01 - January


almost forgot it

(not almost but completely)


there was something related to minecraft

which makes sense considering i was planning to play it today


parallel universe and time travel shit but it’s a tv series for teenagers

also tony “the stuff” stark was there

also i just rememered a couple of scenes where i’m on a marshrutka

idk how it matches the rest but okay


preparing to write a website in some classroom

there were like 10 people

at least 4 of them were called boris

the season outside was fall and the weather was kinda fucked up (cloudy + extreme winds)

that’s it


some [place where I’m studying in] related stuff

but not studying

alsp no actual [place where I’m studying in] people

couldn’t remember anything in greater detail


(i probably had several ones but i only remember the last one)

so i walk down the street and i’m hungry

the first shop is nice and has low prices but is fake

the second one doesn’t sell anything interesting

the third one turns out to be remotely okay

in the end i order fries hamburger onion sandwich(?) and some other shit

so after i ate i stand up and see a hole in the wall filled with dirt

so i dig it up and go into a minecraft-like cave

and i find some secret documents about an [random city name] elevator company

(that look like a wikipedia article)

also they appear to use some rare programming languages

one is literally called }}}}

and not sure about the other one

probably was some russian slang word


it’s complicated

  1. dream in a dream

layer 1 - i don’t remember anything except that in the end i suddenly get my dick sucked by a like 50 year-old guy without my consent

layer 2 - i don’t remember but i swear i did when i actually woke up for a moment afterwards

  1. railroads


first i wait some really long time to get on a subway(?) train

there’s a fuckton of people but not so much they wouldn’t fit and the shit appears to be operational so idk why we need to wait

so i go to some pool or something and talk to random people and then get on the train and travel to some city(?)

then for some reason i go to a café with floor flooded with water on purpose (like 20-30 cm) and apparently prepare to eat with my sister

3(?) random big guys go to me and switch 3 apples from me to a deck of cards while i’m not paying attention

then i somehow switch them back without touching them and they get surprized

that’s it

what the actual fuck


don’t remember most of it but in the end i use a non-existent search engine to find an image of an old mosaic of the town of [name similar to one of my friend’s name]

it was in english

and looked kinda like google

but more shitty


so first i take a ride on a train to some small russian town

it apparently has high crime rate and is filled with old soviet garbage

and i’m going there for some entertainment shit

related to gravity or something

the whole thing happens in some (probably 1 story high) mall which exterior is build out of bricks

when the perfomance ends (there were a lot of kids btw) it’s suddenly night and the mall closes

i just happen to forget some of my clothing and some other guy did too

so somehow without cracking the door we get in (several times) take back our shit and i go back by a train

i’m back to sleep

or am i djdieoakamsndndbdjdnd


random shit

there was something related to zoo and bicycles



watching earrape videos on youtube

also something related to spaceships


fucked up shit

there was a couple of car riding scenes

a scene where i ride an irl minecraft-like minecart system

a scene where some person transforms into a fish(?)

and also assasination planning scene



don’t remember

but there were random people

and also palpatine

and probably trains


  1. some bad russian hotel

maybe not even a hotel but a camp

  1. me watching some anime

in this one there was also something related to pavel durov

and also “pico toothbrush”?


me and the rest of the group playing hide ‘n’ seek on the second floor of some weird building

([friend’s name] appeared once too but i didn’t interact with him)

it was also prolly happening in the summer

what the fuck

i’m back to shleep

okay wait

i remembered another scene

that happened before that

i launch kirby’s dream land (for game boy) in an emulator(?)

and it’s in fucking color

so i for some reason go to that building to tell y’all

what the fuck (x2)


  1. something something generic space anime/movie whatever the hell
  2. i take an interview with the director of some british porn studio

turns out they have to ask the government each time they want to capture something

and also they shoot most of their shit in some russian building

the interview itself happened in some palace/museum(?) where i suspected for some reason they shot their works

idk what happened directly afterwards but a giant green fucking octopus attacks their headquarters blows up some electronics and starts saying something

what the fuck was that


  1. [place where I’m studying in] shit
  2. [place where I’m studying in] shit but i’m skipping classes to go to the forest to find random people who try to kill me
  3. [place where I’m studying in] shit but not actually [place where I’m studying in] shit because i graduated(?)

the dreams were randomly interrupted by barely related nonsensical minecraft gameplay

no actual [place where I’m studying in] locations appeared

the only actual student was [my friend] in form of a voice(?)

overall not the most fucked up dreams


1 and also 3. i’m in some ocean with only a life saving vest or mattress or something and a phone(?)

the ocean is warm and not deep btw

i google some things and they magically appear near me

  1. someone bought me 5 fucking monitors for no reason and idk what to do with them