04 - April


  1. unknown building (probably either a military comission one or a basement entrance) but it’s located near the apartment block of my grandma’s old house

the building was surrounded by snow and A LOT of literal dog shit

there were a couple of people i believe but they weren’t outside

there also were alternative versions(?) of this building where the surroundings looked normal idk how and the shit switched into minecraft in the end and i switched my difficulty to the non-existent irl one where mobs just do nothing

  1. some class idk

maybe english maybe something else but i don’t remember actually studying + not sure where it happened but all walls were white and it was evening

there was a scene where i hold a 40 inch(!) tablet pc and go to some guy to ask about the chromium browser

i think it was some feature taken from the “vp11” video codec related to skipped frame intrapolation or something idk why it’d be something special

also i forgot the feature and had to go back to another guy (both were pretty old this one had a purple shirt and that one a light blue one) before actually asking

the one who i asked said it’s bullshit i also asked if i can ask him about firefox but he said something about time and i had to run back to the classroom idk

i went to the water fountain first and had some troubles getting back

one of the troubles was the fact that i suddenly woke up

wait i think there was a dream before the first one where i installed a trilogy of some point ‘n’ click games on my phone

i remember an underwater location as the first level in the first game

also i’m not entirely sure about the order of the scenes


i’m on a vacation i guess

my family and some girl in one scene were with me also

not sure what country that was but there was a giant pool/lake and everyone spoke english i think

considering i have thoughts about the time period i can assume i was also time traveling

i only remember like 3 scenes

in the first one we somehow climbed a giant inflatable water slide

my mom tried to slide but she fell in the wrong direction but luckily survived

i decided to fall backwards but everything went okay

in other scene it was evening and there were some climbing shits located directly in the water

and i refused to climb the last ones for some reason or another

in the last scene there were 2 saunas on 2 different floors

but they’re not actually floors since there’s a fucking sky above so i’m not sure how it’d work except teleportation

so the girl stayed on the floor above where it was morning i guess and pretty misty

i went down and it was suddenly fucking evening

i went inside some building that was kinda buried underground and listened to some announcement i didn’t really give a shit about

then i went out and found a giant fucking jukebox

like the size of a vending machine

i selected the album mfsb by mfsb which had a different cover and like 3 extra songs

the first one was non-existent and it played

i think i can even identify the real counterpart

btw i fell asleep at 4 am and i’m dying rn

so i don’t forget how it sounded

*low strings* *low strings* *low strings* (slowly) [most likely the beginning of Black Frost by Grover Washington, Jr.]

*high strings* *high strings* *high strings* *high strings* (fast) [most likely the horn part at 01:04 of Cold Sweat by James Brown but on strings and slower]

btw remembered that right to left of that shit near the stairs there were (i wonder what) a building with a friendly label “PROSTITUTES”

which is weird considering there were children running around


  1. it was night and i was watching andrei nifedow’s videos

  2. it was still night but i was in some school

some people told me about a weird communication method that uses human hair and “unwraps to 34 km”

also someone told me that they “know everything about me including my skype account” which i don’t even have and i told them that in the dream

also they said they “gave me the codes to all locker rooms” or something but i said that i lost them on purpose


there were several [dreams] but i remember only the last one

it was supposedly summer but i was at home playing video games

which is not very far from truth

the game had the word “undertalish” in its name but it had mostly nothing to do with it

also the graphics were vector i think and the aspect ratio was adaptive which is absolutely not in the right style

the game itself was set in the southern part of south america and it was about some boy helping native tribes (are there even any surviving at this moment) find a source of food

he does some complicated nonsense that inlovles river flow and other shit and does it

but i think it was just the first level but i’ll never know now

also the game had a debug mode or something like it

the only shit stolen from undertale was flowey but he didn’t even have a name and he looked awful with vector graphics (i think he was also an hidden easter egg hidden in some remote part of the map)

i believe i also fake woke up after that and i saw a video by vsauce2 kevin with a let’s play of this game

okay i think i remember 2 dreams before it

not sure in which order

in the first one i sit on a couch with someone in an office-like building and the bitch tries to take as much space as possible

so i’m angry and have to do the same to compete

but in the end it gets some playful vibes instead

in the second one i assume it was a history lesson but the classroom looked like a fucking medieval theater

i had problems with picking a seat but i could in the end and it had a pc with a crt monitor

i didn’t do shit with it and some other person decided to seat near me and it annoyed the fuck out of me

the teacher wasn’t even there all the time and in the end the building got on fucking fire so firefighters were called and we had to get out by crawling through some dark tunnel


  1. outside & winter

i was crossing the same bridge over and over again while listening to a podcast idk

  1. some website

i don’t remember anything except the dark green noisy background and the light theme

