10 - October


watching some guy’s qnas on youtube

they were really long but interesting


me doing some weird shit on my computer

i remember that there were desktop icons which i don’t actually have

also there was a scene with youtube recognizing doom’s theme as part of heroes of might and magic ix soundtrack


playing with windows 98

also in the end i swallowed a spoon

[fell asleep and woke up again]

ropeway with challenges

i had a laptop where i was controlling the thing

also i was aware that i’m asleep but couldn’t do anything

in the end it switched to homm3


school perfomance or a video game

it’s hard to tell

it involved mario cart like driving


something about a monster being defeated and then used as a mecha shell for the winner

also there was some tech bullshit in other dreams but i don’t remember it


the game called doom 2003

it had good graphics and in contrast to the original game utilized a lot or cutscenes

also it was set in a bunker or something

the main character of the game had problems with parents

in one of the cutscenes when perfectly executed he empties a container onto himself and some girl and paints his and her hair

[fell asleep and woke up again]

it’s about a teenager who had problems in his past

he was moving from his house in canada by an underground train

the train got attacked by a monster but got saved by a superhero or shit

then it was revealed that the guy is gonna work for the train company

they show him his workplace and he starts crying when he sees his name on the screen



avengers: world war 2

that’s the only thing i remember


getting rid of windows 10 on my laptop


trying to find where to swim in the river

while it’s september and with my mom


watching porn

also developing a website using an old broken cms

also something related to a guy with a weird pet


i work for an american radio and we go to some southern town to have fun

there were also 2 dreams before that but i don’t remember them

except one scene where my ass was covered in shit


me at some waterpark or shit

or more like a playground idk

being there involved using an app that was really similar to discord but was targeting families instead of gamers

it also had a built-in search engine and a web browser i guess

some really weird shit happened there

in the next dream i was on a vacation

it was near a body of water where a competition took place?

not really sure because i forgot a lot

i used some cool apps on my laptop to track something

also our english teacher was there and in the end i was given some task that i had to do in excel

[regarding the weird shit in the first dream] despite being targeted to families a lot of servers i visited were made of edgy gamers

also in one of the servers there was some old os with accounting software or something made into a web page

on one of the servers there was minecraft playing in the background

and somehow at some point i managed to summon a naked transgender version of ariana grande

finally a nice long dream


the cowboy throw

in order to execute it you have to get behind the person and launch him in the air at the 45 degree angle

i think i was launched once and was running at an extremely fast speed afterwards

also there was something related to spongebob


i remember a couple of scenes

a scene where i’m riding a car instead of marshrutka in the early morning with no light

a scene where a girl talks about her broken robot and how good it was

a scene with tom scott swimming in the pool while fat guys are trying to ride an inflatable pillow

the scenes were alledgedly connected by a post-apocalyptic plot


episode of a show about the near future where people are basically enslaved by the government which doesn’t give a shit about them nor the planet

there’s a scene where they make one group of people attack the other but they fail because they recognize it

the whole thing ends with a very muscular version of [my groupmate] taking a sit on a metal rod with his ass


complete mess but i remember a couple of scenes

programming class where by the end we had to write a video game

the options offered were flappy bird which i chose and tetris i think

people in costumes fighting on the road

something related to a weird video game and planes shown on a tablet pc

joker who was put in a fake prison is being interviewed


one scene near grandma’s house

she opened someone’s car and there was a cat inside

one scene of an episode of some show

like fiction and it was about space i think

one scene that i just forgot


it was about my dad watching an anime

it had a name which i absolutely couldn’t remember and it had a very unique african atmosphere

too bad it doesn’t exist in real life

it also had several games about it including one for snes

also there was a scene where i came to study covered in a towel only

also i didn’t take a shower

both in dream and real life


kde car

sister’s room good