04 - April


i was in some sort of mall and was looking through a catalog

i was looking for point and click games but there were none despite all of other games being casual

i even tried the search function (how) but it yielded nothing

maybe it was because the whole thing was in russian and i typed the name of the genre in english

in any case i didn’t find shit and decided to search somewhere else

i went to the shop nearby and it appeared that they did sell video games

i asked the cashier to find me some point and click games and she said that they had one

she brought me a whole game console and started unpacking it from the cardboard box

the console was basically a red crt tv with a built-in computer meant to run a single game

the computer ran freebsd with libwayland but different from the irl library with the same name

it was something like wlroots meaning it was a compositor not a protocol library

she said the console was made by a russian developer in 2017 and it surprised me that they used wayland back then

then the game itself loaded and it wasn’t quite what i was i expecting

it was in low resolution and was using only like 16 colors which looked as if it was a game for an early pc

the game itself was a story about some boy going into the forest and doing some shit

it was in 3rd person and you could move the character which makes no sense for a point and click game

weird shit was happening between levels like a giant baby appearing on the screen and exploding

i completed the whole game in the shop while sitting on the floor with the cashier

i was ranting sort of like avgn during the whole thing and she was listening to me

in the end i said that the game kinda sucked and i expected something better

then it suddenly switched into the 3rd person i was replaced by some guy in his 30s

she said that she was recording my rant and showed a vhs tape

the guy pulled in his adam’s apple changing his voice into a more feminine one

i guess he was like “nope that absolutely wasn’t me”


i was failing my exams

it was either english or russian i’m not sure

you had to write a story or something based on given info

there were several tasks like this and i couldn’t do any

i had a mental breakdown but they offered me another attempt

i think i still couldn’t do shit

there was a scene where i was near a mall and i was flying


new dream:

i was somewhere and i was satisfied about it

i forgot everything else because some fucker woke me up

oh shit i remembered other dreams

  1. weird shit

i was consuming fan-made gunbuster content

i think it had a demo version and i found out how to unlock the full one

i also found out the author and i think i’ve met them

he was a fat guy with eyeglasses

also there was a scene where i was shitting in a port-o-potty

it was a weird one because there was no hole and the feces were supposed to be washed off

  1. movie/video game about fish

or maybe not fish but underwater humans or something

i think you could become one using the arthur and the invisibles method

basically there was a giant underwater city and a story was told about it

i was controlling a protagonist that looked like the main guy from shark tale

there was a subway system and i think i was employed at a restaurant

i also had an ability to record and save videos so i guess i had a camera or something

at the end of the dream i and some other guys were at a parkour stage and there were secrets


it was some sort of video game

it was in 3d and was about the main character getting into a parallel dimension

i don’t remember anything about it expect that the was an undyne-like character

i mean a strong armored woman that wants to fight you

i’m not sure if she was a human but she had green armor

there was another video game after i finished this one

i woke up before the first cutscene ended

it was about a guy surviving on his own in a deserted forest in the winter

he had a talking robot head with him that was annoying him

it looked like c3po’s but was transparent


  1. interfering with a perfomance

it was in the college i think and they invited random artists

so they were preparing or something and i think it happened in the basement

i just ran in there and started doing random shit

i’m not sure if i got kicked out by the end

  1. waterpark?

it was still related to college and there were random students

so it was their project or something like this i’m not sure

there were slides of course and they needed compressors running which were controlled by the students

i had some fun sliding down with people but then came back there after it was closed to see how it worked

  1. weird shit

basically it was several dreams mixed together with seamless transitions

so basically a fever dream

so first there was an alternative take from star wars the last jedi

there were more cool space scenes and in the main battle scene the main characters just fucking kill themselves

they ram their ship into the first order’s at-ats and i guess both of them die

then suddenly it was not about star wars but about a war on mars between 2 colonies

basically they sacrificed themselves but saved some chick that became their leader later

she had a star warsish name and when the battle happened she was a child

there was a scene with futuristic mars shit who cares

then it transitioned to mars scenery which somehow became british scenery

it was a deserted beach with rocks reinforced by metal

it was supposed to be old london but it looked more like a random prehistoric town

so there was a railway running through this place and there were manholes in the rails that you could swim in

there were supposedly no trains running but i still decided not to risk because it’d dangerous

