08 - August


sci-fi bullshit with robots being sent from the future

but with a casual atmosphere and on a small island

i was one of the robots

btw it wasn’t a humanoid robot but more like a smart drone

[fell asleep and woke up again]

virtual world in paintings

at first i was traveling between them but in the end i was sitting in the bathtub playing with action figures

there was at least 1 minecraft world and 1 medieval simpsons world

i sleepn’t


killing donald trump with a pistol at my old school

i ran away and the police didn’t arrive

but the judge did but later


operating system installation with challenges

some parts of the installer couldn’t be accessed until a certain moment and the system partition was getting mirrored after each reboot which it did regularly

the installer had windows 95 like ui

also the whole thing happened while flying through some surreal space filled with clouds

[fell asleep and woke up again]

  1. welcoming astronauts from a multi-year space mussion

i think an entire house was built for that

  1. giant disney themed trampoline park

with no people

idk what i was doing there

but it was also built to welcome someone


computer bullshit

i was going to some places and trying to find internet or something

closer to the end also there was something about newpipe

in the end a squirrel or some shit was biting my power cable

[fell asleep and woke up again]

  1. secret rooms

in a school prolly

they looked like a long abandoned apartment and were used for some projects

  1. more secret rooms

this time the ones where you’re supposed to fuck

i was upgrading them for some reason


something about penguins and version 6.9 released

it happened in a snowy plane and they were giant

but it wasn’t cold

i rolled around in snow and woke up with a slight nausea

i think i came there from some apartment and i was looking for something


battle with a giant half scorpion half human

i was joined by cute cgi cartoon puppies

also the aspect ratio of the picture became wider just before the battle

i think there was a dream before that

i was preparing to leave house to go on a journey with people

there was something related to software which i was desperately trying to fix

[fell asleep and woke up again]

marine biology (and astronomy?) classroom

i was pretending to be learnng something

the last thing i remember is a guide on how to name the things when the sun is too active and releases more than usual matter

wait i think there was a dream before that

i was allegedly in canada

and going somewhere

once i was in some apartment building looking for something

i was confused


riding trolleybuses

using a fake card that fakes your location or something

also prolly doing some weird shit in school related to location too

[fell asleep and woke up again]

nuclear reactor simulator

blew up in game in my case

after that i was suddenly going somewhere by car with my dad

my computer was in the car?

it seems like it was a long trip

[fell asleep and woke up again]

finding a cool website

its owner was a web programmer and made songs all by herself

there was a portfolio on the website which also included some songs along the displayed design


invisible hide n seek with vr and motion sensors

also my sister was broadcasting that

on tik tok?

[fell asleep and woke up again]

examining food expenses while being on vacation somewhere

i spent too much and was screamed at by the people i was with

i think it happened in a mall

a weird one

also we were still buying something (for the last time?)


playing around with webtorrent clients on a school break

i may or may not want to now create one

most of the clients had a windows xp/9x like ui

also the teacher screamed at me so i go to the sys admin so he opens the ports

[fell asleep and woke up again]

i was bought a new monitor

or rather a very good tv

i was playing minecraft with some random guy

[fell asleep and woke up again]

getting haircut while watching about how c418 cooperates with mojang


sliding on my tummy a giant distance

also selecting the font for my mom afterwards

also this was because i couldn’t take a ride on a bus

because i had something fucked up

btw i slided really fast

like teleportation fast

i had a dream before this one but i can’t remember it

prolly it was something about youtube videos

[fell asleep and woke up again]

going into some whop in the mall near the airport and getting screamed for doing nothing

young guys were doing that + electricity was somehow involved

it happened in a mostly empty room with a green carpet and bench near the wall on which i was sitting

[fell asleep and woke up again]

i was watching simpsons

the wikipedia article of the show itself with the current date appeared in the episode

i got suspicious

[the person I’m writing to] suddenly invited me in [their] local conference

my computer downloaded dozens of gigabytes of shit

i started to read and it was really fucking weird

there was something about paint

suddenly a giant fucking horse carriage appeared outside

some old guy was standing on the top

the text on the walls of the carriage said that he is protected by the public and that the whole thing is consented porno or something

what the fuck

there was also a fridge full of some shit on the lower floor and even more people on the lowest floor

the carriage itself looked like a ship


dacha shit

my grandma was there and she had a ridiculously tall and slim dacha

while i(?) was a hybrid of myself and young davie504

i think she was a poet and wasn’t happy of me for some reason

also we had troubles while going to the dacha

[fell asleep and woke up again]

random mess

there was a scene with some operating system a scene with a random american city and a scene with me living in a smart cave

in the last one it somehow transformed into a retrofuturistic bus

also my sister was there

the second dream had a kinda depressive vibe and involved flight i think

in the first one i remembered the name of the os but now i don’t

it was simple short and fit one word

something like


like 1 syllable


i was a ghost bying a cake in the shop

i think to bring it to some castle


discussing with actors how to get to the other side of the river to shot the scene

the thing itself happened on a bridge

there were at least 2 actors

both were muscular guys so it was prolly a martial arts movie

also there was a scene with me driving a car

[fell asleep and woke up again]

watching a video of people getting beaten up and harassed

it happened on some dacha and things were being thrown at harassed people

at the same time my dad was watching some pseudoscientific bullshit about the sun being sentient entity

