03 - March


  1. neocities

it had a much simpler black on white 1.0 design

also there were such features as website reviews and chat

most of the sites were random except one where some girl asks a bunch of questions and possibly macedev

i answered to the first one with just “No.” in the review

kyle drake had an important role in this dream so i probably contacted him or something

  1. a game by valve

it was basically a real life simulator

the whole game depended on how you start and continue it

i remember a couple of scenes

a beginning on the game where i was some 70s guy in a band

a middle of the game where i’m on some public square and it had kde marked buildings

an ending of the game where i had to kill some girl so something terrible doesn’t happen

an ending where i had to blow up a giant laboratory

it had portal 2 vibes

the game had an ability to save at any point which i actively used

at some point i tried to recreate my life there but got bored and started googling interesting things about the game instead

the game had the word sim in its name

something like ssim or simsim

  1. dreams i forgot

there were like 2 of them maybe

but i do remember one scene where i open up the messages and there are over a thousand new messages from [friend]


new dreams:

  1. trains

i was riding them

there was a black girl with me

not sure what she was doing

  1. ptoilet

that’s the name of the game

i was trying to find it but apparently it got removed

because it used a proprietary algorithm for calculating some shit

there were at least 4 dreams between them

i tried to recall them but failed

there was something related to my family and music in one of them

probably the 4th one


it was my old school but with current groupmates

specifically [friend] was sitting next to me on a couch

we had cursive writing lessons and they were so bad i thought about killing myself

considering the couch i’m not sure what kind of classroom it was

on some point i think we were on the roof and the couch was hanging of it

oh i remembered another dream

[another friend’s gf] allowed me to look at her phone

it was an android phone but it could transform into a dumb phone

like it had a touchscreen and slidable buttons

hey another dream

it was about neocities

a redesign was made available to registered users

it used a light green palette and had more elements

also i forgot to pay the monthly fee so i got a notification


it was about an nes game that was apparently a prequel to tus

but it looked nothing like it

i think i’ve seen an avgn review about it or a related game

also he was fat for some reason

also there was a hacker news post discussing it


  1. some controversy about twosetviolin

there was an apology video

  1. trying to quietly mastrubate in the bathroom while my relative doesn’t let me to



it was about parallel worlds

like some people had an ability to go into one and do something there

i think i was one of them assuming i even was a protagonist there

i think there was a family in that world with which i contacted

i don’t remember any details

also there was a cute lizard

i called it a gecko but it was another species

i think it happened near a lake in the real world and in the parallel world we were driving somewhere

and the plot was about losing a thing in the parallel world or something


video games

there were 2 nes games with extremely hard bosses

prolly they were mario hacks

there was also a modern game

i saw it in first person so it was prolly a vr game

there were weird challenges like climbing an extremely tall ladder

i was playing with some friends and i was the only one to complete this one

later we went into some gaming club

there were a couple of interesting games there which i played

i think there was 1 friend with me

the dream had more interesting scenes but i already forgot them


too much shit

i forgot the vast majority of it

  1. vacation in turkey

i remember going to the beach

nothing out of ordinary happened i think

  1. making up the plot for that one secret writing project

i think i made it really similar to the star wars trilogy

the main character’s power were progressively growing just as the villain’s

also it was mostly in space which doesn’t work well with what i already made up

there was a chemical that was giving the main character power and was used by the villain for their shit

so essentially unobtanium but it was called something like suggestium

the story begins with pigeons in japan dying and ends with the universe collapsing

pretty cool i’d say

  1. some self-aware bullshit

like i was sleeping during the day there while i was actually sleeping during the day


there were at least 3 of them but i forgot all of them

the one i remember is about supertux

i installed a mod that made it look like super mario world

i was changing the controls to match retroarch

also i set up savestate controls which the game doesn’t even have


new dreams:

  1. [friend] was there

i think i was a guess at his house

the story somehow involved his cupboard or something

  1. illegally learning to drive

first we were near some village

my dad just lended me his car

i had problems with turning on the headlights and turning

the car itself had bicycle pedals instead of regular ones

so instead of driving on a regular road we decided to go to an isolated one

so you know they can’t fine me for not having a driving license

pretty sure that’s not how it works irl but whatever

so the road we went to was controlled by some libertarians

it was protected by a single guy with a gun and there were several other guys that were handling clients i guess

there was a giant very steep mountain on which i was supposed to drive

it didn’t even have pavement and had just random shit on like like pieces of wood

i knew that it’d be impossible for me to survive driving on this shit so i told it to one of the guys

he told me that everything’s alright and i shouldn’t worry

i’m not sure if i did actually drive there because i don’t remember it happening

but i do remember leaving the whole thing discussing politics with someone and seeing other clients

