cool

i was told to go to some doctor whose title i forgot

i went to him and he started looking through my medical history

he started asking invasive questions and i started making excuses

he also tried to ask who i even am and what i like

i tried to give him a link to my gitlab but it didn’t work

i woke up before the interview was finished


i was making a weather app

a web app of course

i added an icon but fucked up

because it was the same icon regardless of the weather

it was an icon of sun and clouds

also i changed the bullets in the list to hyphens for some reason


i wrote a wayland protocol

i don’t remember what it did but it sped up something

it was pretty trivial and i submitted patches to compositors


i caught a very rare virus on my laptop

so i had to install a weird looking antivirus

also it was in my new apartment

there was also something related to my networks website


  1. discord

i deleted all of the channels in the jfc server

i think it was too create them again

and move the ones from vk

  1. p.e. class

i accidentally forgot to skip it

i went to the teacher and asked what to do

she asked why i have this problem

i answered because i fucking skip classes lmao

i woke up before the conversation went anywhere


it was about an ld_preload hack that spiralled out of control into the real world

i don’t remember how but do remember a couple of scenes

for example the one where i was on a train with my relative

it was in the u.s. i think

we were trying to do something illegal there

i had an account on some service but i didn’t use my legal name

and you couldn’t change it but idk what we did in the end

there was also a scene where our kitchen is flooded

also it was bigger than usual



we allegedly moved there

but it didn’t look like it because we acted like tourists

we were in a big coastal city

apart from the ocean it also had the nile river

i have no idea how it’s even possible

there was a scene where i was swimming with random people

we were eating pizza at the same time

my friend got infected so we went to the grocery store where we bought the pizza

the section in the store was called “diary” for some reason

she asked where we were swimming and he said nile

she was like uhhhhhhh

and the dream fucking ended here


the only scene i remember is the one where i opened moodle and it turned out i’d got a 2/5 grade for some network software lab work

i remembered 2 more scenes

in one i went outside without a hoodie and it was too cold

in the other i opened a discord server and there was someone in the voice chat


there was a scene where i opened my todo list and it was almost empty

just remembered a scene where someone commented on my neocities website


  1. i had to use my deadname

by introducing myself as “Mr. [DEADSURNAME] [DEADNAME]”

it was in an airport i think

or maybe it was in a school i don’t remember

  1. i switched back to windows

i think i had a dream like this some time ago

i’m not sure what the reason of the switch was

i also don’t remember using any programming tools

but i was happy for some reason

  1. spongebob gets kidnapped

i was spongebob

i was taken off the street and put in a truck

i was handcuffed and the handcuffs were mounted to a chair?

basically it was made the way that is impossible to get out of

i tried to regardless but the driver screamed at me

he told me that he’ll shot me if i try it again

another person was kidnapped with me so we were there together

when we arrived we were told that they’re gonna execute everyone but me

the reason was i (spongebob) didn’t believe in god

they started testing me by asking stupid questions

i woke up before the test ended


i don’t remember the main dream

but it was probably about me being a director of some shit

the dream i do remember is where i was masturbating in a hotel

the hotel was suspiciously similar to my grandma’s old apartment

i mean the oldest one i’ve been to

also there were windows inside walls so people could see me

and they fucking did which was awful

the main problem was that i couldn’t cum no matter how hard i tried

other than this dream i remember 2 more standalone scenes

in one someone left a like on my neocities website update

in the other my computer was overheating

also i remember that it was difficult to think in english in those dreams


my friend’s gf found a couple of casual mobile games

so we were playing them

i remember that one of them was a puzzle game

it was also tropical island themed


i was in another city

i remember switching between several hotel rooms

i’m not sure if someone was with me

my main activity was writing a website of some sort

or maybe it was a web app idk

i think there could also be masturbation scenes but i’m not sure

just remembered that i also attended some classes

i think switching between rooms was a tactic to avoid going to them


i fucked up something related to electronics

prolly someone’s laptop

my father lectured me for that

also there was a scene with our networks teacher



or maybe not turkey idk

it was a foreign country and it was either in russian or english

i was doing standard things like walking and going to grocery stores

in one of grocery stores there was a russian pharmacy

also i visited hq of a far right political party

it was a banana shaped building that was mostly underground

it looked like a soviet mall with regular advertisements

near the entrance there was a restroom with a mirror

it was done so you can see your cock while peeing

it also had pictures of random attractive people

then there was another dream

it was about 2 spaceships

one was slowly taking over the other one

not much else to say here