[fell asleep and woke up again]

subway mess

in one scene the robot that controls the shit took a human form and went to the pool with me and another person

i went to pool 2 more times later but i don’t remember how and why

the train cars of the subway itself were going in weird circular directions

wait there was a scene where the robot jumped into concrete

while i was playing minecraft?

i think the robots didn’t like me on one ride when i was going home from school


looking for a new video card online

[fell asleep and woke up again]

being responsible for the collapse of the building

this happened after some ultra-important mission

i think there were mecha suits

the floor collapsed because concrete was laid down in a wrong way

the building itself was a school i think

and the mission before that was about aliens of some sort

also there were people in that school

it didn’t collapse completely and the people were notified


playing hide ‘n’ seek with ugandan terrorists in the forrest

not only me but also an endangered group of black people

in the end there was something along the lines of “putting peanut butter on the bread” meaning the terrorists were no longer terrorists

[fell asleep and woke up again]

taking part in movies featuring neil breen

one movie was about his friends rejecting him and one about some cave

both were pretty weird


youtube as an app disappeared and then everyone had to find a workaround

also people somehow started dying because of something magically related

before this there was a dream about concentration of something in swimming pools

[fell asleep and woke up again]

something about eating portraits of other people and taking a shit in public toilets


“the most expensive uk library” but it looked like a kindergarten

i was doing some windows xp stuff and preparing shit to print

most of the people there were really young

in the end some girl was asked if she’s colorblind but she didn’t know what that means

[fell asleep and woke up again]

first i was hanging on a wall waiting until the gorilla gave birth

then i was waiting in several lines

one line was of dead people

one of them said he probably choked on a fish bone

also there was a line of “deleted” people or something

they were in error icon suits or something


eating chocolate at night while everyone’s asleep

also listening to a podcast about minecraft world generation


i said something so bad while being in the mall everyone become insanely angry of me

then i was at home (with shampooed hair for some reason) and was puking in the end

[fell asleep and woke up again]

the main character (me?) outsmartens and murders the ceos of big corporations and learns to fly

and all of this happens in some (abandoned?) village in the mountains

[the person I’m writing to] and some groupmates were there

[fell asleep and woke up again]

the main character being driven home by his father

the route was very unusual and had many dangerous parts and it was exciting

also it had something to do with ropeways and the main chcracter wanted to learn it idk

also his father was thrown out of the car at some point but he somehow survived and continued driving with no problem?


walking in a hospital with a bag full of cocaine

also i could fly and used this ability to fly to bridges

[fell asleep and woke up again]

browsing the web

mainly reddit and 4chan i think

there was something related to gunbuster and avengers endgame

for the last one it was completely different from the original (it happened on a bridge) and there was a character who uploaded his mind to the internet and died or something

also it felt pretty realistic like i participated in it

[fell asleep and woke up again]

nfrkz’s video about burger king but by vox


taking a shit in a public toilet

before that i was in the area where you can customize your dream

the whole thing happened in either a school or a mall


paranormal bullshit

some girl and i were trying to record a ghost on tape

before that there was more shit like that but i was doing casual stuff like playing minecraft and watching porn?


slice of life shit involving fish and time travel

i think i was fish several times or at least could think like one

old classmates were there for some reason

the whole thing happened near some japanese lake


one of the main characters trying to recall a poem in a mall at night

[fell asleep and woke up again]

a guy figures out he can resurrect people but he has to shit himself to do that

he looked like gandalf and was a part of a group

they were attacked by the owners of the land they were on

[fell asleep and woke up again]

bird people party

which was organized by regular prople

i was forced to participate

i was ok at dancing but bad at fighting

[fell asleep and woke up again]

shooting a sliding scene

some fucked up drone technology was used there and authorities needed to be contacted

the movie was a cyberpunk comedy or something

the script of the scene was weird and had to be changed several times


taking extreme drugs

my dad was taking them too i think

it was kinda weird + i already forgot the details


masturbating to medieval art as a challenge

[fell asleep and woke up again]

drugged shit


some asian country

i was lost for some time but then i entered a cafe and started playing minecraft ripoffs with their creator

the last game was just me clipping through the textures of the world and the house that you need to follow or something


someone’s dacha

possibly even mine

it had a basement and a lake nearby

the basement had 4 completely livable rooms

it also had a pc and a dog

i was mostly playing around with stuff but before that there also were scenes were i went to (my old) school so i guess i lived there for some time

it also seems like when i played around it had guests but i don’t remember them

one of the guests was saying something about my english knowledge