07 - July


  1. some movie (prolly matrix) but modified

it was a very good dream but i couldn’t get up to record it

  1. unus annus building a brick wall and a pool in their backyard

in one scene they flooded the whole yard to make the thing look it’s in the sea

  1. me trying to build a living organism by constructing its cells

in the background my relative was complaining that i didn’t know shit how to do that and that i for some reason had hiv

[the first dream] i remembered it

it was actually 2 non-existent outlast dlcs

one was called tumbleweed i think and the name of the other one started with w


it began with someone publishing videos about some boy cumming on pewdiepie’s face

which were false and he actually just sneezed

then the location changed to some apartment building

some simpson-like guy was being beaten by his wife

so he slapped her really hard and she flew 7 stories high

then the location changed to some store

apparently someone shit in the children’s area on some rides

he came there and blew very hard through each one

he had some resistance from the people who shit but in the end they were blown away by water and their shit

then somehow his annoying neighbor appeared

they both sat on a miniature rocket and flew to the fucking space

the neighbor was just blown away on half-way but he somehow returned when the guy reached the other side of the moon and had troubles going back

what the fuckcjdhejjwkn nsssjxbd


the future?

everyone had small spaceships and used them as a primary method of transport

also reverse dns was used for addressing things

+ people still listened to hip hop

nifedov reaching 1 million subscribers was mentioned once

also an “angel” which was some pseudoscientific shit that didn’t require energy to move

right at that moment some human achievement was celebrated but i don’t remember which one

i think i was on one of the large spaceships doing weird shit


  1. tomb raider-like game

except there were no tombs and they weren’t raided

i think it was for ps4

  1. website of some guy

i think it was dave.org or dick.org

and he studied in a school that owned school.org

the guy played a lot of video games (mainly snes?) and had a lot of reviews

the website had a design with blue as a main color and navigation below a banner at the top

there were also random scenes with him talking and playing so i guess i either met him or watched videos about him

he was like 40 years old and was wearing an orange shirt

[much later into the day]

  1. mindless shit
  2. something about gnome vs kde war but visualized with offices


looking through my old gmail mailboxes

while bathing?


my dad screaming at me and beating me up because of my grades

there was also something about the internet archive some pixar movie and super mario bros


  1. my parents not being super happy about me failing classes
  2. some weird shit

i think there was something about the internet archive again

  1. talking to a serial killer in [the place I’m studying in]

idk who he killed but he developed several video games and liked puzzles(?)


  1. weird shit

i think it was about some type of media

  1. first person view of an autistic guy learning about human history before the lesson

also there was another guy who had a website and was mocking me

also he wrote a demo in python(/ruby?) several years prior

[fell asleep and woke up again]

  1. weird shit again

there was a scene with 2 people fucking in the restroom and one with me throwing a box full of semen into trash

also a scene where i was flying i think

  1. something about video games


going through non-existent video archive stored on my relative’s usb stick

there were videos of me back from 2010

also videos involving my other non-existent sister

the stick also had other stuff such as qt 0.1 which i doubt actually exists


incomprehensible gnu/linux mess



  1. something about studying?
  2. something about space

i forgot everything about this one except that there were 2 fractions and one wasn’t happy about the other and that the dream was long and pretty interesting

  1. something about chemistry

also in space

some fuckers couldn’t stop the ship but they suddenly found some shit that didn’t make sense chemically


basically a subreddit in real life

[fell asleep and woke up again]

  1. battle of 3 anime characters using alien substances and chickens as stands
  2. short conversation about capitalism between several people on the uppermost floor of a multi-story road


something like rush hour but with 2 white guys

also they were sometimes talking about gnome


annoying relative soap opera but the relative is an (space) alien

the main character illegally immigrated to the country and somehow gets accepted as an alien in the end


drunken mess

there was something about off by 1 error in real life when calculating days

also something about replacing all of the things in the room to their safe alternatives and making image macros about that

also something about cities submerged underwater

somehow all of this was connected and seemed to make sense


cutting people’s dicks off for their sins

also they were getting paid for that


trying to prevent a person i know from overdosing on candy

that was weird


watching videos from tom scott’s non-existent old channel

it had more sensitive and sometimes political topics

in the middle of one video a fucking jungle started growing out of my monitor with bugs crawling out

also he had a wordpress(?) website and his videos were more traditionally edited

i shleep


the last one that i still remember

first there was something my sister going to a pool

so i took her from a pool and we started going somewhere by car

the road was bad and somehow depended on the cars that were on it idk weird shit

one of the cars passing by was a truck with some weird shit (very skinny old person covered in ash?) inside telling me to buy their vacation shit and i did

the other car was of my competitors?

they said that they already implemented something a long time ago while i was doing different stuff

also i just remembered the dream before it

it was about some firefox product

probably a video game console and it was getting updated in a classroom for some reason

it looked like a slim ps2 but white


something about studying human memories

[fell asleep and woke up again]

videolan became an evil corporation and we were forced to sign up for their account or shit


desperately trying to make a song available on streaming services with ols friends

i sh.

btw the song had a generic drum beat like boom-ka-boom-pum

and the whole thing happened in an it classroom

[fell asleep and woke up again]

a guy being unhappy that in the future many public toilets are marked on google events as event points and thinks they’re challenging him

also something about niagara falls and transportation


some people uploaded tons of movie characters saying different syllables on youtube and i was looking through them

i was looking for evangleion

also it was kinda creepy

[fell asleep and woke up again]

something about my phone went wrong and we were thinking if we should reset

also somehow the browser worked in the recovery mode

one of the people with me recommended me to put the phone on mute forever to not get distracted


a series of competitions (fastest animal fastest disease and shit like that) in some school

it was weird

most of the viewers were like 16

the fastest animal or whatever was a shark

also it somehow transformed into a human with a nice ass?

the fastest disease was some shit related to music

i shleep

[the shark] it was singing btw


watching youtube videos while bathing in complete darkness

also something about an ai programming language

[fell asleep and woke up again]

by doing a weird technique i was able to disappear from the real world and go to the shadow dimension where i was still able to influence real objects

so i taught that trick to people i knew ([the person I’m writing to]?) and we were doing weird shit

also shrek was somehow related to it

i think it was also programmable in terms of what you see in the dimension


watching movies in a dacha complex cafe

also some old people screaming could be heard

[fell asleep and woke up again]

  1. temporarily renting an apartment before arriving somewhere

other people were with me and wild shit was happening

  1. large groups of people protesting something

prolly china

[fell asleep and woke up again]

mindlessly running around public pools in a mall while waiting for pc parts


  1. making a list of favorite movies

[one groupmate] and [another groupmate] were there in the background doing that too

also the couch was flying in the air for some reason

  1. farts

very loud and smelly ones

near my grandma’s old house

and everything was covered by shit

the background voice was telling that when farting shit particles can fly as fast as 4 km/s

[fell asleep and woke up again]

markiplier was having fun with his friends in a supermarket while i wasn’t because he covered my hands with shit and i didn’t have money for paper towels

btw this was in the middle of driving somewhere with my parents idk how


geography class but everyone is walking on an elevated rope

[fell asleep and woke up again]

running sea life simulations with dad

i think it was also in vr

it started lagging on the last run where there was a lot of animals and a lot of dead seaweed produced