  1. [the place i’m studying in] at night

before it closed some weird shit was happening and i think its appearance changed

also i bought food in the entrance hall

the teacher granted me the “right to change the game mode” like in minecraft but idk why

so i was trying to close everything down especially in the canteen but couldn’t

also a couple of fake wake ups i think


  1. me walking around areas similar to ones near my old grandma’s house

i think i was trying to find a porn actor for a photo or something

also i was probably attending some classes

swimming perhaps idk but it was uncomfortable and the building was giant + prolly soviet

  1. me traveling with my family

we ran out of something and it was hard to keep going

  1. i masturbate in some office building

what the actual fuck

it was really fucking bad

  1. it was approximately 1940s and i was a part of a group of children to perform on an event that also inlolved stalin

demonstration of nuclear weapons or something

it was dark as fuck and we were supposed to somehow go upstair (yes one 1.5 meter stair)

i had some shit in my pocket (potato?) and a white handkerchief

also [groupmate] was there and he had a ton of makeup

like on that one picture [the person I’m writing to has] sent me

can’t find

in any case i also think i saw stalin himself and he asked from what direction the enemies can possibly blow up the launcher

also i was blaming myself for giving him some power(?) idk how maybe this one also involves time travel

please send [that one picture]

[they do]

he had more in the dream

like whiter skin

[about the direction] someone answered from the inside

which i also wanted to answer

but the fucker was faster


there was a tram scene with me any my mom

also one with some cars idk

and one with [the place I’m studying in]


first of all [the person I’m writing to was] there

perhaps not [them] but like an older person similar to [them]

i’d probably say the proctoherbs ad man

[they] worked in a small clinic but i’m not sure if [they] had a license

[their] paintents include:

mark zuckerberg

this one is especially fucked up because he was bended and [they] manipulated the insides of his ass using 2 rotating shits or something

random girl

a rat


the clinic itself was located in a small building and i think [they] used palpatine for advertising (lmao)

also i remember using reddit and seeing people post the results of image searches with random numbers as a query

i think there was also a second dream but i’m not sure if before or after

it’s like it was blended or something

me and my fucking parents again in a fucking hotel

i’d probably say in turkey or some other similar country

idk for how long we stayed there but by the end of the dream there were 6 skyscrapers visible right of the window and there was shit being built all around the settlement

but built with bricks for some reason


  1. something about voice impressions

probably by vsauce2 kevin

  1. i was younger and also cycling

i just remembered random moments that didn’t happen irl and also ridiculous distances which i rode on my bicycle which i don’t even have

forgot to metion there was a scene where i was in some southern country and anxiously riding on a bus without paying


me watching reviews for an anime

basically it was about a girl that can time travel

but while she time travels she doesn’t move in the absolute space so she also space travels

while i was doing that i was hearing sounds of my dad developing a conspiracy theory that coronavirus is bullshit

[fell asleep and woke up again]

  1. more shit about this show
  2. me watching some disgusting videos on pornhub

one involved someone’s grandma and one a fucking dog

also the location was weird

very bright room with pinkish walls

  1. fake wake-up


only remember the first one and the last one (fake wake up)

it was a video game where there were 2 clans

the one which name i forgot but they’re basically humans and hunters which i called murderers while playing

i don’t remember anything about them except they have an ability to travel in time and between dimensions or shit but they can’t touch the main one(?) so they pay you(?) to do things for them

the locations themselves were pretty recognizable and insane shit was of course happening


an awful lot of dreams (at least 3 fake wake ups) but i don’t remember shit

  1. i did something which is good for myself but it turned out to be bad for someone else so i got in trouble

pretty vague but i can’t describe it better

  1. computer class scene

there were old crt monitors and the tables were placed near the walls around the center

someone once said something like “wow just as hard as that terraria boss” and other person something like “[some girl] isn’t doing shit”

  1. traveling by train

pretty much sure about fucked up shit but don’t remember

also sure there were several more locations

no wait

  1. me walking with my dad on a small metal bridge lifted like 50 meters off the ground

it was summer but there was snow everywhere

also in one place he said that if i fell down i’d die but it actually wasn’t that high

and also that the bridge was much less safe before or something

[The bridge was 1 meter high when viewed from the side and had a series of alternating 1cm long slits when viewed from the top.]


me wandering around in “the capital of emperial canada”

the city a fuckton of skyscrapers and was huge but in the part i was in there were only soviet buildings (again) and it was pretty dense

¿that’s it?


gigantic underground construction spanning several hundred meters underground

basically it was made out of blocks twice as high as they’re wide and which were made out of concrete and they formed rooms

the challenge was to get from one remote geographic location to another by walking through them

i participated

[the person I’m writing to] at least watched videos of previous year’s competitions

btw it wasn’t exactly who’s faster because no one rushed

also i had to go overground in some canyon

overall pretty interesting

[fell asleep and woke up again]

