07 - July


it was in college and we had the last class of some sort

it was either math or english i’m not sure

i spent the entire class in the restroom shitting

the restroom looked much better than the actual one we have

probably it was a staff restroom as there was only 1 stall

my mom called me while i was there

also the english teacher somehow opened the door to see if i’m actually shitting

after the class ended i stopped shitting and went outside

some people were with me

prolly friends but not the ones i have irl

we started looking for shawarma which there were places with nearby

but instead of buying one we went to another nearby college

there were random 2 guys on a jungle gym

i said something that made them suddenly unhappy

then suddenly the entire fucking place got flooded and the water moved us to the shore

they were like “haha happens all the time”

then a random guy that was with them started eating weird cookies

he then transformed into a cookie-like humanoid and said something with a robotic voice

i for some reason thought it was a reference to an undertale character


i was playing video games and searching stuff about them online

the first video game was a 2d game for windows 9x

it was about a boy in some town

it had a very unique calm vibe

i was at the end of the game

you had to solve a puzzle to actually complete it

the second game was a 3d one

i think it was for playstation 1 or 2

i’m not sure what the game was about but it had a darker atmosphere

there were easter eggs in the game that displayed a “web page”

people online recreated them using actual html and css

they also made pages inspired by them and i made one too


it was a movie about animals

you know like madagascar

i don’t remember the exact name but it was something along the lines of “animal mess”

the main character was a fox and the villain was a skunk

or maybe not i’m not sure

in the beginning the villain stole something from the mc and they were chasing each other

the villain managed to escape

so the rest of the movie was the mc looking for surveillance footage to find where he escaped

doesn’t sound too fun but it kinda was

he ran into many obstacles on his way

i think there was a scene with a closed electronic shop


there were several dreams but i already don’t remember them

but one thing that they did have in common was a featured non-existent css property

it was called something like image-crop and controlled image viewporting

basically it acted like object-fit but was a bit different


android fork

bee with a giant cock


there were multiple dreams but i remember only the last one

all of the dreams were about programming

the one i remember took place in my grandma’s apartment

there were my mom and some kind of prodigy fucker

he was really young and also had black skin

he was discussing an unofficial homm3 engine written in c

i remember he showed me how some variadic function worked

the engine itself was different from vcmi

it was more complete and more frequently updated

though its website was much more bare bones


regular college day

i was ignoring the class and doing shit on my laptop

then the pe class started and it turned out i forgot my laptop

i asked my friend and he told me that i forgot it in the restroom

i went back to the 7th floor and entered the restroom

there were no laptop so i decided to take a piss in any case

the toilets looked more like plastic bowls on which you can’t seat

someone started narrating what was happening in my head

they referred to the toilet as a “pointing device”


there were multiple dreams most of which i forgot

they had one thing in common but i don’t quite remember which

probably it was some logo

  1. minecraft clone

someone was writing it and i was watching it

that someone could also be me

the game was in it’s very early stages

compared to minecraft’s early classic

only terrain generation was done and the game didn’t even have a name

i thought of proposing tusse because why not

the creator was trying to make the grass texture out of a photo of some rock

i think they noticed that someone used it in another game this way

they failed but i think they produced a texture by different means in the end

  1. spaceship

not much to say here because i don’t remember shit

i think i might have been doing some maintenance work there

you know like programming

also i think the ship had artificial gravity

the walls inside were painted dark blue and there were giant windows

i remember a hall that probably acted as an observatory of some sort

  1. bass playing lessons

it wasn’t at home but rather some school

the room where it happened fit many people so maybe it was a group lesson

i remember that at least one groupmate was there

she told me to play something and i of course failed

i didn’t even know where the notes are so i was desperately trying to find them on a chart

i think i was trying for so long that i was there even when the class ended


only remember the last dream

our apartment was in the process of being built and i was helping my dad with something

his car for some reason was in a desert slowly moving away

i drove the car back to him

then i drove somewhere on my motorcycle that looked like a bicycle

the bike was so compact that i could sneak through the fence with it in one place

when i came back i noticed the dad near a crosswalk and he was angry for some reason

i couldn’t find out why because i woke up

i remembered another dream

i had a midi keyboard there

it had enough keys to only span like 2 octaves

i’m not sure if i played anything with it


  1. my old school

specifically our class and teacher

we had some sort of an exam or a very important task

it was so important that we were doing it in a dedicated building

i think it was also at night for some reason

the task was way too hard for me so i gave up

i wrote some nonsense in the answer sheet and quickly left

they didn’t want me to leave but i insisted

not sure if i had any consequences for doing that

  1. my house

the rooms were located differently

we had 3 rooms on one side of the corridor and i guess the kitchen was on the other

the there rooms were mine my sister’s and my parents' respectively

my godfather came and was doing some important shit

it probably involved my parents

i was wandering around the house doing nothing

he tried to insult me but i didn’t quite hear the insult because i was listening to music

also i drank my sister’s juice leftovers

for some reason it tasted a bit like tea and not juice

also i think i cut the carton in half instead of using a straw


  1. my old school again

this time only the classmates were there and not the teacher

we were roleplaying something and i was the one who came up with the idea

they were extremely disappointed with me because i think we ran out of content

i proposed adding some insane shit to the plot like me being a god

i’m not sure if they agreed because the dream ended

  1. sci-fi shit

i had an enemy that had an army of spaceships and was on a different planet

i was hiding from him (her?) and anxiously waiting for an attack

i used a portal to take a glance at how many ships they had and they had a lot

i’m not sure if i won because this dream ended quickly too

  1. new minecraft update

it changed the ui to look more colorful

for example buttons were colored differently and not just gray

i didn’t like it because it looked horribly like something from a 90s website

it also added new items like a gold coin and a discount coin which you could craft

by using a discount coin in an obscure ui place you could activate some debug stuff

which i guess allowed to inspect how the game works


  1. plane to rio de janeiro

i’m not sure if i actually flew it or was looking for one

the plane didn’t actually fly but was moving down a rails located over the ocean

the rails weren’t by far straight and curved in insane ways

becuase of that flying was really terrible as you constantly jump

  1. renting a loft in some house

i was just minding my business on the balcony

i was watching tech youtube videos and trying to configure some shit

one of the youtubers was izzy laif but he was showing his face

the thing i was configuring was pretty old and had barely any info on it online

at some point i heard explosions and windows being broken so i had to hide inside

i also brought the tv antenna for some reason


at first i was outside

i think i was driving down the bridge

then i got home and decided to learn to play something on my bass

i couldn’t find the jack cord where it usually is

then i opened my cupboard and holy shit it was filled with tubes of jam and juice

also you couldn’t just eat them but you needed to install them on your computer first

some of them also were bleeding hot glue

so i opened up my computer with a bootleg windows 7 and started installing one

the installation process was ridiculous

you had to make an insane number of clicks to progress

in the end i did manage to install it though

i think i also printed something using the installed jam as ink

the tube i used was strawberry flavored but there were other flavors such as horseradish

there were tons of shit like that in the cupboard and i woke up after taking only a few


  1. nuthouse

but not the one i visited

i’m not sure if i was a patient or a visitor

i was shown different rules of how they consider whether the person is insane

for example there was one where they stage a wedding

if everything goes okay they release the person

weird shit

  1. me and my friends

we had different superpowers

i had telekinesis but it was shitty

i could barely move anything but i could heat it up