10 - October


i went to the cinema and watched a movie

it was about ogres

or maybe it was about goblins idk

basically strong green people

i remember only one scene which is a fighting one

i wanted to see more of this film but uhhhhh

so it had a sequel and a tv series

they all had completely different and unrelated names

the names also were different in russian and english

i’m not sure if i succeeded

before i went to the cinema there was another scene

it technically counts as a separate dream but i’m too lazy to reformat everything

let’s just pretend it’s the same dream

in it i found a rare build of undertale

i guess it featured removed content or something

the build was stored on an sd card

i lost it several times and confused with other sd cards

but in the end i did manage to copy it onto my laptop

i’m not sure if i posted it online

i remembered another dream

or scene of your will

i opened neocities and realized that i had over 400 followers

also a shitton of comments

some of them were about deltarune


in this dream i was studying in school

or maybe college but not the one i’m actually in

also my apartment was completely different

my room was smaller and more cozy

also i think my monitor was white

i was googling hentai on my compter

i used a tor-like network program

instead of using .onion addresses it used private use ip addresses

i’m not sure but i think they were ip v6 ones

i tried to also google without tor

2 of my tabs got blocked by the isp


  1. walking outside

i think it was winter

or maybe it was summer

the weather was shit regardless

my house was on the border of the city

the street looked nothing like one i’ve ever seen

but still it was pretty generic

there was a scene where my grandmas went out

one of them didn’t feel well so the other one was walking with her

then she injected something into get and she got fine

i was somehow related to it

so like we didn’t have enough of some chemical in our blood

but only she didn’t feel well

  1. cryptographist consultation

he was going to crack my “2fa algorithm”

i have no idea what it means

since you don’t have to make up an algorithm to use 2fa

still he somehow cracked it easily

he and his colleague weren’t happy about me

especially because i used a cloud-based password manager

also this dream was somehow related to the previous one

like i mentioned…

shit i forgot to mention this shit

okay fuck it here’s the scene but it off order

basically i went somewhere by boat

like go get around the city

and i couldn’t understand the route

but it turned out we literally got around the city

  1. another consultation

i don’t remember with whom but it was a doctor

and it was the same doctor as in the first dream

i mentioned my mental illness and the military commission situation

he told me i need to look for a very special doctor

that every comission has but is very hard to get to

i had to request a special paper

and also have certain clothes

it was shoes or sweater idk

i went to their doctor and she was supposed to give me one

she didn’t so i had to request it again

someone just have me their lab coat

when i put it in i looked exactly like a woman doctor

that was pretty cool


i don’t remember in which order the dreams were

  1. space

i think it was a tv series

it was about a team traveling through emptiness

the atmosphere was pretty lonely

  1. turkey

my mom and i were suddenly there

i’m not sure how we got there

maybe it was a hallucination

or maybe we flew there for one day

it was october but it still felt like summer

we were talking about how much i hate cold weather

there was a scene in a bus

the driver spoke english and was a fun person

we managed to come across him multiple times

  1. kde plasma mobile

i found firmware online for my phone

it was extremely obscure

i think i got it on 4chan

the image itself was a bit to bit copy of a cd

so it had scratches that had to be fixed

the thing worked pretty well

i then found out that i got updated later


  1. tropical island

it was about as summer as it can get

it was our last day there before we’d leave

there was a swimming pool near our house

my sister and i went together to a remote part of the island

there were absolutely no people

for some reason there was a small dressing room

we chilled in the sea for a bit

at some point people showed up so we left

it got really dark by that point

i wanted to take some pictures but couldn’t

they were too blurry because my hands were shaking

  1. i’m kidnapped

a mad professor closed me inside a metal container

it was underground near some popular place

like idk mall or something

i threatened him to scream so loud that everything will blow up

or alternatively that people will hear

the dream ended when i started screaming

  1. i’m a mad professor now

i had capsules similar to the one in the previous dream

they were smaller and were located in my house

also i didn’t use them to kidnap anyone

instead i was using it to test different conditions

like you know temperature pressure etc

one of the clients i had was my sister

also i tested it on myself


there were at least 4 dreams

but i only remember 2

  1. a game by toby fox

but it was not a video game

you had to solve puzzles in an actual room

the game was in early development

there was only one room made

  1. doing online homework

i think it was databases

there was a shitton of tasks

but most of them were really small

i managed to do most of them very quickly

but some involved doing stuff irl

so i couldn’t do those ones


they were all related to playing video games

  1. outlast 3

actually it was called outlast 2 in my dream

but it was nothing like the real one

i don’t remember much about the game itself

but i was actually scared by it compared to the first game

i do remember one scene with a bloody corpse

but it’s not like the original game didn’t have any

  1. undertale 2

or maybe it was undertale: chapter 2

i don’t remember anything but the fact i played it

  1. deltarune: chapter 3

just like with outlast 3 this was actually named chapter 2

the chapter was set in an ice world

however in the end it was minecraft nether

some psychological shit happened there too

  1. minecraft

i was playing on penny’s club server

they wiped the whole thing and redid eveything from scratch

the game was automatically in third person for some reason

the spawned consisted of a fountain in the middle and areas around it

they were labelled and you were supposed to jump on them

so they would teleport you to different areas

i woke up before i could advance any further


there was a scene where i asked the teacher for help

the subject was software development

i was asking for help on a task i already did irl


it was in china

i was going to visit my grandma’s apartment

dwayne the rock johnson lived with her

she also had a relative from taiwan

the chinese dictator whose name i don’t remember came there and had a speech

i don’t know chinese but i thought he was talking about doing something bad to taiwanese people

i could barely force myself not to say racial slurs