09 - September


i fucked an underage girl

she may or may not have looked like my sister

it felt terrible


i was writing a low budget sci-fi movie

which i was also was going to act in

i think i was going to be the main character

the movie was about space travel

the plot consisted of multiple journeys involving the main character

they were getting longer the closer you get to the ending

so i think it might have had something to do with time dilation

in terms of characters there were strong female supportive characters

the main character was male i think

i remember only a couple of scenes from the movie

one is just the interior of a spaceship and a supportive character

the other one is the main character being stranded in a desert

i think his ship crashed on earth and he had to get back on foot

this and the beginning were the only scenez that took place on earth


there were 3 dreams

i no longer remember them

but i do remember than one of them involved my godfather


basically the dream was about me getting hours of sleep

i’m not sure whether it makes any sense

but basically there was a machine where i could add hours of sleep

and it’d be as if i just slept them in a row

there were other plot lines but i forgot them

except the one where i play homm3

i played it on my laptop which had charging problems

also i was terrible at playing


i was on a vacation

i think it was turkey

but it didn’t remind me of any of my past vacations

something went horribly wrong there

though i don’t remember what


it was a town called lewsdwig

it was really small

much smaller than the the city i live in

the place i visited was near the river

the river flowed into the sea i think

i’m not sure what the point of my visit was

i think i might have died and it was my afterlife

or maybe my family and i just moved there

i remember a house with people but not much else

at the end of the dream i became self-aware that it’s a dream

i took my phone and started writing it down

i wrote more than i actually did now

because i forgot many things

but the first 2 lines were probably the same

after that there was another dream

it was just one scene and then it ended

it was about a guy who died many times battling a terminator

each time he died he was in a separate universe

thinking about the main dream

i think it might have involved time travel

also i remember there was a scene at night

and the apartment i was in was suspiciously similar to my current one


i think there was a dream where i reused the same password everywhere

i forgot it and didn’t know what to do

there were other dreams but i forgot them


there was a scene where i opened reddit and there was porn in search history


walking with my mom

it was winter and we were near our old house

we visited several malls that don’t exist irl