02 - February


  1. my parents and sister listening to zelensky’s speech at a conference or something while i’m hanging out at the roof
  2. i’m at my grandma’s old house and i’m browsing geocities (which are dead and i’ve never actually browsed) and listening to some shit

[point 1] i could also see planes landing while being on the roof

also it was night and probably raining



some weird youtube shit perhaps related to günbúrstér?

that’s all i remembered


barely remember anything

there was a scene where i was walking through some underground arena with a guy from men in black [agent k] and he was just talking while turning on the lamps

also a scene where i somehow broke an old clock


i’m in some mall

a small mall

also there are no people

there was an art exhibition with pretty much regular paintings

and some museum of abstract art or shit

also very small

there was a scene i browsed something on my phone while sitting on the first floor i guess

i found some disgusting chinese hentai and a youtube video where a person replaced his cock with pipes or something

(cyborg shit)

also apparently i got home after that mall and weird shit was also happening while i was walking but i don’t remember much

at home i wrote to someone in [messenger](?) and also suggested my mom watching something


watching a twitch(?) stream for some reason

the streamer is some ~25yo white guy

he wrote an airplane physics simulation(?) in minecraft and shows it

also the guy has two alter egos or something

that was weird


someone tries to kill me at [place where I’m studying in]

using magic

there are some people with green(?) skin and i need to find them to progress

the scene starts at the 3rd floor

then when i found enough of them some black flying cube attacks me

[friend](?) was sent to my resque but he can’t do shit

we run to the 4th floor and i don’t remember what happened later

then i fake woke up (went to layer 2)

for some reason the location is my old grandma’s house

at night

someone is in shower and i just to to the fridge (which is in the wrong place) and wake up



2 in-game dialogs

don’t remember what game and what dialogs


making the website but it’s even more fucked up than in reality

there was a website called zelda.com

they apparently have irl stores and also sell furnitute


¿that’s it?


there was a scene where i go into their bank and get refused

probably did some joke shit

and also where i walk inside and outside their mall or whatever that is


watching some speeches on youtube

about mac os for some reason


  1. i’m doing random shit in moscow with people i don’t know

after arriving i have a flashback after seeing a building that doesn’t exist irl

there was a scene where 2 guys who look similar to each other try to rob one another after applying make up and hairstyle but one meets another

  1. i’m going to a psychologist?

looks more like a murderer for some reason

and the building where it happened is fucking enormous with a garden and a small river inside

idk what happened after

  1. some company overthrows the russian government

don’t remember company of what field

but they were building a megafactory or something

i’m their agent and i go to some musician’s (singer’s?) house and try to convince his mother about something

i nearly kill her in the end by throwing some long metallic shit at her but the musician agrees about something and i leave and wake up


celebration of world war 3

for some reason i thought i needed to bring my grandma some baloons so i decided to do so

idk most of the path but there was a large frontyard mostly filled with snow and some russian school in the distance

also i met [friend] here for some reason

when i got there (my apartment? but if it is where did i come from) another person was with me turned out i didn’t need to do that but it turned out to be okay and i and my sister tasted some weird chocolate shit

what the fuck


“How Google, the KDE Project, and the US government stole the Google domain”

(youtube video)

pretty interesting btw

also there was google’s website called crash.com which hosted a font and had their old 2000s design

which they apparently created with the partnership of 7zip


there was also a video where a japanese actor came into his hotel room after the hotel had been destroyed

and he just stayed there for some reason


preparing to watch a movie about jojo(?)

with the group (no [friend] this time)

the cinema looked like a soviet factory with blank walls carpeted floor and a couch for some reason

the room either changed the color or i was there 2 times

i didn’t see the movie itself btw

also [another friend] was there and complained that the movie was too gay


a lot of them [dreams]

very massive and most of them forgotten

the main one:

there’s a bunch of hyperintelligent animals from the african savannah

they somehow found a way to talk to/control a chosen human

and there’s a human group (agency) which tries to kill them

again i forgot almost eveything by now but i remember that there were at least a giraffe and 2 dogs in the group and some of them were killed

also they traveled a fuckton of locations including probably another dimension


  1. some performance

probably super bowl (stretcher) or some shit

the stadium was massive and i didn’t pay attention to the perfomance itself

also it was summer and probably in a desert

  1. someone asks me to check something and i get put into a prison

a shitty prison i should say because the room had giant glass walls and i was able to repeatedly escape with no consequences

there was also a young guy and an asshole lady (from the personnel perhaps) in the room

the prison was apparently located in a place similar to one near my house but some buildings were missing

there probably were another dreams but i didn’t remember


very interesting train journey with my dad(?)

nice landscapes + summer

sometimes it for some reason was like in minecraft but maybe that’s a different dream idk

according to the dream the railroad was between [a town in one region] and [another town in another region] and i was going to arrive at 5 am


  1. nothing particular but just a bittersweetish feeling
  2. some story about how 2 neighbors cooperated to improve their apartments

also somehow related to my grandpa but the apartment was wrong

  1. weird shit

one scene where i look in the mirror and i have a red beard and shave it instantly

also one with some emulator app on my phone but i don’t entirely get why and how

the emulated os looked kinda like android but not idk

i think there was a scene where i talk to [friend] on the 4th floor and mention how i’d talked to him in a dream which is ironic because that’s literally what happened

prolly there were others but i forgot them


don’t remember except that [one groupmate] and [another groupmate] were there and we visited some broken website with an animation or something

probably belonged to [the latter groupmate]


russian or italian hotel

known people with me include [one groupmate] and [another groupmate]

the hotel itself looked kinda good (at least for most of the rooms)

there were problems such as no running water and not working toilets in some places and one more that i forgot

[the latter groupmate] used some video game style shit to “spawn items from the past” or something not sure what that means but there were item ids(?) and wrong items appeared and also inside the trash can

the last item was kinda important or whatever and having it put me into a trouble but as i said i forgot which exactly