03 - March


programming lesson but we’re writing in c

(not actually writing but copypasting code)

in the result we made some paint or shit but i’m not sure if it worked


website-related shit

  1. some 2000s textual omegle-like website
  2. the same but it turns out it was made by some guy as a joke (prank?) and i share it and it becomes popular(?)
  3. also similar shit but i’m now somehow responsible for developing it and it has a separate christian(?) fan site or something

i think there was also minecraft but i’m not sure and one where i partially retell some of those dreams to [the person I’m writing to] irl and/or in [messenger]


i believe there was black times new roman text on white background and thinking about waking up

can’t say much elsecan’t say much else


i walk through some building to meet a person but everyone’s shooting there are corpses everywhere and the person is running away

also i think it was a video game or a movie because i later saw the website of this thing or something

also photos from the running guy(?) but idk

[fell asleep and woke up again]

vague shit


random non-sensical mobile app

and walking downstairs outside in complete darkness with my mom

that’s all i remembered



  1. weird crap

(probably video game because i could use free cam)

i don’t remember much except they turned me into a giant a crow and a diary several times (according to the dream because i don’t remember that)

also there was a depressiveish bedroom and me [groupmate] and random guys were there

i was there 2 times and on the first time someone fell through 2 floors and broke them

i think jackie chan was there too

  1. some small town

probably european and located on an island

moderately fucked up shit was happening there

i don’t remember any of the characters except one very polite homeless guy that could also hack vending machines for food

also there was a scene where a person was scared of another person and he pulled a tree from the ground for some reason


forgot to mention i fake woke up several times and just thought even more times about documenting the dream


  1. more website shit

can’t say anything more specific

  1. uh?

i’m in some protected government building

there is/was also another building in the direction i’m looking

so the guards look kinda fake and they just walk like the queen’s guards but whatever

they encounter hitler(!) and call other staff and they threaten him (with an iron sword from minecraft) and he tells them some secrets

there was a camp in that building and something really fucked up happened there or something


  1. basically super dimension fortress macross but crappier

also i think i saw a wikipedia map with ukraine and the entire european russia highlighted in violet and landed on a planet in the end

  1. [the place I’m studying in] but everyone pretends it’s museum in london

some locations look convincing but some look like they’re from a russian school

absolutely random people but but at least in english

on one of the floors if you turn right there was a door and if you enter there were just people sitting on benches and doing some shit on their pcs while whispering

also there was a location from one of my previous dreams

some concrete platform around the building that you climb

it was kinda weird because i was half naked while climbing

i think there was a water park or something

also there was a chimney filled with sawdust(?) and some old lady was screaming at me while i was falling through it into a fireplace


riding buses at night and shit

also some open source licensing article in the end


visiting my relative and an old friend but their houses were random

also something about 4chan

some young (like 5yo) guys were imprisoned for some reason

[fell asleep and woke up again]

pretty much a regular spongebob episode but it’s in cgi and characters' faces look weird

[fell asleep and woke up again]

an ant man(?) movie

no one shrinked once so i’m not sure

also one of my teachers was there and it was weird

the main characters (ant man himself and some other guy) resisted the villains but in the end they created the “ant queen” whatever the fuck that means

it looked like an octopus with hunderds of thin tentacles and the main character was inside it or something

both the other guy and the man villain were sad/disappointed by that idk


  1. island again

also kind of european

i just suddenly spawned in the middle of it and was trying to escape

it happened 2 times i think

there were random people and my mom but i don’t remember who was on which time

i had to illegally break into people’s houses and some port

also not sure if we even escaped

  1. oh god

our directors calls me to the first floor

i go there he puts me on the floor grabs my collar and starts saying this with a serious voice

“did you try to sneak a full fucking pizza again”

and as i remember i did order an actual pizza bended it and tried to sneak it for some reason


  1. don’t remember anything except some solid blue color
  2. me editing the dream journal file and using ethmenu

the last one was really rapid and messy


  1. more free software licensing shit

also thoughts about obsession going insane and documenting this dream

  1. homm3 but irl

also with minecraft elements

i played with another person i think

btw i remember the last battle

there was something related to tnt

so we fucked up

and decided to flip the axis of the world

but the wrong axis

and we drowned in lava


vaguely remember

there was something about video game development and space industry

but those two were not connected

i think i viewed works of other people or interviewed them i’m not sure


  1. [the place i’m studying in] but everyone and everything is random including the locations and the interior

except the math teacher

it was some holiday prolly my birthday

i was “trying on” different diseases for some reason

  1. something about a photo of the eifel tower in the distance

i saw it cropped differently 2 times online i think

and it was related to some islamic country and another one

  1. similar to 1 but it looks like shit

(a soviet school)

i remember a car near the shit (delorean perhaps)

also this phrase:

