I might be wrong with some dates because I’m not very good at correctly remembering things.


I don’t remember anything.


All that’s left in my memory are a couple of frames and some general information like where I lived (absolute shitholes), what media I consumed (random shit), and the fact that I was actively bullied. I was into computers a lot, and, by the end of this period, I was a big fan of Windows 8 and, I think, had already tried GNU/Linux. Also I had a couple of really bad websites created, which were probably deleted a long time ago by now.


I started making Minecraft videos on YouTube. I have no idea why. They were fucking awful, and I decided to purge them all, but I kinda regret this decision because it’d be funny to look at them now. I also did a lot other weird shit and was bullied even more, which left my mental health in ruins. No one gave enough shit to actually help me.


I actually got back into web development and made some horrible projects; one of them happened to be a video game, which was created in a collaboration with a very good friend and which I kept developing until early 2019, and another one happened to be this website. Also I finally switched to GNU/Linux. At the same time, my mental health got even worse, and everyone gave even less shit.


My life hit the rock bottom, which led to me trying to eliminate as much of it as possible by stopping talking to anyone, holding extreme libright views, removing as much recorded online presence of me as possible, and getting too deep down the software minimalism rabbit hole. You can probably guess what effect all of this had on me. Also I accidentally formed my music taste by watching a YouTube video about future funk.


Things got a little bit better, and I mostly got rid of the mindset I created for myself in 2018. At the same time, for little reason, I started recording my dreams and watched anime, which I suddenly got into. The whole year passed very quickly.



2022 (in progress)