01 - January


Well, today wasn’t much of a day at all. I fell asleep at 4 AM and woke up at, sigh, 5 PM. As you can expect, I didn’t have much time to do anything. I finally added the autoreload feature to the button wall and moved my songs to a separate YouTube channel, and that’s about it for the day. My mom and I also bought some sushi rolls, but they were apparently fried, so I could barely eat them. They were also really fucking expensive but not as expensive as actually edible sushi. Hopefully, we won’t fuck up like this next time.


Yesterday, I tried to fall asleep at the midnight but ended up doing it at 3 AM. I also wanted to wake up at 10 AM but actually did at 1 PM. As you can tell, today I had a bit more time but still not enough. The whole day was spent inside, which kinda sucks, but I guess it’s alright since I’m supposed to be still drunk. I managed to do a few things today but still had to leave some for tomorrow. First, I uploaded the Jerk Forward songs on YouTube but then my friend pointed out that they’re poorly encoded. I had to reencode everything and reupload each song one by one. Unfortunately, YouTube didn’t let me upload 2 of the songs because I ran out of my daily upload limit. Shit happens, I guess? Will try again tomorrow. In terms of my website, I finally got rid of the Neocities button on the main page. Now it lives on the button wall. Also I added another cringy story to the list and slightly modified one of my blogposts. By the way, my old friend invited me to have a walk soon, so I guess we will.


Welp. The same shit as yesterday but slightly worse. The fell asleep & woke up times were about the same. I had even a bit more time today but still managed to mostly waste it. Once again, I haven’t been outside, but I really should’ve. I’ll try my best to do it tomorrow. But before that, I’ll have to take a shower today. In any case, here’s what I managed to do today: First, I made a Bruh, Ltd page 21 that a Discord pal requested from me. As far as I understand, she invented her own flag and wanted me to put it on transbian.club. The latter no longer exists, so I did the second best option - put it on Bruh, Ltd. Then I tried to upload the 2 videos I couldn’t upload to YouTube yesterday. Guess what, it worked. 24 hours hadn’t passed since then, but it still somehow counted. I have no idea how it works. And last, I added a feature for libinput-config I was requested by some random person - independent axis configuration. It wasn’t too hard to implement, but it made my code even shittier. I guess I should try using macro magic to fix it.


As you may remember, a couple of weeks ago I switched from CentOS Stream to Rocky Linux. Since then, however, I started to regret my choice. The main reason was that I switched to an unofficial clone of a Red Hat product despite being able to use the official one. The other reason was that, according to the CentOS devs, Stream is reportedly just as stable as RHEL, which means there’s little reason not to use it. And as a cherry on the cake, I heard several nasty things about the Rocky devs. One of them is misleading marketing, which to be honest, I don’t care much about, but the other one is that they don’t contribute much upstream, which doesn’t sound too great. I didn’t particularly checked those claims, but the second one seems to be making perfect sense since Rocky is just a clone of RHEL and reporting bugs to Rocky is less effective than reporting them directly to CentOS/RHEL. In any case, I hadn’t switched back because I couldn’t find a way to do it. However, today I discovered that you can just follow the CentOS -> CentOS Stream migration path on Rocky, and it’d work perfectly. I tested it on 2 virtual machines, and it seems like it works with absolutely no problem. So as you can expect, now I had no reason not to switch, so I did. I fucked up a bit while doing it, but it seems like I fixed it in the end. I also had to contact the Vultr support and ask them to change the displayed OS back. Understandably, that annoyed them, so while they did it, they told me that I’m an idiot and should just reinstall the OS like a normal person next time. Now I feel bad about wasting their time. But don’t worry, I’ll get better. I promise I won’t do it anymore.

The day itself, you might ask? Well, nothing else happened. Except maybe one short walk outside to the grocery store. I promise, tomorrow I’ll do something for real.


Ah shit, I missed the midnight again. Fortunately, almost nothing happened today. I feel asleep at 5 AM and woke up at 3 PM. Right after waking up, we went to the cinema where we watched Matrix 4. It sucked. By the time we were home, it was already 9 PM. Thus, all I managed to do is submit a Firefox bug report of a bug that my website triggers. Tomorrow, I’m meeting my friend, so I hope it’ll be more interesting.


