05 - May


  1. the city nearby

i was either with my family or a groupmate

we had troubles entering it because we had a foreign person

or we were foreign

idk some messed up shit

the passport checking process or whatever was weird

like they ranked us on how likely we are to pass

  1. video game

or maybe a tv show but prolly not

it was really long and had multiple plot lines going at the same time

in one of them a guy tries to rebuild the civilization on a deserted island

there was also one that was related to me

but i’m not sure how

in one you had to shoot people coming from a plane

  1. hospital

this dream may actually be the continuation of the previous one

or maybe even a plot line of it i’m not sure

so in any case i was in a hospital

they were helping me with transitioning

i don’t remember what exactly happened but i did feel like a girl

pretty cool


  1. discovering a bug

i’m not sure if it was irl or in a video game

basically when i teleported deep into the ocean i was becoming invisible

like i guess it was outside the world boundaries

i used this trick to somehow cheat on the classes

i think i also told my friends about it so they could use it too

some old science fuckef argued that i cheated or was faking it

who gives a shit but in the dream i was angry about it

after some time the bug stopped working

or maybe it didn’t idk i don’t remember

  1. china

i was at some sort of festival

there were random people with me

in one scene i was on an infalatable trampoline in a heavy suit

i had to jump off and beat some record

i jumped in the wrong direction but they were still satisfied

in another scene there was a trolleybus

overall weird unexplanable shit was happening

in one more scene there was navalny

russian police and troops were there

they decapitated him but he was still alive

his body was also burned

they put him to sleep so they can handle him later

somehow i slept in the same place as him

i decided to go away because the police and shit

i covered him with a blanket which was kinda hard

because you know he only had a head


  1. repeatedly failing an exam

i think it was application programming but the teacher was different

  1. bill wurtz

it was a documentary of him making a video

it was a regular 2d video but with some nice 3d effects

like gradients or shit


i was writing a video game

not sure if it had graphics or was textual

it was for an old machintosh computer

the language was c-like but lower level

but despite that it supported unicode

so the story itself involved time travel and parallel universes

some people gathered in and old house and were doing something

there was also a grandma but idk what she was doing

i think i also made a website for this game

it was 90s looking of course


star wars episode xii

it was an april fools joke

they released a completely unrelated crappy movie

it was barely about space and 3/10 quality

i asked my groupmates if they watched it later

there were other dreams but i can barely remember anything

there were classes i think and something happened on them

in the last dream we found some cat covered in bandages

there was a story behind it like some girl was trying to save him

also there was something related to video games i think

in one of the first dreams there was also something about subways


skipping classes

our english teacher wasn’t too happy at me

also there was a scene where i was watching a video in russian

i was like “gosh i’m so pathetic i can’t watch a video in english”

but then i found the original and switched


masturbating in the bathroom

i was cumming nonstop all over the toilet

my mom was disturbing me by entering the bathroom

there was also something related to some hotel

like a video maybe or i was in that hotel who knows

it also involved cumming in large scales

also there was something related to minecraft

i think i built some shit that violated the laws of the game


there were a lot of them and i forgot the most

  1. swimming in a pool with my sister

there was a mentioning of a pool from my old dream

but like it was expensive to enter

  1. documentary about some guy

basically he was a lazy ass but somehow got expensive shit for his apartment

i think he did it illegally

not sure what was the point of the whole thing

  1. i killed someone

i think i was driving and there was an accident

i somehow knew it was just a dream so i woke up on purpose


i don’t remember the dream itself but i do remember that i had troubles speaking english


gay bear (animal) losing his boyfriend

i was drawing a voxel art scene in paint 3d

another bear was telling me what to draw or something

he was like dying or doing that jedi disappearance trick

somehow i needed a password to save the scene as a project

so there was a separate button called “project” on the main window and the ui looked different

the password was “truth” for some reason

all of this shit was happening on a class

my groupmates were watching and i think the english teacher wasn’t too happy about me doing it


  1. police watching over my actions

my godfather and i went shooting and they recorded it

i lated jaywalked with my sister and they recorded it too and fined me

  1. minecraft speedrun

for some reason the game looked realistic and not blocky

there were at least 2 more dreams but i can’t remember them


there were at least 2 dreams

both involved shit with parallel universes

the first one was an alternate reality and i was a part of some group

the second one was about a real world but just a subdimension or something like that

in the second one i made a reddit post asking what to do if my cock is too giant to fit in the underwear

i couldn’t properly express myself so i had to edit it several times

the post got a shitton of comments really fast

i got no karma from the post while the comments did

i think the first dream took place in an abandoned mall

and there were at least like 3 people with me

the second one took place in a ship that was probably on land


  1. london

i was there with my sister

she was trying to buy shit as expensive as possible

i was trying to find a hotel room i think

the city more reminded me of los be angeles than london

  1. pornhub got bought by a chinese company

they renamed the website and made paid subscriptions obligatory

also they opened a giant brothel

i think in the end it got bought back


there was a scene where a guy shaved his head bald and started wearing a hat instead

i think the dream also had trans-related stuff

also probably there was a scene where i look in the mirror and i’m fat as fuck


  1. [friend] invited me to play a bassline

i was given a guitar and told to play 2 notes

i still messed it up and they had to look for someone else

  1. playing minecraft with [friend]

i think there could be mods used

  1. climate change presentation

i was the one presenting

i don’t remember if it went fine or not

  1. homm3

prolly i was watching a video about it but i’m not sure

there was something about how the game is still popular

also a showcase of modern mods

  1. hiding jars filled with semen under my bed


  1. a video/stream about a game called fortnite

other than the name it had nothing to do with actual fortnite

it was a top-down 2d rpg with a shitton of content

you know sort of like terraria

i was told about how the gameplay is really dependent on what update/map you’re playing

i think they called it “adventure mode”

the guy who told me that had a website on neocities so i checked it

there was also alledgedly a dream where i had vr sex with [friend] but i only remember that it happened but not the dream itself

i can assume it was fucked up


there was a scene where i was asking for money to buy a shawarma


playing a point and click game my sister found


i was writing code for mutter

it was related to the input system

i was making it so it supports a library that was called something like COCK

i did most of the job by copy and pasting code and replacing words


  1. me with my relative

not sure what exactly we were doing

  1. me at a sleepover

or maybe not even a sleepover

it was a big room with beds near the walls

we were preparing to sleep

  1. homm3 mobile

the game was much less functional than the desktop counterpart

like there was only one town i think

or more like there was only one ui and you had all towns at the same time

there was some prophecy that if you did something late you’ll get attacked

well i did get attacked and lost

i think other people were watching me play it

2.5. still sleepover?

we were playing some video game

it either was minecraft or an nes game

we fucked up and one guy started screaming

it expectedly attracted people