12 - December


extreme multi-level shit which i almost completely forgot

there was something about some powerful guy and also nintendo characters later for some reason

in any case h


something related to math lessons africa and silver

(at the same time)


there was something related to shrinking and enlarging objects parallel universes (no it wasn’t fucking avengers endgame) and for some reason windows 10 but i don’t remember the details


me preparing to fly to rhode island (for a 2 day vacation) which apparently is a country and not a us state and is located somewhere in southern europe

also there i had some t-shirt with a fucked up world map where every continent is distorted and africa(?) is fucking missing


some weird shit

(tv series/video game)

i believe it was related to jojo

so there are multiple universes? in which the characters have ablities to control different kind of things in each one and you can move into the next universe after completing? the previous one

i’m not entirely sure how it works

i barely remember anything but 2 scenes:

white obama in the intro to the 6th episode/chapter/location/whatever

villain battles with the main character

v. tells m.c. to show him the insides of his anal cavity but he refuses

v. tells that m.c. has lost but m.c. replies with something (his jaw is broken or something)

so for some reason iggy appears in the background and jumps to the m.c. and v. refuses to beat him

what the fuck was that


some zombie apocalypse shit


don’t remember shit

there was something related to hk97 and nuclear weapons but idk how


some [place where I’m styuding in] shit

but there’s a metro station going through the 4th floor

and also i have a severe panic attack on an english class

and also [my friend] plays minecraft (what?)


me watching a 90s animated series and its live action remake

not sure about the genre and details

i can remember only 2 characters: a fat guy and a girl with blue hair

both are probably not connected to each other

the fat guy lives in a detached house and some fucked up shit happens there

there was something related to middle east time travel and ant-man shit

but i’m not sure how

i’m back2shleep


me watching non-existent youtube videos

the videos were random and had some gameplay in the background


random city shit


me staying in some hotel

which looks pretty soviet

also [the person I’m writing to]’re transgender

(yes i’m fucking serious)

i’m not sure about any other details

i’m back 2 shleep


similar hotel shit in the dreams

just as fucked up




that’s it


  1. the original star wars trilogy but the plot was edited by me (i guess at least)

i can only rememer that obi wan turned out to be a villain

  1. i was put in a mind of a 7th grader and a body of a 2nd grader (what?) and i guess i study or something
  2. i still study but probably not in the same configuration and insanely fucked up shit happens

also there were the avengers(?) with bags of shit in the end