Nope. Still the same shit. My sleep schedule this time was about the same. After I woke up, all I did was wait for the time to come to go out. Just as promised, I had a nice walk/chat with my friend. It took only 1.5 hours but it felt much longer and was more tiring. Maybe it has something to do with it being extremely cold outside. In any case, by the time I got back home, it was already 7 PM and I was so tired that I couldn’t do anything. Well, and I didn’t do anything. How boring. This time, I won’t promise tomorrow will finally be interesting. It probably won’t be. I’ll enjoy blissful uneventfulness until the end of the holidays.


Nothing unexpected yet. Somehow, I managed to fall asleep at only 1 AM(!) but still woke up at 2 PM. The first thing I managed to do after waking up and spending a few hours watching YouTube is add proper descriptions to Bruh, Ltd Music videos. I stole the format from YouTube’s auto generated videos. It looks hilarious to me. After that, my mom invited me to go to the mall to buy some folders. I used this as an opportunity to not only have a walk but to also buy a new mouse and a pair of shitty headphones that I’ll use as a microphone to recreate my old track. By the time we finished shopping, it was already dark. Back home, I updated the Bruh, Ltd common stylesheet to include the licensing block stuff. Now there’s no longer any need to do it with JavaScript. I also did a usual update of my main website. As you can see, it wasn’t that bad of a day. Especially consdering I ate 2 pizzas. 2 actual full-size pizzas. From Auchan. One of my friends must be so jealous right now.


Not that bad yet. My sleep schedule was about the same except I fell asleep 2 hours later and woke up an hour earlier. Right off the bat, I did a few things I’d planned yesterday and couldn’t wait to do. I updated my body weight in the about page, made the music.js script optional, which should slightly speed up the loading times, and updated the copyright messages to say that it’s 2022 and not 2021. I also abandoned a few ideas - taking down the networks project website (because it’d be harder to preserve it this way), making a fake hit counter for my website (because it’s a pain in the ass to do), and recreating an old song I made in 2017 (because my “microphone’s” sound quality is too great). After I did everything, I got sad because I did everything so quickly. I spent a few hours doing nothing and then remembered about my idea to write a blogpost about what software I used. And well, I’m still writing it. Expect it to be released today or tomorrow.


Misery. it’s back. Sort of. It wasn’t actually that bad all the time, but compared to 2 days ago, it was a nightmare. I finished the article pretty late (the midnight maybe?) and decided to go to sleep. Unfortunately, I spent an hour in bed with no success. I decided to just publish the article (at, like, 3 AM) and try again. Long story short, I ended up not falling asleep until 5 or 6 AM, and the quality of sleep of awful. I woke up at 2 PM? I felt awful because I had absolutely nothing to do. Well, I did have something to do, but it wasn’t interesting. The only pleasant thing that happened today was me discovering virt-manager, which as it turned out, is better than VirtualBox. In any case, sorry for a sloppy entry. I hope you understand.


Not quite misery but still uninteresting. The sleep schedule? I don’t even remember. 2 AM to 2 PM maybe? Not much happened today. I’ve been outside only once but could’ve been 2 if went with my sister to buy a shawarma. All I managed to do today is to make 2 Bruh, Ltd pages - one with a PIN code and one where you have to guess the color. The latter’s design was stolen from a Neocities pal’s page. Sadly, that’s it. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a bit more interesting. Or who am I kidding, it won’t.


