08 - August


it was about criminals blowing up things

they were discussing how to hide from authorities

one mentioned some shit from ancient greece which they used to hide for thiusands of years

it involved 4 layers of protection one of which could be only accessed in the beginning


  1. underwater japan

it might’ve been an alternate future where they lost ww2

i’m not sure why i was visiting it

i arrived there by a plane that flew directly in the water

i thought that it had some similarities to the russian northeast

my visit could be an emergency because i brought some of my stuff with me

and i forgot something

i think it was a phone charger

  1. puzzle

i think it was in our hotel room

you had to guess a 4 number combination

  1. tumblr founder died

she was according to my words a milf

i was going to impersonate her

i think she had been anonymous and hadn’t shown her face

so people would think i’ve always been her when i show my face

i hacked her and started messing with the source code

i renamed the sections of the website and changed the descriptions

the site itself looked nothing like real tumblr

it was more like a news platform

while i was doing that i was also trying to create some space simulation

it was a red planet with an asteroid belt around it


fighting game

sort of like super smash bros

but the game begins with you being catapulted onto the stage

like in fortnite

i made a minecraft stage for this game

specifically a minecraft infdev one

it had a giant brick piramide extremely green grass and other stuff


the teacher from my old school was there

i don’t remember precisely what happened but it was probably humiliating


  1. late evening

i was trying to buy something to eat

there was a grocery store and a bakery i think nearby

one of them was getting robbed

i’m not sure whether i bought anything or called the police

my parents my have been with me but they went away for a while

  1. swimming

it was in a foreign country that could possibly be turkey

i was swimming in the sea and jumping from a giant metal structure that was in it

my sister and grandma were there

while i was swimming i was waiting for the new version of android to be released for my phone

also my swimwear somehow depended on the ubuntu version so i had 18.04 swimwear

before i started swimming i was doing some illegal stuff with an iphone

like installing unauthorized stuff there

i’m not sure whether i even got into the country legally


i don’t remember the dream itself but i remember that i had windows installed on my pc in it


there were maybe like 3 dreams

i only remember the last one

but i do remember dreaming about recording other ones

the dream was about me being on a vacation

it was a sunny country but probably not turkey

i visited several beaches and i think the mountains

i had my laptop with me but didn’t use it much

i was traveling in a group with other people

one of them was my old classmate

for some reason he was in a wheelchair and was barely able to move his hands


i forgot a couple of them

  1. mansion

i lived in one with my family

we built a rapid transit system to get around from it

it was kinda a subway but with elevators

  1. looking for a mini pc

compared to real life i had more money so could afford a better one

also there were more pc shops close to my house

this dream is probably a continuation of the previos one because there was also a rapid transit system

there was a scene where i bought a mini pc that cost like 160000 rubles just to return it right away

i asked to pack it in a stroller (like one for babies) and they did

i think i remembered a part of another dream

i used audacity to edit an audio track there

and someone wasn’t happy about it for some reason


  1. undertale-like game

i was near the ending of the game

i was manipulating the save file to see different plot branches

  1. irl roleplay fuckery

i think it happened in a mansion

there was a fountain and a bridge in it

my sister was probably there

also i remember one of former groupmates and a c3po shaped giant fart gun


  1. doner shop nearby

there was a mystery about it

when i visited it there were nobody but some animals

i think i was murdered several times

  1. turkey

it was late evening

i think everyone was having fun outside

i went to the supermarket to buy groceries

i found 2 supermarkets right next to each other

one was a migros knockoff and the other had a yellow logo

i went to the former first

the latter had a lot of trash near the entrance

i think it was mostly plastic wrappers

remembered there was a scene where my credit card declined


  1. our new apartment

it was more ready than it’s actually is

  1. me and my friends

some of them were non-existent irl

we were discussing my past i think

we had videos of me which we were watching


  1. studying in a school

it was different from ones i studied in irl

i was new there and it was my first day there

the things were going okay

i think there was s subject that involved going to an igloo

or maybe it was just winter outside idk

  1. water slides as a method of transportation

this dream may be connected to the previous one

at first i was just sliding for fun

then we packed all of our things and went on a multi-year journey

or to be precise my father my sister and i did

we we sliding on giant inflatable rings and had our stuff in bags

we had to hold each other to slide at the same rate

the dream ended before we arrived at our destination

  1. cinema

or other place where people watch films

tbh it looked more like a classroom in our college

in any case i was an employee there

i worked in a pair with a random girl

i was constantly eating waffles and she was angry about it

she was trying her best to stop me but i kept doing it

she called the sound i make when biting a fricative

so she asked why i don’t make any other fricative

i guess she meant the sound /r/

just realized /r/ is a trill and not a fricative

it makes no sense then

also i remembered another dream

i was making up an english-based conlang

i was trying to make up a system for question sentences

i wanted to have a single word to mark a question

so like what instead of how or where etc

there was another dream which i remembered but i already forgot it


back to school

this time i was enslaved by them

meaning i had to stay there 24/7 and follow orders

i was preparing to go outside for a territory cleanup

i had several friends to go with me

we were all dressed in full body suits to protect us from chemicals

basically hazmat but less extreme


house on wheels

it was night and my dad was driving it

there were my parents me and some random boy

i had my laptop which was charging near an outlet the whole time

i was playing video games most of the time

one video game was homm3 but in 3d

like you could walk inside towns there

i was playing a campaign with easy difficulty

the other video game took place in the matrix universe

i don’t remember anything else about it

i think my godfather was with us too


i was conducting unofficial excursions

like people were coming to see the place and i was greeting them and showing stuff

the place itself was a spruce forest i think

the company that owned it didn’t care about me

some youtuber mentioned me in one of his reviews

so i had to watch his videos

he was a chill guy and made internet related videos

he also had a vk group

there he asked money for different types of reviews

but the main type that he released the most was free