06 - June


i was writing a wayland proxy library

basically it allowed clients to use color formats that aren’t supported by the compositor

later i wrote a plugin for some tweaking tool that used this library

i later found out that microsoft forked that tool

there was also some video game

i’m not sure if it was 2d or 3d but it was from the 90s

i think there was also something about angry birds

which makes sense because i played it yesterday


so the dream wasn’t about me but some random guy

it was about his dreams so like it was a dream in a dream for me

he had super powers and an ability to replay the dream/read its script or whatever

in one of the dreams he found other people like him and his non-existent grandma

they combined their powers and broke from the dream and came into the real world

also there was a dream where he was in a marshrutka

it was outside of the city and the driver forgot to close the door

he asked the driver to close it but he didn’t care


  1. video about google’s failed camera

actually there were two cameras with similar names

they were released several years apart and both failed

in the video the guy was talking about them in his office

  1. researching some shit

i think it was about surviving in the wild

though i’m not sure cause i forgot most of it

i was watching youtube videos and reading a paper

the paper was uploaded on the website of some university

the link was broken so i had to repair it myself

the pages had only basic html formatting

  1. youtube playlist of weird videos

so in that dream i apparently was sleeping and then woke up

and the playlist somehow contained videos related to my “dreams”

also there was a scene where my grandma gave me an F in my record book because i hadn’t attended something


  1. writing some wayland shit

i think i was implementing some drm-related protocol

specifically it required turning off all of the monitors except the main one

  1. at least 3 dreams that i forgot

  2. watching star wars

like all 6 movies

in order from 1 to 6

the films looked nothing like original

they were much more casual

i think i also watched the director’s commentary where he explained the meanings of the words

  1. playing minecraft with my friend

he used nbt editing to apply some spell to track me

i got rid of it using /clear


  1. a guy made a website that shows you the weather

like you type your city and it shows the weather the location on the map and some other info

the website was pretty old (like maybe made in 2000s) and he remade it several times

he later opened a small office in some american city

there you could physically check the weather and also buy some branded water

also in one of newer versions of the website it couldn’t show the map for some obscure cities

for example it didn’t show it for the one i live in so i reported it

  1. video game

it was called something like “charles darvin’s notebook” and was made by someone called like “vasya software”

the publisher had more games like that and this one had at least 6 versions

i downloaded it on google play and i felt like i’d played something like that before

the game was kinda strange because it felt more like an irl role play than a video game

there were rooms with people and you had to complete some dialogue/mission to progress

you could do literally whatever you want and the characters would react in a unique way

as one character explained they wrote dialogue for every possible action the player could take

and that’s why the game took so long to make

in the game itself i do remember a couple of scenes

the first one was a gate and there were other people visiting the rooms

there was a scene where i ran into the room i wasn’t supposed to visit yet

and one where i shot someone who had a gun with another gun and everyone else was like “well shit”

  1. another weird video game

don’t particularly remember anything that happened there

but i think i took place in the college’s wardrobe

  1. a dream or 2 i don’t remember