My Discord server got a new member - a random person I met on the Fedora Linux Discord server. He’s a bit unhinged and also an asshole but also very interesting to talk to. In other words, just like me. He’s from India, so there are quite a few conversation topics because our cultures are quite different. In any case, something clicked in my brain, and I decided to once again try to recreate my old track. This time, however, I actually did it. The newly invited Discord pal helped me with drawing the album art, and my friend helped me with mixing the whole thing together. As a result, we created an abomination. The worst music track possible. The most unlistenable of the most unlistenable. The true masterpiece of shit. It sounds so awful, I can’t even describe it. Unfortunately, however, my perfectionism doesn’t let it go. Even though I already uploaded it to YouTube, I’m still not sure if I did my job at mixing well enough. I feel like there’s a disbalance in sound volume between my part of the track and my friend’s part of the track, and I have no idea how to fix it. If I somehow figure out, I’ll just unlist the uploaded video and upload a remaster with the same name, so no one will notice. Well, no one will notice in any case because no one listens to me, but you get the idea.


College’s back, baby. Today was the first day of the last semester, and it fucking s… Okay, it actually didn’t. But it also wasn’t that good either. In other words, it was boring and unremarkable. Not as boring and unremarkable as to complain about it, but still. We had only 2 classes starting at the second class. Somehow, I managed to fall asleep at 1 AM and wake up and 7 AM. I have no idea how it’s even possible, considering I’ve been falling asleep at 5 AM for the last 2 weeks. The first class was economics. Most of the class was spent listening to the teacher’s ramblings, and the end of it was spent talking to my friends about stuff, in particular how we spent the weekends. The second (aka last) class was P.E. Instead of doing actual exercises, we were in a classroom playing a pop quiz. It was cringy and uninteresting. Then we started watching some movie that I have no idea what was about, but the class ended before anything interesting happened. After the classes, I went to KFC. I had an option to buy 2 burgers for 169 rubles but instead bought 1 Twister for 119 rubles + 1 mini pizza for 28 rubles in a bakery near my house.

Thanks to my friends, the track was successfully remastered. Now it sounds slightly better. Or well, worse if we’re at it. I also uploaded old masters of the songs on the channel, but they’re unlisted. Most likely, they’ll stay unlisted, but who the fuck even cares.

Right after I wrote the entry, a friendly notification reminded me that we have an English class today. Good thing that I was attentive enough to notice it or else I’d skip the class. Again.

So I was going to delete my Reddit account and move to Imgur instead, but after taking a look at the latter, I realized that it’s just as social media as Reddit and not enough of an image hosting. Now I don’t know what to do. Leave my Reddit account untouched? Move regardless? I don’t know.


Siick. Again. And also drugged this time. I suspect the former is because I nearly froze to death yesterday while walking back home. Not sure if it means I now can skip classes for a few days because of my illness. I’ll probably have to go to the doctor to find out. In any case, today we had 2 classes again, but they started at the first class. I skipped the first one because it was P.E. The second one was, you guessed it, economics. Nothing interesting happened. After the classes, this time, I went back home by bus, so I didn’t freeze to death this time. At home, I wanted to just go to sleep but decided not to. Instead, I made a few corrections to one of my blogposts , unlinked the media journals on my website from the anime journal, and made so you don’t have to go anywhere to find out what a certain rating means. Sorry if today’s entry doesn’t make sense or has some typos. As I mentioned, I feel quite drugged.


Fucked up. Right off the bat, I fell asleep at 5 AM, which was a terrible thing to do. The classes started at the 5th class (yes, I’m not kidding), so I had some time to sleep but not enough, considering how late I fell asleep. I woke up at about 1 PM, so I had only 2 hours before the classes started. All I managed to do was take a shit and eat instant noodles. The classes themselves were 2 economics ones. We were watching movies about economic cris… crises? crisis? crisises? Lemme look it up. Crises. In any case, you get me. The classes left me pretty tired and hungry, so I ate quite some bakery food. Also it was dark as fuck already when they ended because we live pretty north. While going back home, I nearly froze to death despite taking a bus. At home, I did nothing :) Hopefully, the weekend will be pleasant and relaxing.


Weekend. Nothing unexpected. In fact, so nothing unexpected that I haven’t been outside even once. Though, I guess it makes sense considering I’m really fucking ill. The one who infected me must be a really strong asshole. In any case here’s what I managed to do today other than waking up at 11 AM: I finally fixed the git branch name inconsistency. Now there is no main and no master. Only default. Also I finally made a 2021 summary for my diary. In fact, I did it almost without reading my diary. The links on the Jerk Forward website now point to YouTube and not MEGA. And finally, my console snake game in C# now has a license. I still have plenty of items in my todo list, so I’m not done yet. See you in space, cowboy!


