01 - January


there were 3 of them 2 of which i forgot

i falsely woke up and was retelling them here but for some reason by writing in paint and drawing crappy anime shit

in the dream i remembered a guy lived near a lake in moscow

even in the summer it was too cold to swim in there so he put a swimming pool inside the lake

somehow i had a sense of temperature and it wasn’t actually cold outside the pool


working as a trolleybus conductor with [friend]’s mom as a partner

i jumped on the trolleybus nearly late and when i did it it was early morning

his mom prolly didn’t look true to life but she was slim and looked pretty old and wrinkly

i didn’t even know the schedule so i asked her

we stopped on some stop (and it was already day somehow) and she went to ask someone

the driver however didn’t stop driving and started going in circles around the place (i’m not sure if we had any passengers at this point)

he started going only faster and faster and in the end we were flying through the air

i woke up just before we crashed into the ground

there was another dream where my dad and i were going somewhere but i don’t remember anything except that there was something about shoes


first i was in some waterpark with the slides going around the walls

i’m not sure how the whole thing could serve more than one person on a slide on a time but whatever

i was there for some time then i went to another section of the park where there was a model of a ship from which you should jump off

i think there were several such ships and some of the groupmates were there

everything went fine until i realized that one of my former classmates (i think her name is anya) is dead (but not irl)

i went to her house and yes she was indeed dead according to her relatives

then i went home and while i was walking i was thinking about how my grandma wants me to marry a straight white woman and have children with her while i don’t want that

when i arrived home there was some guy on my computer (with the monitor i gave my sister for some reason) working on music

i somehow agreed to gift him my computer and leave only the laptop for myself and started preparing to install windows on the thing

then i started discussing the waterpark thing with the groupmates

not sure in what conference because there were some people that are not in our local one

it was pretty generic except one message about the sexual orientation

the whole thing ended with someone discovering a link to some teacher’s profile or a video or whatever


i had an ability to fly

or more like minecraft levitation effect

(yes i did have to look up the name because i forgot)

i was arguing with my sister because of where to pirate anime

also she was bought a crappy $100 laptop or something

in the end i was reading some portable linux stuff

i think i just remembered another dream

it was about kirby trying to defeat thanos

thanos had a hammer like king dedede and he could throw things far away with it


the first one was about a movie

a guy time traveled to the past to prevent the death of his grandpa but it led to a series of events that caused the creation of a mecha robot capable of destroying the whole planet

the guy controlling the robot was kinda young and cartoonishly evil and he was somehow defeated but i don’t remember how

it appears that i was somehow involved in the creation of the movie because of the grandpa thing and i remember editing a part of the final battle or something

the next dream was about several movies

i don’t remember the plot but they were sci-fi comedies

they had “another planet” or something in their names and there were 3 of them + 4th one going to be released in 2050

the main actors were the guy who played emmett brown from back to the future and the guy from a ukrainian comedy group named chekhov’s duet

the main movies involved shrinking and getting inside the planet’s core and in the trailer of the 2050 movie they recieved an email that suggested them to go to 2034 to do something


it was about a vr video game called something like together forever

it was a horror game but implemented in the style of warioware

you sign up for a period of time (a month) and every day you get mini games (web pages puzzles or shit) that scare the shit out of you

the concept sounds kinda funny but in the dream it was really kinda scary


  1. i was given a laptop with a couple of accessories and a textbook and was told to draw some primitive shit
  2. people asking something each other about the minecraft’s credits


something related to linux display managers

i think i was presenting them to a person i know

also there was a scene where i saw ubuntu with gnome 40

overall the dream had a pleasant vibe too bad i barely remember it

just remembered that there was also a secene where my latest reddit post got over 600 upvotes

it would be really cool if it did


preparing to buy new furniture and hormones

my relatives weren’t happy about the last one but fuck ‘em

the furniture included a new table and pillows you can jump on


watching andrei nifedov

he looked very different from irl

like he has seen some shit

his channel was basically dead with intervals between videos of like a year

i’ve seen a couple of gameplay videos

he played a surreal super mario 64 like game

he also had a video of a person jumping to a pool edited like he’s being eaten by a shark or something


first i was somewhere in russia with my dad

i guess we were on a vacation

an accident almost happened where we almost drove off a cliff but otherwise it was fine

then i was in turkey

i was writing down my experience on website and was going to make a separate website for it

then i was back at home i guess

i browsed the website of 2 people

they both were developers and had 90s styled websites where they described their lifes in great detail

just remembered that in the russia part of the dream we at one moment were i a town with a weird name and a groupmate was there too


  1. preparing to come out to the class

while i was doing it i was with some friends in a school doing some weird shit

  1. playing a video game

it was an undertale-like rpg and was about a little boy with some powers or something

there was a scene where he was in a house filled with dogs

  1. watching a movie

i only remember the end

there was a child who had an ability to do something with dreams

he broke into someone’s house and shot them with their own pistol while they were sleeping

he then also killed his own mother and dog and put them into pickle juice


i was put into a train car at night and was told to do something

i think i was also with another person at first

with each new station it was slowly getting better

i mean there was light and i could go onto a different route


doing some shit in the terminal

it was related to the websites of unus annus and whang

the last one had a fake name and the website itself was pretty interesting

there was some custom renderer of something implemented

i also remember a scene of being on some balcony and one of bying a slice of pizza in new york


  1. doing something cool in the terminal

  2. talking to my foreign friends which i wish i had irl

  3. an accident happened of some guy burning himself at the airport and it somehow affected us


  1. i was a girl?
  2. canteen + something related to trains and time travel
  3. designing a desktop environment