08 - August


just walking fucking outside at night

(most generic shit ever)


someone took off and stole my clothes while I was sleeping on the back seat of an SUV and so i had a mental breakdown



  1. me watching some guy (my relative?) being buried alive with their consent
  2. incomprehensible public transportation shit

(remember something about crimea)

  1. me watching some tv show (cartoon? anime?) where the main hero did something bad to the main villain (a scientist or something that develops some weaponary shit) so he uses his bodybuilder friend to hide dildos and guns inside walls to aim at the main character

(the whole plot was happening in a village of some sort)



i was watching a tv show? playing some shit in? vr

that’s it

i don’t remember the name but it consisted of two words and the first letters of each were db

that’s weird

rendered in some slabbed helvetica-alike + googlish blue

in the begginning it was like this:

some link(from nintendo)-like character running on some horse or shit that can transform into a (white wolf) does some weird shit

also there’s a fucking car (without any passengers or the driver) at full speed chasing him

at the end it looked like i sit in a room with 3 fake psychologists and having existential crisis

what the fuck

also the horse was white too

also why the fuck would he need a horse if he can transform and run as a wolf

i remember one of them [psychologists] said i shouldn’t weight more than 14 (pounds?)

gotta check how much that is

6.350293 kg



also one of his hands was black or something

i mean it’s not tan it’s like a niggerhand

[the font] maybe it’s roboto slab

looks similar

but the upper parts of the letters were more fucked up

btw this scene [with a Nintendoish character] was in very saturated happy colors

which is unusual

the background looked like a generic mario level or shit with a mountain


okay so i had 3 dreams

remembered almost nothing from them

  1. i’m inside some office with more people and some guy talks about how his wife died in form of a presentation
  2. some video game set in the modern day with the main character being some ~12yo boy

can’t say much more

  1. i go to the kitchen grab something that appears to be a shawarma take bite and immediately wake up

and now here i am

[the first dream] okay so there was like a table with people sitting

i was one of them

and also there was a person presenting


i had today 2

  1. random shit that i almost don’t remeber

(i’m that there was something related to hooee)

  1. i’m in prison

but the prison more looks like a regular pioneer camp but with cells

also it’s supposed to be located in northern england but looks pretty soviet

it the end someone tried to murder me but i ran away

that’s it

(i tried to go to the old prison building or something)


3 weeks of travel by train and also some game (presumably made by [the person I was writing to]) with the elements of a farming simulator an rpg and a shooter

also there was some pool with the depth of 0.43 meters and the average iq of a swimmer of 47 but idk what the fuck was that


some khruschevka is being demolished with a construction crane while i seat near and watch

i’m back to shleep

okay no

more details on this

  1. for some reasom our english teacher was there too
  2. they first removed a side wall and placed it above something with the inner side directed outside on which i was sitting
  3. the wall was covered in some black substance and it was really fucking stinky and disgusting
  4. i was sitting literally like 10 meters away from the fence and the khruschevka