The poor indian guy didn’t last for long. Even though he’d been an asshole, I still had hope in him, but something so bad happened that I just had to get rid of him as quickly possible. Basically, this fucking moron started begging me to give him a subdomain. He cried that he has no money and that he just got to look professional. I started feeling bad for him and gave him one. However, instead of being grateful, he started complaining about me setting it up not in a way that he wanted and started insulting me. I tried asking him what on Earth his problem even was, but he spewed some unbacked nonsense. The whole thing ended with him insulting me based on my gender issues and sending me a trollface after he realized that I was actually doing everything right. I contacted my Moral Dilemma Solving Board™ (also known as the Official Fedora Discord Server), and we have come to the conclusion that he’s ban worthy. Sayonara, fucker!

I fell asleep at 6 AM and woke up at 2 PM. And if that wasn’t enough, I’m really fucking sick. Additionally, the muscles on my legs sometimes malfunction and start to hurt like a bitch. Tomorrow, I’m also gonna run out of my pills. I think I really need to go to doctor.

My project journal reorganization has been completed. I added a few projects I forgot to list, removed the “inactive” category (because the projects there were clearly either “alive” or “dead”), and updated everything on my laptop. Unfortunately, that’s all I managed to do today. No walk outside, as you can expect, because I’m really ill.


Okay, what the fuck is wrong with me. Yesterday I felt like an absolute shit. Today I still did, but since I woke up, my body temperature has been alright. In fact, it’s been even lower than usual. I still had a sore throat, coughs, and stuffed nose, but I guess we decided it wasn’t that bad, so we decided not to go to doctor. Instead, I just fell asleep and was going to just go to college while being sick. However, I fucked up by thinking that the classes started at the 4th class when they actually started at the 3rd. I had no time to attend the first class, and the second one was P.E., which I wouldn’t' have survived. Instead, my dad gave me a lift to the pharmacy, where I replenished my main pill supply. Then he gave me a lift to the hospital, but for some fucking reason, I fleed back home. My logic was that the reception would tell me to go to the “high body temperature patient zone,” which then would tell me to go fuck myself because my temperature is fine. In any case, I got scared and didn’t even attempt to go back to hospital for the rest of the day. Instead, I just slept the whole time. Not sure what I’ll do tomorrow. My curator called me and told me that we might be studying remotely tomorrow, and if we are, that’d be kinda cool because I would have another chance. But regardless, someone please fix my brain.


Quite an eventful day, but guess what, I feel drugged again. So don’t expect this entry not to be fucked up. In any case, I fell alseep at about 2 AM, but somehow managed to be only a couple of minutes late to class. The first class was P.E. I didn’t have my… uniform? Is that what they call it in English? I don’t know. So the teacher forced me to go around the room in circles. After half of the class, I realized that my ass can get kicked because I told my curator that I was sick yesterday, so I went to the college doctor located in the dorms. She inspected me, and according to her, my lungs were inflamed or something. She also told me to go to the student hospital at 4 PM so they inspect me further and tell me what to do. I went back home and ate a sandwich along the way. At 4 PM, I went to the hospital just like expected, where I was told that I might have COVID, so I’d have to get checked. Also they scheduled an appointment to the fluorography (or whatever it’s called) and another appointment to them for 3 days later. On my way back home, I ate some shit which name I don’t remember but it was incredibly tasty. At home, not much happened except some sleep and YouTube. I can’t express how happy I am to finish this entry. I feel so fucking bad (drugged). In any case, here’s some keyboard smashing: gjxdgjfhxsfhsfhsrhhfsdgjhkfhkffhkdgjjxgfhzfhs hihi khgnxdbcdvwvwxbwxvj sc skchisfhksfhkdfkhdfhksryksryfkskyfsldutulgxukxfhsfksfykysfkkkysryksfyksryfksydfkukdfguxl


Not interesting. Can be summarized in 3 sentences. I woke up, went to the hospital, was the first in both 2 queues, went back home, did nothing, and fell asleep for the rest of the day.

