11 - November


playing video games

one had a very surreal setting and had very weird and unrecognizable things in it

it was also supposedly inspired by undertale but idk

another one had some undertale characters but otherwise was a completely different game

there was a scene with driving in the desert and a scene where sans was fed chocolate and somehow it damaged him

there was also other games but i forgot them


someone shows me the code of sonic the hedgehog

i don’t understand it


just me and the boys doing random shit

i think we all made a website on our own

before that i think maybe several dreams before that there was another dream

it was about virtual worlds that are somehow created by the person’s mind and they were having adventures there

like trying to find a perfect one but failing idk

the worlds were small like room sized

also i think it was a tv series

the atmosphere there was pretty bittersweet and i really like it


our class going on a trip somewhere with my dad

before that there was also something trip related but i forgot


web browser taste test

[fell asleep and woke up again]

veritasium on youtube

there were videos about the future and the past

one of them was a fictional movie

[fell asleep and woke up again]

writing a wayland display manager for linux in python

it was pretty interesting and i might even do it


dark flooded basement with never gonna give you up playing

my laptop on the beach

also some classes for which i was late

just like i will today

also my grandma was there

and there was a scene where i changed my height according to the grade


indescribable mess

in one dream there were 2 video games from the same series

i don’t remember the first one but the second one was basically outlast but not scary and 2d

they were kinda famous and had an interesting development history or shit

in another dream there was a tv series with some paranormal shit happening

it was set in a school and the main characters were 2 shy girls and 1 guy

one shy girl was involved in paranormal shit and the others weren’t

in the last dream i remember there was a very steep road

apparently it was in japan and the main character were going biking there


water slides

lots of them in different situations

including pornographic ones at the end


video game about being on a spaceship

[the person I’m writing to] inspired me to add new things to it

for example an ability to wash your ass and an item called bottle of piss


walking in the woods depressed with my relative

[fell asleep and woke up again]

making up a programming language while crawling barely alive home


the photos of our local governer’s ass were leaked

everyone went crazy and started sharing them

some people even got fired for doing it

also there was a random scene where different characters played by the same person wear a hat or something

also ice spinning because of some physics shit in an underpass

[fell asleep and woke up again]

postapocalyptic dystopia

also i was taking a shit

i think there was something like the matrix


  1. a story about a girl who’s actually a robot murdering people in her village
  2. an old couple dating each other


  1. main characters going to the concert of some heavy metal band
  2. a nuclear wastewater container having a pipe through which cars can drive


first there was a lot of people on flying (via balloons) cars trying to get through what seemed to be a traffic jam

then some lady stopped them and started explaining some physics shit

more specifically what world we would live in if a certain chemical would behave differently

the speech was repeated several times in several places but in the end she had to go because of some business

also there was a random scene where i ask my parents if they’re okay with me changing my legal name

i think it was from another dream where i was going to the place i’m studying at or something



either a space station or the moon

at first i was just just exploring the thing

then there were some conflicts idk

in the end there were emergency bells installed and i was surveying people


a guy fills the pool with shark semen seaweed and green hair dye and spends 2 entire weeks there in complete darkness

he’s absolutely devastated

there was a scene with several anthropomorphic sharks one of which was trying to fuck me in the ass

also in one scene the pool felt like my bathtub and in another scene in had a whole bus submerged into it


looking for porn but accidentally discovering my old accounts

for some reason i really wanted to masturbate but my parents and sister were constantly disturbing me

the website where i was looking for it had a simple plain design

there people mainly posted gifs and videos i think

the accounts i discovered had mentions of my old nicknames which i actually didn’t have irl


  1. studying in a foreign college where someone has a complaint on my website
  2. riding markiplier’s neck while he explains his videos