09 - September


scene 1. night car driving in american/european suburbia + supermarket

scene 2. some top-down space shooter type glitched game + fucking andrey nifedov

scene 3. my room + my grandma screaming at me

that’s it



but a fucked up one

i’m back to sleep

awake again i am

i had a second dream

but i neee time to remember it


some war shit

video game-like war shit

i remember a insect transforming intro a helicopter

some crystal shit covered in stone inside metallic spheres

and some island or shit

(with bad weather)

i’m not sure if i was a passenger or a captain [on the airplane]

then also grow a beard

and buy roses


2-layer bullshit (dream in a dream)

layer 1: i’m sleeping (makes sense) but not in my apartment (at least it didn’t look like it)

layer 2: some indiana jonish adventure shit about some girl with a very fucked up name which i of course forgot

i don’t remember much else about the dream but it wasn’t as depressive as usual

that’s it


idk how but it follows the same scheme as other recent dreams

(dream in a dream)

level 1. some kung fu tv series featuring chin and having nothing to do with hk97 in terms of plot

level 2. me ““irl”” finding some video game somehow related to this

level 3. me “irl” watching a “similar” tv show

what the actual fuck

btw i kinda remember some details

[level 2] the splash screen? had a mario and some cartoon faggot model and some name in the back (probably super smash bros brawl which doesn’t make any sense because i’ve never even googled this game)

[level 3] the name of the show was “king’s guard” or some stupid shit like that and expectedly such a common name doesn’t yield anything similar upon googling

what the actual fuck (2)


me at home but i have interent problems and apparentlt it’s also in minecraft

ihat’s tt


some city + some travel ona a shitty japanese train


some airport shit in which i fucked up something with the ticket

it that is


some political shit on the internet

also i feel even worse than before sleeping


some neurocomputer interface shit or something

other than that it was just a regular slice of life shit but with non-[the city I live in]ish architecture

(still looks soviet but more minimalist)


some space station astronaut shit

also [my friend] was there at least in one scene

here’s the “plot”:

(i only remember only several scenes again)

i’m (for no fucking reason) an astronaut that works on a space station that doesn’t resemble iss and also violates and laws of logic in it’s design

there was a scene where i’m looking through the window and i can see some fucking building that’s on the ground (i just assumed that’s normal)

i’m not sure if i was to spacewalk but i remember crawling through some long tube(???) in full suit for some reason

later there was a scene where i sit to the left and [my friend] to the right

somehow i figured out time dilation there (me getting older(/[the person I’m writing to]nger?) than people on earth (how??????))

so we were writing some shit

(i’m not sure if on paper or on a computer)

then the design of the station instantly changes (at least it repaints to dark gray) and i’m jumping from the station to the ground with 5 other people for some reason

so we like scan the territory and one of them finds [my friend]’s grandma(?) and she requests us to take off our suits that for some reason make us bigger (like ant-man)

so after that he handles her and we go back by jumping with extra gas acceleration(?)

2 of them have some problems with that and the rest of us assume they fucked up and didn’t jump enough

turns out nope one of them jumped higher than the station and flew back to us somehow

then the theme change again instantly

the other one (probably) has some superpowers and provokes some ogre-looking guy to fight

he requests him to take off his mask because he can see his ugly beard behind it (what the fuck)

at this moment i woke up


(multilevel dream in a dream shit)

level 1. driving in russia and doing random shit in turkey with dad and teleportation

it was weird and scenes barely connect to each other

at the end i look into the mirror and i see that one of my eyes looks improperly

(rotation and size)

level 2. i “wake up” look at the mirror and open [messenger] to write [the person I’m writing to] about the dream

i nearly shit my pants but okay

[level 1] also there were (for some reason) a lot of chinese and dutch people (in supermarkets at least) + it was dark and the atmosphere was borderline horrory

okay some more details:

[level 2] i’m not sure but after looking the second time(?) i’ve seen the fucked up eye again and i’ve either seen the same level again but without it and then actually woke up or just actually woke up

[level 1] there was one scene in daylight and it happened in a bank? supermarket? and i had some problems with my credit card so the cashier(?) screamed at me or something

i couldn’t fix the problem tho

the supermarkets not only had those but horrible lighting with luminescent lamps and i didn’t even buy anything

the moment happened on some metal platform in the outskirt of the city which didn’t even have neither the ob river nor the hill and the terrain was completely flat

the sky was dark reddish

idk where the fuck i got a mirror but it was either my smartphone or some cosmetic pack shit with powders and a mirror


me talking to some woman about how they managed to hide a giant robot inside a small room and where did 2 doors go

sliding through the whole fucking building by ducking in a weird pose

i tried to remember more but couldn’t

there were 2 more women:

  1. some asian hoe in a red dress with an orchestra? near her
  2. some angry fucker that screamed at me near this room

i cunt remembah more