a guy said this and then slapped the shit out of a news reporter which was in the room (prolly basement)

also there was something related to a door lock that was actually giant internally (in the same room)

and “you have time to eat before 12:30”

also a dozen of fake in-dream wake ups to document this shit


some webring idk


[the place I’m studying in] but severely more fucked up

more floors (8 + 4 underground)

some signs are translated to english

there’s a regular elevator and a “lightweight vehicle lift”

the interiors look pretty familiar (soviet) but kinda not

i was graduating or something and weird shit was happening

not sure about the teachers but [a groupmate] probably was there

outside it was summer i think and i got into some trouble there

bees or something sticky

there was a floor(?) with fully glass walls and some guys moved the walls of the room they weren’t supposed to get in to inspect it

hard to describe and sounds weird but it also was so in the dream

the room was near the wall (not connected) and the walls of the room itself were pretty slim and made out of metal/cardboard idk

all other stuff i remember is just staircases hallways and not working drinking fountains

there were a lot of people but they were random


several dreams but i barely remember two of them

or is it actually one i’m not sure

  1. some gaming website

i was looking for a [probably point ‘n’ click] game i played as a child i believe

also one of my old friends was there at some point

  1. yes

i’m in a train with a random guy

and we talk

i think one of the topics of the discussion was cities and i mentioned moscow and some american city

the railroad was itself located somewhere in “southern america” and everything outside looked almost like a desert with orangeish sand

i’m not sure if that means us south or south america

both dreams were in english i think [and there also was something about my diary and the collapse of the world’s economic system]


traveling by some form of transportation somewhere

probably with my mom

i just was doing shit on my phone

i discovered that callmecarson is/was actually a musician

i’m not sure if i heard the music itself but there was some random speech from him before every song

also he posted some shit on stackoverflow in 2011 i think that became a meme

something related to monochrome blue and green screens and how one is actually another

not sure what the fuck that’s supposed to mean


something related to facebook

(trends and some unusual shit)

also one of [friends of the person I’m writing to] was there


[the place I’m studying in] but random everything

there was some jazz band going to play but i and some other people snuck in some room near the concert hall

idk why

also a tram going on a bridge

and it had a portion of rails not supported by anything


an old friend of mine was there online

and i was in an elevator i think

also there was some homm3


i was a character of a movie but i was aware of that

also i could scroll it/skip time

the movie was set in the 90s and had apparently something to do with simpsons

[In the movie itself I watched a TV program about 2000s which had “2000” and a starry background in their opening.]

i remember skipping time each day to the evening to talk to some person on a mountain

also the dream interrupted in the middle or it was a whole different dream

there i was eating [food] in the canteen as usual and some guys were mocking me

also in the end the fans on my pc (which there are actually none irl) went insane because my pc overheated and i had to turn it off

i asked my dad if it could be because it’s always on and he said yes

but i questioned it since it’d always been okay

and it’s actually okay irl

[fell asleep and woke up again]

  1. my apartment

but with more cats

i petted them and they purred


[Actually not so cool because one of them was bald and deflated after I started petting him.]

  1. some computer room

here everyone also pretended it’s the 90s

the monitors looked obviously 2010s but when i asked they told me because “it’s russian [technology]”

also i think other people looked familiar and [one groupmate] and [another groupmate] could be there

not sure about [the person I’m writing to]

btw the computers had windows xp installed but [the latter groupmate] i think used some non-existent irl program to make it look like 3.11


i think [the first groupmate] also called someone a faggot


very long shit barely remember anything

(not in any particular order)

something about my grandparents' dacha

something about minecraft

(some let’s player that played the game for a long time idk)

something about vehicles

(there was a chasing scene in the mountains and a dialog between the main character and another one in the cave where they repaired their vehicle or something)

also maybe something about tv


star wars scene

palpatine sitting in his ship

the light guys™ bring a bunch of star destroyers and an unknown triangular ship

palpatine: “yes, yes. use your star destroyers. i can feel them”

the light guys: *ram the triangular ship into his*

palpatine: “ah fuck”

both ships crash and both the main cast characters and palpatine die

also i fake woke up after that and was typing this text to send [to the person I’m writing to] using a toilet

also when i flushed there was film stock in the water

[fell asleep and woke up again]

  1. minecraft wooden box house but irl (also with server side plugins that were also irl) and my batya bought it

also a pen that can cut through anything

and also some insane airport shit caused by my sister

  1. something related to houses too

i believe it obama has some relation to that



something related to my piece of shit computer

also something happyish idk i don’t remember


i’m in hospital and making up an insane plot for a game

a visual novel i guess but it didn’t look like one in my thoughts

i don’t remember much detail except it contained something related to wolfs and martial arts

different characters go through similar shit in different time periods and the later the more fucked up the shit gets

also i think i saw the logo of “aim for the top 3” which obviously doesn’t exist yet