  1. undertale characters as jojo stands

before that i was spying on some company through their hq

and it all happened in a giant mall

i think it was summer and some groupmates were there

also i think in the end the person with asgor murdered someone’s napstablook and the latter had a mental breakdown

and i was like in the spectator mode

it was weird af


too many i forgot most of them [dreams]

  1. big guy tried to beat up a small boy but got his ass kicked

the thing happened near some [small] shop probably somewhere in the us

  1. [the place I’m studying in] scene

i was going upstrairs with [a groupmate] [another groupmate] and probably someone else

[the first one] told me that having gay sex was now fully legal

i didn’t understand it because it’d always been legal and tried to ask him

i don’t remember his answer

the dream ended when i entered the classroom


  1. something about crime and going through windows

i think there was a weird scene where a guy went through the windows into some company and complained about door signs

  1. me and my father at home while it’s raining

the apartment was much smaller than irl and he was watching a crt tv

  1. michael stevens having fun with space things

and i was looking at him through the spectator mode

i think he was using a hologram of the solar system or something


me playing video games

also something about jojo’s plot


me in my old room with my grandma’s old crt tv and much warmer (in terms of color temperature) lighting

watching youtube videos on my phone

there were (technical) diebuster videos and something else

also borderline porn (haha for educational purposes only :))


fitness courses or something

held my markiplier

i went to him he poured a glass of cold water on me and started battling me

he finished me pretty quickly and said i was too weak even to be trained and that i should go someone else first

also i think before going to him i was watching some videos on his website


  1. more family vacation shit

barely remember anything

  1. i changed [the place I’m studying in]?

i’m not sure but it looked more like a soviet torture place

the classrooms had no space for legs when sitting so i had to do some weird shit

the wardrobe was handled by one of my old classmates i’m still scared of but he didn’t recognize me

the whole thing was huge but not high and i have no idea how it worked

also there were reserved couches “in case putin visits us”

to get to the place you had to drive the most unsafe subway station ever

i remember only the entrance which was located on the other side of the road and you had to go on a barely functional metallic bridge

and then climb weird metallic stares which didn’t make any sense and were very unsafe


bus station/airport/whatever and god knows what was happening

i remember talking to my dad and crawling through a small tunnel


our [name of a subject] teacher owning us as his household slaves

(i guess) because it was really fuzzy and vague

[fell asleep and woke up again]

i was playing outlast 3 with [one groupmate] and [another groupmate]

the gameplay took place in (what a conincidence) soviet school while it was day

random npcs were chasing us because we didn’t pay something idk

right off the bat i told [the latter groupmate] that i’m going to die all the time but the npc in the end spared me from completely killing me by cutting my heart in half with a giant knife on a long stick

wait i think there was something about swapping my room with my [relative]’s

(bad idea)


i was [the] young [version of our math teacher]

i remember watching tom scott’s videos and making a [social media] bot for some really large conference which i have no idea why i was added too

the whole thing happened in some mansion which i claimed(?)

[fell asleep and woke up again]

  1. the dream had a feeling similar to the previous one

it was about stock manipulation or something i don’t remember

  1. final battle with thanos

the participants were random and the only thing i remember is some bunker and probably explosion

also someone was invincible there


only remember one scene:

the main hero who was dressed in some weird shit and who was probably insane was in a feild covered with snow with some abandoned wooden building in the middle

then he recieved a call

“Greetings from the official Lüstbahn campaign of Öearsk. If you recieved this call, this is a great rarity. I know you want to get rid of that body, and I’m ready to help you. Your name is Chin, right?”


i think the voice was ian mcdiarmid’s but i’m not sure

after that there was just random sped up footage of lego star wars for no reason

[fell asleep and woke up again]

some actually soviet school and i’m a student

i remember a scene with a long line of books on the ground while there was a chasing and a couple of classroom scenes

[regarding the first dream] btw this was in first person

also i can make a guess that he looked like ed from cowboy bebop


it’s pretty fucked up

in the beginning i was lying on my bed which was on the second story of a 2 story bed but it was closable and the lid was plastic

also it was high as fuck and i could see everything

there were a lot of people and in addition to that i was completely naked and covered only with a thin paper towel

according to the dream the whole thing happened in the uk and i was like “it’s illegal to be naked in public in the uk so i should do something or i might get in trouble”

so i went to the shop without money

i have no idea how i wasn’t stopped on my way but in the shop itself someone who looked like something between the rock and jackie chan helped me with finding clothes and i just ran away without paying

what. the. fuck.

also i think there were a couple of scenes with an avgn-like show and some multi-story metallic sport shit but i’m not sure when

i think the last one might be a scene a from non-existent pr0n

which makes the whole thing even more cursed