then there was a segment about a built-in communication system into those rails

like they could recieve electric signals and you could call people with it

it was apparently most actively used in the 80s but that sounds absurd

there was a scene where a grandma on a train was calling someone and it was a demonstration of some sort

you had 2 phone dials on each side of your sit and you had to properly use them in the right order

so i guess it was something along the lines of the fact that they have 2 different water taps in britain but more ridiculous

there were 2 more scenes but i’m not sure how they fit this dream

one was about me finding videos from my old youtube channel reuploaded

i cringed and closed the thing and decided to watch it later

it happened sort of like between the mars and britain thing but idk how

i was lying on a beach alone with my phone when it just happened

the other scene was from a star wars-like show and i have no clue how it fits there

so it was basically a darth vader - palpatine kind of trope but i’m not sure if they were the good or the bad guys

some shit happened and they had to contact their palpatine which would be extremely angry about it

both of the bosses were again strong armored undyne-like women and the mainer one was in her own room

why do i even get them in my dreams

do i like strong women so much

in any case that’s about it with my dreams


it was about a 90s style linux de

i tried to implement window shadows

i pushed the changes to git but later i fucked up and rolled back to a very old commit and didn’t know how to go back

i think there also was an irl scene where i was walking somewhere




playing mario

it was allegedly a sequel to smb1 but if was different

it reminded me of some game boy game

alao before that there was a weird dream

idk how to even describe it

like i could make some shit happen and it was related to the person’s dreams?

idk but it was in a hotel of some sort and i got my ass kicked for using this ability


  1. it was about an avgn episode from february 2005

it was about nes and the episode looked pretty modern

i think i’ve only seen like 2 seconds of the episode

  1. walking through an american town

it looked pretty deserted like no one lived there since the 80s

i was talking with some guy over the phone

he was talking about monitors and connecting stuff to them

i think i was going to buy a dendy or something

  1. going with my dad somewhere

he was driving the car and everything was pretty chill

don’t remember much else

okay wait i do

it was about a lake

it was a few kilometers outside the city

the lake was pretty shitty and guarded by police for some reason

i think i refused to swim there

  1. video game about time travel

it had a top-down view and nes-like graphics

there were generic enemies and cool bugs where you could clip through the walls

there were 2 main characters a teenager and his grandpa

also they had a friend bob (with a nickname drawie) that was born in 1944

they lose his friend while one of time travels

later 2 films were shot based on this game

  1. working on the group project

i was adding some really weird shit to the viewer

that’s about it


  1. i forgot my password

or rather couldn’t type it properly

i used windows 7 and ubuntu

  1. 2 people with stands fighting

i think there was something about an earring allowing the villain to weaken his opponent

  1. something about password hashing

  2. platformer video game

sort of like supertux but with kirby/mario vibes


writing a chat app


minecraft building competition

we were given a limited amount of time to build a minigame

then we were looking at each other’s works

i think [friend] was with me

also irl we were having a party of several people

and i guess the minecraft stuff was after the party ended

in any case the first attempt at building a game was pretty good

we built some pretty interesting terraria-like stuff

the player was on a large tree and you had to kill an animal or something

the second attempt wasn’t quite as good

we decided to set the whole thing in hell and i’m not sure about the objective

we forgot the commands to use and the whole thing ended up being barely functional

a guy that was reviewing the world said that it was so bad that he was going to cut my throat with a knife

i think i somehow knew that this was a dream so i agreed

i don’t remember if he actually ended up killing me or not




college-related stuff

specifically there was something about the schedule

just remember there was a scene where my parents gave me a playstation 1

and they did that while we were on a vacation somewhere

i’d probably say an english speaking country

before that i was alone on a vacation in a different place

there people were separated by groups and it kinda had soviet vibes

there was a video game competition or something and i participated in it

my idea was to write a fusion of snake tetris and atari breakout

i made it into a console game and it somehow worked

i think i was programming on my old laptop


it was a collection of random scenes

in a couple of them i was flying

in one i was walking on my hands with my legs pointing forward

in this one i was buying kvass near my home

there was also a movie or an anime or something

battles in space were happening and time travel was involved

a 19 year old redhead girl was sent to the past to fuck a random 16 year old boy

there was some terminator genesis type shit where he was remembering her because she time traveled to his past

