09 - September


watching porn in my bathroom

[fell asleep and woke up again]

one guy secretly followed another while he was streaming himself going up the mountain and now they’re doing it on purpose


2 giant multistory restaurants in the forest

one was expensive as fuck with elite food and one was affordable

i was walking around and waiting until the food was cooked

some groupmates were there too

both buildings were built out of wood and had no roofs

prolly there were even built around trees

[fell asleep and woke up again]

japanese underground town

i watched a documentary and was also going to drive there with my dad but something went wrong

the documentary described some conflict there

in the end one guy beat up several other guys and everything became fine

i think i was watching it when we were driving

i’m not sure if it was day or night

also i’m not sure if i was sitting or lying because the seats in the car was reclined all the way down or something


the first day at a new school

everything went fine until i decided to take a shit

for some reason people were very unhappy by my decision and publicly shamed me

the director herself went to the restroom and opened the door to shame me

lots of people were watching

also there was no toilet but just a hole in the ground

i think they took my toilet paper and i was begging to give me some

after this dream there was another one with also the first at a new school

there i could finally take a shit properly

the subjects were weird

can’t remember particularly but it was sci-fi whit

the school was also giant and divided into blocks or something and there were sci-fi bikes to ride


pocket monsters but not the pokemon kind

they lived literally in the pocket and had weird abilities

also it happened in a village with really weird people

[fell asleep and woke up again]

  1. more pocket monster shit
  2. installing windows 8 on my laptop


  1. something involving space travel and shrek
  2. several dreams i already forgot
  3. waiting for shawarma and then being late because they already thought i was never going to take it
  4. harrison ford time travels from the past to the present and finds an iron man-like suit but one that looks like a regular girl and they have a conflict because the suit doesn’t like how he wears it



there was a scene where my mom and i were near an ancient building and she was talking on her phone and a scene where we were running to catch a tram

[fell asleep and woke up again]

something about a black and a white cat being friends

it happened in my house


i was searching for freddi fish 3 online but got a virus

winlocker to be exact but it didn’t actually lock anything but just hung the whole thing


something related to the spongebob fandom

there were some weird website and fan animations


experimenting with 3 monitors and my laptop

not sure where it happened but my relative was there

btw i need to resurrect that laptop


today [while waking up] i had a fucked up daydream where i was walking from [the city nearby] on foot

it had some obstacles

like checkpoints

where you had to stop to be checked or something


playing some video game

it had super realistic 3d graphics and was about some boy

you had to battle enemies but i don’t remember what kind of them

the game took place in a village and the main hero was moving to the city later i think


playing minecraft and with my operating system and web browser


futuristic bullshit

there was a battle scene

a rap battle scene

and a computer battle scene

i think i a couple of saw star wars characters but i’m not sure

there was also something about internet explorer 7 for windows 10

i’m not sure who i was but i took part in those battles

[fell asleep and woke up again]

weird shit

first there was a weird building which i quit

i think it was owned by google translate and it was facing other buildings improperly

then i started walking uphill

i entered a cafe where i went to the toilet

i got my dick sucked by multiple people and after that the cafe turned into a giant room and people sucking my dick turned into a giant slime

i’m not sure what happened next but i woke up in the end


there was something about hitler and a robot being send to the past

also something about me losing a car in the city

i think i had a weird laptop that looked like something between a regular one and a thinkpad


playing a video game

it had 3d graphics and i’m not sure whether it was 1st person or 3rd person

i think it was a platformer but it also had crafting and rpg elements?

on some point i found some pigs that drop very rare material which allows you to craft “legendary” items

i first crafted a knife then a large pickaxe and then bullets

i used the last ones in space but idk how i got there

i think they produced a large explosion


too much shit most of which i forgot

there was a movie (starring jackie chan) and it had a sequel with anime characters

also there was a star wars movie where the good guys were losing and honestly it was better than the actual 9th episode

i played minecraft with several people we were building a giant underground base or something

it had problems with lighting but i used a non-existent chandelier block and it became fine

in the end there was a weird ubuntu installation process

it was like in vr and mickey mouse was offering shit to play with before installing idk


the first one was about an experiment where people were put on an island and told to survive

god knows how but after a week they had a functioning economy and by the end of the month they invented a computer

there was also a nearby settlement which discovered or something

after this one there were multiple dreams like this with minor differences

in the end there was also a small dream where some guy and i got in jail for writing something


[the city nearby]

first i was doing some weird shit with nwjs and testing it near the highway

then i was running around my grandma’s old house but after i stopped i got teleported into my room


3d engine mess


minecraft version 1.26 was released which added a fuckton of temporary easter eggs

everyone was losing their mind and downloading it to document the whole thing