06 - June


libreoffice browser addon (which i doubt even exists) breaks down and the shit goes haywire in [social media web app]

my dad is a complete asshole and he just woke me up


tv series about some mystic shit

it looked like it was shot in mid 2010s and was set in a regular american college

not sure about the exact topic but it was pretty casual overall except one scene with a talking cat being kicked in the balls by the main character

in the end of every episode there was some graphical shit showing their mystical lore or something

there was a shitton of seasons but each one was pretty shot (5 episodes i think)

[The person I’m writing to mentions the message with a cat being kicked in the balls.]

it happened near some pool btw

i think the cat was hiding to attack the main character

also the pool was in the basement


  1. me going back to the place i studied before to take some test or shit

doesn’t make much sense and i don’t remember much

  1. something about whang and poolside fm

i think an actual (heavy metal?) radio station bought them/added their entire playlist to their collection and he was talking about that

  1. soap foam coming from a tv while i’m watching it at night

it was coming in large scales and stopped when i paused the tv

  1. review of a movie about 2 guys that make mannequins for living

one of them was an actor from fast and furious

one moment

vin diesel


there was a scene where he put 2 fingers up the ass of some lady on the staircase


  1. something about software

  2. some movie

don’t remember much because it happened 3 wakes up and 5 hours ago

there also were 3 and 4 but i don’t remember anything


either i already had this one or i just experienced an in-dream deja vu

it’s about me signing in to some weird school

first there was a weird line that in the end split in half

2 girls were at the end and they were in different grades and the one in a lower grade looked older

i remember being disappointed when i stood in the wrong line and saying “if she looks like she’s in that grade it doesn’t mean she is” the second time

not sure what the fuck was that school but on the inside it looked kinda weird

the walls were all white but it wasn’t too light

also the elevators worked really weirdly and the teachers were assholes about that

[fell asleep and woke up again]

complete and utter mess

first of it was something about a black people settlement that was forced from their initial habitat

then it just turned into a party

it kinda happened in 2 houses and i was tired as fuck in the end

idk what happened but in the end i had to crawl down some stairs outside that were covered with water in my underwear only

also there was a suspiciously modern looking smartphone from 2007 and some other shit


helping a teacher with moving monitors and collecting trash

idk why

there were other dreams but i forgot them


(ones i remembered)

  1. i was trying to drive a car at night but in the end i fucked it up

either i got arrested or the car was destroyed

  1. some guy talking about an idea of creating a black hole in the solar system
  2. me eating potatoes and chicken with my dad


  1. me being tortured to write code by some professor

first in my bathroom then in a giant lab

  1. self-contained sandboxed app something

in the end of this dream i literally shit myself

there was a giant barrel in the bathroom and i was several seconds late because of it

shit was literally everywhere

also it (my shit) was shaped like giant cat food or that corn snack but twice as smaller

like separate cylindrical pieces

i shleep

[fell asleep and woke up again]

  1. some movie with “matrix” in the name that has nothing to do with the matrix

basically there were 2 species and they were travelling between 2 planets and it was done by using some fucked up technology that shrunk one species and grew the other

there was a plot involving some british boy i think and there were sequels/prequels or shit

  1. some weird shit

some guy asked me about how my website was doing and i noticed that i didn’t publish some weekly shit for over a month

then 1 of 3 people who looked like mario daisy and some other fucker said something like “oh no we must’ve messed up the time we better fix it now or everyone will be dead”

  1. micro-ralf killing micro-people in my fridge

idk how they came to be there in the first place but they weren’t allowed to even touch some types of food and ralf was killing them for trying to

i also for some reason grabbed him and put on a different shelf several times and he complained each time

i sleepn’t


escaping some guy’s house with batya

i told the guy i can do something (bring him some fuel?) in exchange for methane for dad’s car

in the end i just took methane and we drived away with him

somehow on our way out the car gained a shitton of momentum so we had to gradually slow down

also there was a shit for landing made out of plastic bottles and some other similar stuff

also i had a random thought about “the inaccessible level” which feels like it’s talking about the hardest part (of the universe?) to get to and it’s from a competition but such video doesn’t exist obviously


some shit on the web and outside

it involved a girl named sator

according to her website and what she was talking about she was 16(?) studied in an aviation university and was a wayland compositor developer

i sleep

i don’t


opening an ancient treasury with a group of people

first we trained by going through an obstacle course that involved climbing by hugging around some wooden shit

then we finally entered the room

we used some hacky shit involving mirrors to make it bright

the treasury itself was protected by just one mechanism which we just broke

we called the master or whoever he was and he said something like what the fuck this shit was lying here for 9000 years and your father was the only one who came close to it but was defeated by some monster or shit

after that some people were shooting each other but i guess we won


writing some gui shit with random scenes in the background

i think there was a train scene a cat scene and multiple flashback scenes


video game where you beat people to death in a soviet apartment

in the beginning the main hero had a gun but he broke it on someone’s skull


some weird tv series idk

first there was some weird shit involving me and some guy whose lungs could deliver oxygen faster or shit

i got killed in one timeline somehow so i guess there was time travel

in the end it just switched to a scene where guy bumped with his car into relatives of some person visited them and killed them until he bumped into their father