i don’t remember how precisely it works but overall yeah it was terminator like shit

also in the end they time traveled a couple of thousands year into the future and there the earth just god destroyed

like they were on a space ship and the earth was a piece of rock with a giant hole in it

that was pretty cool

i think one dream where i was flying was somehow related to the fixies and that old guy from breaking bad

i was in a dormitory of some sort there

the dream where i was buying kvass was related to x-wings from star wars

also random cars that looked like space ships were on the street

there was a couple more dreams but i can’t remember them

in one i was in some entertainment place or something

amusement park maybe

some important stuff happened but i can’t tell what sort of

also a dream related to programming


  1. my grandma’s old apartment

both of my grandmas were there

they were tracking whether i’m masturbating in the bathroom

i’m not sure how and why they were doing it

also there was something related to the simpsons

  1. bridge near the college

i was walking over it with @a.hesv

i think in the beginning we were walking by jumping on one leg

also we were talking about video games

  1. video game

or probably a series of video games

the first game/level had primitive 3d graphics so i guess it was snes/n64

the basic idea was that there are portals that lead to deeper dimensions

like there’s one in the real world then one in level 1 of virtual world then one in level 2 and it goes deeper and deeper

the deeper you go the more epic the things become

like the enemies become stronger and the locations become more complex

in the real world there was some sort of laboratory that had a maze with a portal in some room

in level 1 there was a castle with a giant monster as a final boss

i think i played several levels

in the deepest one i went to there were giant armies competing with each other

we were kinda losing so i went 1 level back and did some shit that helped me

because like those levels depend on each other because they’re subsets of the same world

doesn’t make sense when you say it out loud but in the dream it was perfectly fine


  1. dystopia

an opressive ai controlled the humanity or something

it had an epic scifi name which i don’t remember anymore

i think it was actually not irl but a story i wrote

also my website had a theme related to it

  1. playing minecraft with gleb

i’m not sure whether he was in the same room as me or not

in any case i talked to him in english

he wanted to visit the second stronghold so i found it using /locate stronghold

it was under a small island with a ravine in the middle of it

i had a very small rendering distance so i initially couldn’t see that there was a jungle nearby

at some point he teleported us to the wrong coordinates and we discovered some underwater base

it had lots of empty double chests and random diamond blocks

also a giant pipe-like room made out of stone slabs

there was a group of spiders that attacked us so we had to flee




  1. navalny

i killed him

or at least was responsible for his death

the events happened 1 year prior to the events of the dream

i worked for some agency and had a gun

  1. apocalypse that didn’t happen

a meteorite was supposed to fall on earth or something and i was preparing

tom scott was with me who prepared a bunker of some sort

it looked like a tent but it was probably a container

it had a parachute so it could fly

he put it in some village and we were running there early in the morning

so the meteorite didn’t fall but we still flew in the air

i started eating something then decided to take a shit

i was eating and shitting at the same time and it didn’t go well

i shit on myself and almost shit on the food but tom didn’t care

the shit was yellowish and looked like porridge

in the end the container landed in the lake and we had to manually get back to the ground


  1. minecraft

it was a minigame made by nintendo

in the overworld there was a train and in the nether there was a mall

i’m not entirely sure what was the point of playing it

some console commands were unavailable so i couldn’t cheat

i google for some hacks but they were all for windows

i came to the conclusion that the only way would be to write a custom client

so i gave up

  1. still minecraft

it was and another minigame and there was a time limit

you had like 2 hours to kill a certain number of insects

they looked like bees but couldn’t fly

i used a kitchen knife to kill them

after you killed them you were supposed to put them through a nether portal

one time it glitched out and i had to put it several times

also to get access to some of the insects i had to complete some quest using dice


robert downey junior

college stuff

water pressure

increasing human height

can’t remember how all of this was related but yes

i think in the dream i was also on a discord server and discussed what happened

the moderator removed my message by “rebasing”

okay so robert downey jr

he miscalculated some physics shit

which i guess was related to water pressure

i wrote about it on discord and the mod thought i was defending robert

also there was a scene where i had bloated veins

on my leg i think

or maybe they weren’t even mine idk


  1. college stuff
  2. masturbation contest

my family and a couple of groupmates were invited

in happened in some empty house in another city