10 - October


i forgot it

but i remember someone was chasing me and there was a black jeep

but it wasn’t horrory


i forgot it but i remember that it was extremely weird


i remember there was the baby shark melody

but it was another song

and i thought it sounded like it


  1. not sure how old i was
  2. listening to music and watching music related videos on [the person I’m writing to]tube

(the most realistic part)

  1. me going from some forest to (presumably) my home in the village/private sector

[point 3] it was winter and the village/sector was either inside a hollow or surrounded by hills


  1. navalny built 2 bridges using some cool invisible material for the road surface
  2. unrelated summer swimming pool shit


some public transportation shit again

presumably a train or a plane

i couldn’t leave the city because i forgot something somewhere

i had no music but the season finally changed to fall

don’t remember about the soviet architecture tho


  1. me playing some star wars? film-like video game
  2. me just walking in [the city I live in] but it has some new fucked up buildings
  3. incomprehensible shit


it’s complicated

first i watch shrek

(the horror movie)

at least in my dream

and i watch it in the middle of the day

then something happens that i already forgot but i remember it was temporarily night

then it’s day again and i go to the shower

i just sit and start thinking about stuff

then just a giant caption “error” appears in my vision with a picture of some old chinese man? colonel sanders? + high pitched noise and i die? lose consciousness?

on level 2 (dream in a dream) i retell [the person I’m writing to] all those events irl

(inclusing that one i forgot)

in the end at this moment it just paralyzes me for some reason

it was weird

okay some minor details

the whole thing happens in my grandma’s old house

but it looks nothing like it

the shower for some reason is located in the kitchen

(it’s separated from the rest of the room with a curtain)

also it got really darkish when i got into it

the word “error” was dark gray on black background but visible

while it happened i was holding a smartphone with 4chan? on it

at least there was yellowish background and a mashup picture with the facebook version of angry emoji

[shrek] watch on a crt tv

also it appears like night in my thoughts while i retell it to [the person I’m writing to] but it’s as i said happened in the middle of the day

yeah also the darkness is not entirely black but blueish everywhere

that’s all i could remember i’m back to shleep

[something I forgot] update: it was me doing something in the parking lot of some supermarket

there were either no cars or very few of them


2 layer shit again

someone sends a not-entirely-nsfw gif into the conference

[the person I’m writing to] find its source and it’s a youtube video called “98 hentai bdsm techniques”

but it’s blocked in russia

so [the person I’m writing to] tell me to use some secret yandex website called yandex14.com

layer 2:

(i’m not sure when it happened in terms of time)

either right after this

(after i open the source)

so on layer 2 i sleep

i have a dream where i go to some underground lake? with my batya

when i try to find the toilet there i go into someone’s room

it’s messy as fuck and there’s no toilet

and also there’s a cooling device?

(not fridge it’s smaller and closes like a book)

after that i go a level higher and there’s some stonehenge-like structure

after that i wake up

tell [the person I’m writing to] about the structure while playing some game

(i’m not sure what game but it was a 3d 3rd person shit and there was a church-like shit)

then i try to play the source video but it loads too slowly and i actually wake up

what the fuck was that

okay i now remembered a scene where i drive a car at night and one where i take a photo of my batya and notice that he’s much more fat than usual

also idk where they belong chronologically


some gangster shit but it’s a cars (from pixar) movie

i’m back to shlp


me being on a vacation somewhere

the insides of hotel looked kinda familiar but kinda not

i don’t remember the outsides so well but there were some rusty metal constructions

in the dream i was collecting my stuff to return home by train (yes train again for some reason)

the train “station” looked suspiciously familiar to a regular tram stop

also i remember some software shit like using some firefox reimplementation? but it barely makes any sense

that’s it


the thing happens in a typical american bedroom

it’s quiet sunny day and the camera is located above the light-blue checked bed

2 M&Ms (red and yellow which in my case was lime) are talking with a clownfish that levitates on some water

so the clownfish says something about african american people

and one of the M&Ms replies that the clownfish (the kind) effectively controls the government

then some shit starts to inflate to the size of the room

i’m not sure what

then i fake-wake up and a standard trolley irl shit happens