02 - February


there were 2 buildings one of which was somehow related to me

the one that wasn’t became a tourist attraction but mine didn’t because of architecture or some shit

also it was closed in the end i think and me and the guys were going there

the whole thing reminds me of putin’s palace


we were moving into another apartment so were in the process of moving things

on my computer i had a gnome-like de installed and some weird shit was happening to it

the clipboard and some critial component were connected in a non-obvious way

also several groupmates were there

just remembered that a groupmate and i were comparing our cock sizes

mine was bigger


first i was watching some really weird youtube videos

they were from some japanese tv show about technology

then i started searching for hentai but on some completely unrelated website

then i started making up a concept for a jjba-like show

it was about a punky boy who was living under an opressive military government and he was resisting against it

he and other people had a super power of being able to use math to modify the real world

like they could move through the walls become invisible and battle each other

how successful they were at that depended on their level


there was violent masturbation

i forgot everything else already


first of all i had an ability to fly and it lasted through all of the dreams

  1. some village

we were playing some game which objective was to knock out the opponent’s construction with snowballs

the construction itself was supposed to built out of books or similar small things you had in possession and there could be the maximum of 13 of them

there was also something related to linux stuff like ksh and it was said by some old guy idk i was visiting him or something

  1. nearby of my apartment

here i was just using my ability to fly

sometimes it was glitching out and i couldn’t fly because i was doing something wrong

like i had to feel a certain way to activate the ability

  1. a giant sex product exhibition

it was really really big like the size of a shopping mall and also pretty high

my mom and sister were there which was really weird

there were separate 18- and 18+ sections and they were in the first one

my mom was on a trampoline (why) and the sister was somewhere

in the 18+ section i witnessed a collection of wooden dildoes and a waterpark with pornography printed out on paper and sticked to the walls with duct tape

in addition to flying i had an ability to “search” like you know in a browser by pressing ctrl+f

all of the people were wearing swimwear and none were masturbating luckily

some people were underage which is pretty bad

i think there was a smooth transition between dream 1 and 2 and i was dressing in something funky

also in dream 3 i was anxious about having a penis


new dreams:

i forgot most of them

should’ve recorded them earlier

  1. video game that involved killing your own dad

he was a villain or something idk

there was a scene where he was destroying buildings all by himself

  1. badcomedian review

it was about a russian sci-fi movie

it featured awful cgi and stolen footage

i think the review also was in english

  1. so-called CentOSOS

it was a demo of creating a perfect world development timeline and at the same time an operating system ui

not sure how it makes sense

i was at the presentation of the thing and one girl there was really unhappy about it

i think i even had to stop her

  1. me getting transformed into a cyborg

but it wasn’t all that simple because it involved time travel and multiple timelines

i think first my mind was uploaded into a chip that was put into a strawberry

then a mini robot was created and i was supposed to get an implant but idk it kinda didn’t happen

so in another timeline i was successfully a cyborg but there were some villains and i and some other people had to battle them

i think that’s about it but i’ll try to remember more

i remembered a couple of scenes

  1. my grandma telling me that my pants are dirty
  2. something related to my website
  3. inviting [friend] to [local conference] (which i should prolly do sometime)
  4. something related to gnome 40


new dreams:

  1. neocities

first there was a discussion website for neocitizens

it was divided by topics i think

also it was made by jackomix or a similar guy

second there was a meeting of people in some mansion

i was there i think but i don’t remember much

  1. space

there were people working on a space station

i can’t say much else because i forgot it

there was probably something about aliens or some weird experiments but i’m not sure

  1. a story of 2 regular guys becoming astronauts

there was also something related to navalny and putin

the story ended half way and i didn’t see if they became astronauts in the end or not

  1. people sending me nudes

but fucking why

first a groupmate sent me random hentai in vk

then i think she sent nudes in telegram

then a former classmate dis the same

it turned out she had a penis but otherwise hasn’t changed much

just remembered there was a scene where i was pirating gunbuster again

which i should probably do


it was about a dystopian new york

the old monarch’s son was going to be inagurated or something

some bad actors were going to not let that happen

some real fucked up shit happened but i don’t remember it already

in the end the guy was piloting a giant mecha with his friend

okay now when i read it it doesn’t seem to make sense

maybe i misremembered something


new dreams:

  1. some kind of russian city

i think it was chelyabinsk

i was in the suburban area and was going to go to the center

both areas were like standalone towns separated by empty fields

they were connected by some kind of ropeway

i took a ride on it and it was extremely unsafe

you kinda had to seat on it but you also had to grab it

also when you arrive it takes some time for it to decelerate

the center of the city looked pretty regularly

there were some big soviet buildings but i think they looked like they were from kazakhstan or something

in the suburban part there was a lake and i think i was doing some weird shit there

  1. making some art project

i was near the same lake but it was now in an open field with a single road

also it was night

the project was displayed on a tall shield standing near the lake

i think i was also streaming it because there were viewers

also my sister was somehow involved in it

  1. surreal space filled with shops

it was like if you generated a minecraft world consisting of one large village

i was riding a similar ropeway but it was even more unsafe

you had to grab it with one hand i think

also when it decelerated you bumped into some shit

i’m not sure what i was doing there but i used some computers to find stuff online