My Discord activity has been going really fine lately. I’ve been talking in 2 rival Discord servers - Yesterweb and Poppy’s Cult. Both are awesome and think the other one is cringe. The former helped me with some web advice while the second gave me an opportunity to lose my sanity by desperately trying to solve a puzzle no one had solved for 2 years. Yeah, and I also talk to actual people on both. Success?

I have COVID. Shit?


I’ve been called several times today and told that (1) I have COVID (thanks didn’t know that) and (2) I’m transferred to my local hospital and that I no longer have to attend the appointment on 21st. So yeah, I’m now quarantined for real. After the quarantine is over, I’ll have to go to my local hospital just as I would’ve if I didn’t chicken out that time.

I spent 0 hours outside, 0 hours doing homework, and 4 hours watching movies today. The first 2 hours were a really good anime I’d been recommended by a Discord pal and the other 2 good were an awful romance movie my friend told me to watch. Success?

Today was wasted, but I really hope I won’t waste the rest of the quarantine. Or who am I kidding, I will ;)


COVID test results came for the rest of my family. Everyone’s sick except my grandma. Which means that either she infected us or my sister infected her. In any case, who cares. I’m almost not sick already. Just a couple of extreme doses of antibiotics, and I’ll be as healthy as you can imagine. This was a joke, by the way. Don’t overdose on antibiotics. Please.

Today I actually did homework. Well, there weren’t much of it in any case - one reading of some bullshit article about Java and one presentation about some economical shit. Also I did another task my English teacher gave me. For money, of course. Other than that, I created a website with top 10 cute boys. Hopefully, I won’t forget to insert a link here after copying this entry.


И всё о той весне
Пошло всё по пизде

Sigh. So what do you know, my sleep schedule is fucked again. I feel asleep at 6 or maybe even 7 AM. I spent the whole time chatting on Discord. And not only that, I also felt drugged the whole time. Despite going asleep so late, however, I had to wake up at 12 PM because I had an English class at 12:30. A remote English class that is because I’m still COVIDed. The English class itself was one big test, which I didn’t even finish because I didn’t have time to do the listening. Now I’ll have to do it sometime later. The rest of the day was wasted. I “fell asleep” for a few hours (was lying in bed with closed eyes doing nothing) and spent the test of the time watching YouTube. Expectedly, my mood was not particularly the best, especially considering I constantly fail at having normal conversations with people. I tried to watch the anime my friend had recommended me, in fact, both of them - I Want To Eat Your Pancreas and Devilman Crybaby, but the first one was too fucking sentimental and the second one had the visuals and the dub that looked and sounded like they were made by a 5-year-old. Right now, I’m thinking of either doing something interesting (as in a new Bruh, Ltd page) or just falling asleep again to fix my sleep schedule. In any case, fuck my life.


Sucks. Still sucks. Somehow, I managed to fall asleep at 1 AM in hopes that I’ll fix my sleep schedule and will have time to do stuff like a normal person. Neither of that happened. I woke up at 2 PM, and the whole day was spent doing nothing. The only things I managed to do were reply to a GitLab issue and update my website. In the end, I gave up and fell alseep for 2 hours from 6 PM to 8 PM. I only woke up to reluctantly write this entry. Now I’m gonna fall asleep again, desperately hoping that tomorrow won’t be like today. And you know what, it probably will. Fuck you again, life.


Diarrhea. 4th day in a row. In any case, my sleep schedule is back to shit (4 AM to 2 PM) but I actually managed to do something. A new Bruh, Ltd page was added with the rec.gif puzzle. Also I mostly did the homework - the economics is done while programming is done but not formatted. I also actively investigated a new libinput-config bug someone reported but couldn’t find how to solve it yet. That’s it? Currently, I’m gonna try to solve rec.gif. Again. Tomorrow I’m gonna make an update to my media journals and a slight improvement of a Bruh, Ltd page. So I guess, see ya tomorrow?