12 - December


trying to install my old point and click games but failing

just like in real life


  1. something about 2 shops one of which is branded and one is regular

the branded one was illegal or something and i shouldn’t’ve been visiting it or whatever

  1. i download a video game demo from the internet and it turns out to be very emotional and one of the best things i’ve ever played

it takes me some time to find out where exactly i downloaded it from but it turns out to be a rando from neocities

  1. watching a kirby let’s play in the kitchen while my clothes are being washed in the microwave

my mom proposes an idea that they’re all not real and are just a product of my imagination and it really fucks with my brain


successfully playing that damn point and click games


alexei shevtsov talking about the game the call of duty for playstation six

it had large open world and realistic graphics but could barely run at 60 fps in full hd

before that there was a dream where i was in thailand

i swam too much and had to be taken to a doctor

also we discovered some nes game while visiting an abandoned building


  1. a human colony on the moon after an apocalypse on earth

  2. trying to play minecraft on our group’s server


planning to reveal my date of birth and the city on my website

also talking to some foreign boy while walking in the city nearby


playing an undertale-like game in the bathtub while masturbating

also i was a like 30-year-old dude who’ve probably killed someone

[fell asleep and woke up again]

trying to write a wayland compositor

also talking to some foreign guy which has an apartment similar to my grandma’s old one

also going to some abandoned ship and choosing my new legal name


a bunch of guys driving cars noclipped out of reality or something and got stuck deep underground

it took them some effort to transform their cars into a giant missile to get out

then there was random shit involving them me and my relative

some of the groupmates made an appearance too


messing around with my rice

it happened near a pool where my mom and i were swimming and on some lecture

also in one scene i had a second black laptop


deltarune chapter 2?

it was really creepy and didn’t have anything to do with the first chapter

the main characters were replaced with ones from the puff puppy and such people as dio and hitler made an appearance

after i played the game i watched the video of the leak of third chapter i think

i downloaded the leaked files and started browsing through them

there was a mobile game or something and a couple of cutscenes were videos

after the game i was suddenly in some pool or a lake driving an inflatable shit

some guys were trying to hunt me down for using a specific video hosting

also someone was announcing to check out their online library


  1. tony stark battling thanos and destroying the planet in the process
  2. playing i wanna be the boshy and not dying for some reason


playing an outlast-like game

there were multiple underground levels

also a desert level with terrorists

i got shot in the head by one and woke up


  1. participating in some hackery stuff via irc or something
  2. making some shit for my website but it’s actually about another person (what?)
  3. an entertainment tv series that gradually blended with the previous dream


there was a scene where davie504 renamed himself to just “Davie”


it was about games for nonexistent video game consoles

one was called CD-I (but somehow standed for Spacetime Continuum something) and one Game Boy Cadets

both had a kirby game

in one kirby could teleport and in the other he gained an ability by standing on a triangle with the picture of the ability

the first one had a deep lore that involved pseudo-scientific shit


  1. programming a video game in c
  2. a bad guy doing bad things such as minting fake coins
  3. waiting until every organic thing on earth gets eliminated by some entity


doctor emmett brown

some multi-level dream shit was happening and i was telling him about that


a video game by toby fox again

this time in this universe he’s a girl

i’m not sure what the game was about but it started in honolulu in 1970

the main character traveled somewhere and discovered an island or shit

there was a cutscene where they fall down the waterfall and sing

this was later performed by toby herself in front of an audience

later the main character met a baako-like character

that’s about it with the game since i’m not sure if there even was a villain


something related to having super powers

something related to statistics

idk weird shit


spending the break somewhere

there were ice sculptures and a restroom made of ice

the whole thing had a bugzilla issue tracker