  1. [friend]’s house

we first were playing different versions of gta

i think we were trying to recreate a map

the map looked pretty russian there were a gas station and a garage

then we went to sleep but his friends started annoying me

we were sleeping on multi-story bed and i was on the highest level

i somehow turned off their sound via an android-like ui

also i think on the outside the house looked like my grandma’s old one

also i think i messed up the order and dreams 2 and 3 should be swapped


[friend] and [his gf] were there

i think there were several dreams and they appeared in all of them

in one we were in some restaurant

i think it was a russian restaurant and we spoke english

it either was a vacation or an alternative universe

i’d probably say the latter

in another dream i was doing some stupid shit and they were looking down on me for doing it

i think it was also an alternative universe but a different kind


  1. i was looking for the first android phone

i think it was called t-mobile a1

i think in the end i found it on avito

i went to the guy selling it and the apartment building was kinda weird

it had 11 floors but there kinda was the 12th floor on which he lived

the elevator just fucking turned left after reaching the top of the building

i’m not sure if i got the phone in the end

i was planning to install android x86 to test some shit in case it fails

  1. choosing where to live

pretty self explanatory

one of the places was near where i’m currently living and one was in the center

i think there was a friend with me

also there was something related to jojo

i guess i was watching it on the same time

it was probably part 4 because there was something about creating life

  1. space station controversy

so there was created a space station that could protect us in case of an alien attack

it hadn’t been used once for obvious reasons so it was used as a tourist attraction where they could play

apparently the station could be controlled not only by humans but also by animals

but the administration of the station decided to only allow humans to do it

so yeah that’s basically what the controversy was about

  1. i’m in [obscure town in my region]

but it looked more like moscow

i’m not sure what i was doing there

  1. random scenes

there were a couple of scenes where a police officer buys something in a small shop to test if they’re doing something illegal

a scene where the humanity has died or something and the last humans left are on a space ship in an alien star system

several scenes where i was doing some weird shit on google maps

  1. another space station

it was famous for allowing tourists there so i was thinking like “it would be really cool if i went there right”

so i started watching a youtube video where a girl has a talk about why she was rejected

it was a pretty interesting talk but in the end it turned out that the tests required to get on the station are really strict and there’s no chance i can pass them


new dreams:

i almost forgot everything

  1. trying to take a shit between the classes

to do that you had to know your number in the wardrobe and get some token

[friend] gave me some toilet paper

in the restroom there were 4 toilets and 3 of them were visible because the door was transparent

i think in the end i took a shit and everything was fine

also there probably were cameras inside the restroom because we later discussed how [friend] didn’t wipe his ass good enough

the whole dream had a depressive atmosphere

  1. doubting if i really want to be a girl

not sure if it even was a dream

that’s it i can’t remember shit now

there were for sure two more dreams

i remember that our application programming teacher was there but not what he was doing

also one dream had a dystopian atmosphere

i think there was something related to gnome 40


new dream:

so it was supposedly in the center of the city

i think we lived there but in a detached house and not an apartment

we had guests from [the bigger city nearby] and it was pretty late

when they left it was already night and i was doing shit on my computer

suddenly my dad came up to me and told me that he’s gonna take away all of my stuff and kick me the fuck out if i don’t do something for him

so he put me in a giant barrel with a switch that separated the insides into 2 containers

i was supposed to sit inside quietly and toggle the switch

first we went to a gas station and then to the milk vendor

i’m not sure what the fuck was that but in the end i was pretty traumatized

also i somehow covered in gasoline so my dad told me to use wd40 to wash it off

i was thinking of writing about it in my diary but was scared that he finds out about it and beats me up

when i woke up i was so glad that it was just a dream


  1. having sex with someone

the way she looked reminded me of my sister

i hope it wasn’t her or that’d be extremely fucked up

i was disgusted by this thing happening and was going to not write it down

which means i knew it was a dream

weird shit

in any case i was not only disgusted that she reminded me of my sister but also that i had to use my cock

  1. something

the only thing i remember is that it involved [friend] and [his gf]

  1. i was put in prison with danil

i was on a vacation abroad or something and there were protests in russia

when i arrived back i got arrested right in the airport

the prison was pretty weird because i was given a phone but it didn’t have internet access

so like i had discord but could only access in-prison servers

also the cellmates were really weird

half of them were downright insane

i think someone tried to kill me once

in any case [groupmate] and i somehow managed to escape but we were caught nearly instantly

then after like a week and several cell changes i was finally released

i thought i’d get put there for several years because of trying to escape but nah

  1. at my grandma’s

i had no internet but there was a giant piece of cardboard i was playing with

i learned that in china they had a completely square banknote

not sure what this dream even means

  1. planning to build a church

i was at home but we supposedly had a dacha or some piece of land

i was planning to build a “church” there or something

basically a place you can sit at

my relative was going to help me


first there were several dreams about a hotel

it was on an island but i’m not sure in which country

it was famous for not updating their design since opening but i’m not sure if that’s true

the hotel had a big pool right in front of it and consisted of one big curvy building

at some point i had an ability to fly but decided not to fly too far so i don’t get lost

just remembered that there was a map and it said gibraltar

idk which country that is still but whatever

so the several dreams were different timelines where things went differently for the hotel

in one it went ape shit and everything got destroyed in one it was mediocre and in one it was brilliant

i don’t remember much detail

this was surely the first couple of dreams but i’m not sure about the order of the other ones

  1. different people speedrunning some game

i’m not sure if it was 3d or 2d but it was probably a beat em all or whatever the genre is called

it was based on a real life game but unluckily i can’t think of which one

  1. i was on a vacation riding some spinning shit

apparently it was not so simple and there was some background

so i was with my friends and there were 2 versions of the dream where things again went slightly differently

  1. playing some video game

it reminded me of an avgn review

it was prolly on nes and had extremely uncomfortable graphics

it had a top down view and was about some sci-fi shit

forgot to mention but in the second dream i used my mind as a clipboard if that makes sense

also i upgraded to android 10 and it improved something

okay also i was prolly playing minecraft with those friends

it’s hard to tell because it looked realistic

so that’s all i remember

i think there were at least 2 more dreams but we have what we have