[fell asleep and woke up again]

at least 2 dreams with just a screen of some software/hardware description

some racing shit? idk

i think in today’s dreams i had a fucked up haircut

like the one i had 3 to 5 years ago


  1. some hotel

some weird shit was happening but i don’t remember

  1. the same hotel but i was constantly watching asmr videos

also had problems with putting my things on the shelves

  1. what?

i was just walking down the street and had this thought

“wouldn’t it be cool to have gay sex right now”

then suddenly i woke up in some basement with a portal in the room

after standing in a line the guy who keeps the portal told me that i needed 1650 points to access it

i asked him if i could just go in in any case and he said yes but there would be some problems or something

he also showed me a table printed on a small piece of paper where [one groupmate] and [another groupmate] both had 2 points and other random people in the list 0

so i went to a different portal and in a queue i met a person i know

the portal dropped us from a great height and we had to battle each other

i guess i won and got some points but that was weird

then i went to a different portal and there were random children in the line

in the opposite portal there was a grandma playing bowling

before i enter the portal a firefox error message popped out telling something about javascript promises (async shit)

somehow i opened the window with the source code (of the portal i assume) and it was code for bbrowser from 2016

i sleepn’t


  1. skipping classes

i think putin was visiting the school too

i think i was playing with a football in the halls and the basement (sewers) avoiding teachers

also i was very angry on one of them for not giving me something

  1. i’m putin in full makeup on a rollercoaster

the dream ended in 3 seconds because what the fuck

[fell asleep and woke up again]

  1. someone saying this phrase:

“Not a single cookie lasted more than a week in the human body, so it doesn’t change mine. However, i keep a bottle of ketchup in my ass, and it does”

  1. I see off a couple of young guys fly off to space and then watch a documentary on them on youtube

the space station and the rocket looked too casual

also at somw point i standed right below the exhaust and nothing happened to me


(yes in the middle of the day)

some weird train journey

i can’t quite tell if it was from a tv show or irl

also the story supposedly took place in the future but it felt like maybe 2000s

i mostly remember 2 scenes

in the first one it’s just my grandma’s old house but the playground and everything else in a large radius in front of the house had been excavated and filled with some shit

the apartment building where her house was located felt smaller irl (or maybe i felt bigger) and even more bare bones (like a concrete box)

in the second scene it was i assume a train station but it felt like something between an airport and a mall

some side characters were taking a shit and the locker in the bathroom was very weird

i’m not sure but i think it detected if you’re actually sitting on the toilet and shitting because the characters who did that were properly locked

you could also just mess with the thing itself (it had much more than 2 states) and the door wouldn’t open while you were doing that

there was a futuristic robot but the only thing i remember about it is that it told some girl that she just shit in the A partition and she said that she knew and didn’t wait it to tell her

some guys were trying to kill us using knives but somehow it didn’t happen

we also had access to a desktop computer i think and an iphone

as i said the ui was kinda 2000s but maybe more flat

i sleep

[i actually don’t]


too many of them

in one someone was trying to kill me and i had to not let them to

the dreams had a kinda casual atmosphere and were set mostly outside


time travel shit again

i was in a hotel watching youtube video on an ibm pc i think and checking facts right in place

alao my hair was fucked up

i sleep

[fell asleep and woke up again]

some guys did horrible experiments on people in their multi-story building with giant pools

which of course looked kinda soviet

so i hired an army of lesbians to punish them

but the guys hid everything with paintings and shit and i had to disable them

i tired climbing into their balcony and doing shit there but something went wrong and i had to jump out and climb the fence sideways to get back on our territory or something


[in the middle of the day]

  1. something about jesus christ

  2. more about jesus christ

  3. me consuming content about and interacting with bunnies

[fell asleep and woke up again]

  1. time travel shit

i somehow got back to the past with my old body but the changed past turned out to be better

there was something about flathub redesign google translate introducing limits and kosovo becoming the most popular language due to a virus

also there was a picture of pewdiepie on my website


probably before the time travel

we communicated via the phone and i think she might’ve caused the time travel itself

the whole thing happened in some mall that in some parts looked like a cozyish soviet school

in the mall itself there was also a giant pool i think and initially several guys (also over the phone?)


  1. don’t remember
  2. some point and click game

i don’t remember anything except it apparently was “mixed with back to the future”

  1. going by bus at night

i think it was the route from where i used to go to the english courses back home

  1. homm3

well kinda

in the beginning it was just several regular homm3 battles but then the cut scene started

the 2 main characters which looked suspiciously similar to shinji and rei from nge entered some cave

they were not sure if the cave wasn’t some monster but the cave itself said that it was alive

it swallowed both characters and hung them on the ceiling with blue tentacles

i don’t know what happened right after but in the end rei was lying in the bathtub covered in semen with a blank face and shinji was laughing like a fucking psycho

the dream ended right here


some cable car shit

in one scene it was under and over ground and in one scene suspended near a ship

also it was somehow related to nintendo 64


  1. me on vacation i guess

don’t remember much

  1. going home by car

in the end there was a “music cafe” but it didn’t make any sense

there was an angry birds style irl game when you could win things and palpatine was the strongest “bird”

also i was talking to some guys about c418 in the end

the dream suddenly ended because of an explosion/some earrape shit


[in the middle of the day]

some weird shit inloving my laptop and monitor my other laptop and monitor which don’t exist and my relative which suddenly was an asshole but in a right way