  1. driving to grandma with my dad and mom

there was a problem because of which i couldn’t

so they promised that i can go to her tomorrow

while we were driving we encountered “edinburgh university”

it looked like a shop inside a khrushchevka with a green logo


avgn reviewing some games

there were more dreams but i forgot

one of the games was donkey kong for nes and another was a 3d first person shooter for nes too

i think i watched him while being in a meat shop near my house

just remembered there was a dream involving my laptop

i mean not the laptop i have but a similar one


if i were to write them down just a little bit ago i would remember everything

in any case they had seamless transitions into each other

  1. going to supermarket with my sister

i was running in to fast and broke the cupboard

the staff started screaming at me and told me that it was hella expensive

i thought like “hey why don’t i just wake up now so they can’t do anything to me”

and i woke up

  1. playing with my game boy

it was apparently game boy color but it was shaped like game boy advance

it was purple and had only 2 letter buttons (b and a)

the games were stored on micro sd cards so i was going to pirate them

i was going to play some platformers which i played before but not irl

i think those games were from my previous dreams

  1. bad guys vs good guys

maybe it was a movie because i don’t remember doing anything

it happened in moscow i think because it looked like russia but not so bad

the bad guy did a lot of damage but luckily the good guys kicked his ass but the whole thing was still not over for some reason

i’m not sure what their super powers were but they were probably just punching very hard

because i think the main bad guy was related to some fucker from one punch man

the one that wad a hero hunter or whatever

basically he was one too

  1. star wars?

i was darth vader but it also kinda happened in russia

i remember flying into a devastated supermarket which was probably destroyed by us

also there was a scene where i was talking to bobba fett about something

we also maybe even battled to train

the empire wad supposed to make a perfomance or a video saying “hey we’re not the bad guys please relax”

i was somehow involved in it and we fucked everything up

the public didn’t recieve it well but who the fuck cares if we were the empire

  1. programming something

it was probably still moscow but i wad near some monument of a gun

i was doing illegal things like flying and using the first person mode but not sure why

meanwhile i was voice chatting with my master or whatever

i suspect that he was baako because he had an old man’s voice and was probably related to palpatine considering the previous dream

while flying above the river i remembered about a program called “rp” for ms dos and was thinking about reimplementeting it in go

the program did some basic thing that was related to low level dos stuff but i don’t remember precisely

then i had a thought about implementing a something that would appear to be a wayland compositor or a gui toolkit

and yeah i woke up before even choosing if i can actually implement it


andrei nifedov

i was watching his videos

it was either his band playing or him eating stuff with his friends


  1. college stuff

i mean maybe because i barely remember it

some dramatic stuff was happening and i also had an ability to fly

to college looked more like a soviet school

no actual groupmates or college locations appeared there

  1. homm3

i was playing it on an snes

for some reason the game was a sidescroller but the battle scenes were like in the original

some weird shit happened to the colors so i had to adjust them in my emulator

i think i was playing with several people or they were just watching me

the map i played heavily reminded me of super mario world

  1. neocities

every site had an additional roblox-like 3d world and i was exploring them

also neocities themselves apparently worked on some proprietary services of netlify so there were special tools for your website

some guy in the comments sent it to me and i also got a bunch of unrelated comments

the comments were structured hierarchically in contrast to how they actually are

my sister asked to make her a website so i was registering an account for her


  1. taking an exam to become an employee of a church

i mean a monk a pope or something

i did the whole thing pretty easily compared to other participants

they even wrote down some of my answers as outstanding

but for some reason right after getting employed i commited some sin and got fired

and i did it on purpose

  1. one punch man episode

not much to say here


our databases teacher being angry at me


there was something about gnome developers a grandma and me being on vacation

specifically i remember a scene from the hotel and a scene where i walk in a lake

i think it involved teleportation

in the gnome part of the dream there was something about stairs

like they used a staircase to climb somewhere and they were “updating” it?

the grandma had a twitter acount and her nickname was something like @jack

at some point in the dream i played video games

i think it was a physical nes

also as you can notice by how i describe everything the dream was messy and scenes weren’t too discrete

just remembered there was a vagina-like plant

like in that caravan palace video


  1. i’m at some shop

i was supposed to select some shit on the display with the mouse and keyboard

somehow i managed to break the keyboard in half but it was still functional

also there was a scene where i was making a photoshop mashup of some sort

  1. horror game

sort of similar to outlast

it had a level select screen similar to mega man

one of the levels was a swimming competition

also you could cheat in one by creating a minecraft world or something

  1. trying out new pantheon from elementaryos

it was apparently a beta based on gnome 40 and the ui was fucked up

like it had 3 workspace switchers and other shit

also it was easier to launch from the command line


  1. some sort of competition

the first round was running

our english teacher was there and i had a camera to record the whole thing

somehow you were allowed to take a bus instead of running which i did and lost time

  1. walking with a bull

yes an actual animal on a leash

it was late at night and i was going to random places

i wasn’t happy about it because it was harded to walk so idk what i was expecting

  1. writing a screenplay

it was some sort of slice of life story with multiple unrelated characters

at that moment i was writing a scene where they had sex or something

probably there were other dreams but i forgot them


[friend’s gf] offered me to have sex and i denied

that’s fucked up and it’s the only scene i remember by now


there was a scene where i was chilling in a pool

it was located in a cave of some sort and was pretty deep

i did some weird shit online including ordering a killer for a random person for $200

i was drunk so i couldn’t remember shit but according to the video records i was screamed at

also there was a scene with spongebob-like buildings in a mall