09 - September


The day fucking sucked. I went to college, sat through an hour of bureaucratic bullshit, sat through another hour or two of WW2 victory celebration bullshit, and went back home. After a few hours, my mom and I went to the supermarket to look for a new bed for me, but we decided to just stick to my old one in the end. As you may remember, that bed still needs to be transported to this apartment, but that’s a whole other topic. Right now I feel drugged again, so sorry for a poorly written diary entry.

My sister just measured her weight on the scale I used earlier. It showed the correct result. This is very, very bad. It means I’m actually, for real 82 kilograms. I just can’t get over this fact. How did it happen? How did I not notice it? I mean, come on, 13 kilograms. That’d be impossible not to notice. God, I’m so confused. Maybe my weight was mismeasured all the way back then? That doesn’t sound like a realistic explanation. But if not it, then what? Did I actually gain so much weight in just 4 months? Will I continue gaining weight until I become so fat that I die of a heart disease? This thought terrifies me. If it’s true and things continue going this way, it’d mean I’d be over 90 kilograms by the end of this year. Holy mother of God. I want to kill myself. Discovering this fact wasn’t the most pleasant thing, especially while feeling drugged. I don’t know how I’m gonna sleep now.


Wow, what a miracle - this day fucking sucked too! Today was the actual first day of college, when we had classes for real. God had some mercy for us, so the classes started at the second class (I don’t know how to properly say it in English, but basically, our first class began when the second class would begin if the classes started normally; I hope my explanation is not too confusing for you). The second class begins at 9:20 AM, which meant I had to wake up at 8 AM, which I sort of managed to do. Due to being reluctant to wake up, I headed out about half an hour before the class started and somehow successfully arrived on time. If I don’t get even more lazy, I’d probably arrive on time more than when I had to take a ride on a trolleybus, which is pretty cool. The classes themselved were just as I expected - terrible. The first class was economics, which I wasn’t even sure how to spell, so I misspelled it on the front of my copybook. The class itself was pretty boring, but luckily, the teacher is a pretty fun guy that actively interacts with the students and makes jokes, so it wasn’t that bad. By the way, isn’t that weird that we suddenly have profession unrelated subjects on the final year of college while we didn’t have them on the previous year? How does it even work? But regardless, the next class was “computer network software,” and oh boy it sucked. The teacher we had was a former student of our very college, and she was a great pain in the ass. She was very strict and demanded ridiculous things like not missing more than 3 classes in the semester even for serious reasons. In addition to that, she did a pretty poor job at actually teaching people, and the class was just mindlessly boring - she just read some random text to us, which barely made any sense, and we were supposed to write it down. She also gave us some tasks to find info online, but they were terrible as they didn’t make any more sense, so I had to make up stuff. Also she barely even checked them after we completed them but insisted that we show her our copybooks. Overall, she was so bad that my groupmates got so angry that they cursed her in the conference and were planning to get rid of her. Most likely they won’t be able to do it as democracy in any shape or form doesn’t work in Russia, but it just shows how bad she was. The next class was ecology, having which on the final year makes even less sense than economics. The class itself was also pretty similar to economics - boring but the kindness of the teacher didn’t let us cry in despair. However, compared to economics, we stayed a bit more on topic and actually wrote something in our copybooks. The last class was P.E. As you can expect, I didn’t even take my sports clothes and was planning not to attend at all but decided to do it because my friend told me that since it’s the first class, something important would be told. And something important did happen - we had to sit through an hour of excruciating safety rules reading and then sign the paper that confirms that we listened to it. Before that, however, we had to do some stupid exercises, which I just skipped because fuck ‘em. After the classes, I once again filled my stomach with a shitton of food, and now I’m back home, completely free to suffer as much as I want in my free time.


Nothing unexpected - this day was pretty meh too. It began with me oversleeping, so I had to go 2 stops by bus in order to not get late. When I arrived, it turned out I looked at a wrong column in the schedule and was thinking we’d have wrong subjects. Luckily though, 3 of those subjects were brand new for us, so I only actually forgot the copybook for 1 of them as the other copybooks were empty. This time, all of the classes were in a single classroom, so we didn’t have to go anywhere between classes. The first class was English, which was uninspiringly usual. After a long speech about our upcoming college torture in form of exams and stuff, she asked us to make up a dialogue about how we spent the summer. We spent the whole class doing it, and that was about it. The next class was “software development techniques.” The teacher rambled some random definition that we were supposed to write down and then gave us a PDF to summarize. She spent the rest of the class showing some programming task, which I didn’t pay much attention to. My friends and I spent the whole class playing a traditional Russian game called “words.” I’m not sure if there’s a western analogue to it and how it’s called, but basically, the idea of the game is that one person says a random word, the other person says another word that must start with the letter that the first word ends with, then the first person does the same, and the whole thing is repeated until you run out of words. Pretty fun game, can recommend. The next lesson was philosophy. Understandably, I didn’t understand any of the shit the teacher was saying. She told us that we would by the fifth class, but you know, I’m not so hopeful. The class itself was introductory, so nothing interesting happened. The last class was economics, and it was the one class I didn’t have a copybook for. The topic of the class was how companies form the country’s economy, but again, I didn’t pay much attention to it. As you can see, this day was nothing to write home about, yet I still do. I would say I’m already tired of studying, but I’m not that tired, so it can get worse from now. I guess I should do something other than studying in order to stay sane, but I just can’t force myself to. It’s almost as if I’m destined to suffer. In any case, I guess I should have a nice walk now in order to relax. The weekend starts tomorrow, so maybe the things aren’t that bad yet.


The highly needed weekend has arrived. Did it finally let me to have some rest? Well, not quite. I’d say I’m still tired. Luckily though, it wasn’t too boring at least. The main task for my parents today was to move the leftovers of our old apartment here. While we managed to do it, we’re now very close to completely running out of room in the house to put things to. But on the bright side, I now at least have a bed to sleep on. Though, I still let my sister to sleep in my room while sleeping in hers for some reason. Maybe I should stop doing it and reclaim my room fully for myself. Also in addition to that, our old apartment is completely empty now, which means we can finally sell it. In fact, it’s so empty that it doesn’t have a fridge and we now have 2. Though obviously, it’s only temporarily. You know, I’m kinda excited that we sell our old apartment, even though it has nothing to do with me because I don’t even handle the financial aspect in our family. However, not everything was good today. For example, I feel drugged again. Yes, only 2 days since the last time. That’s pretty bad. Therefore, we decided to slowly stop taking the drug by gradually lowering the dose. It seems like it’s perfectly possible to survive without the drug, and I’m really tired of the side effects, so it’s probably the right decision. Or maybe it isn’t because I’m doing it without contacting my doctor. Assuming she doesn’t read this diary, which she probably doesn’t, I’m planning to let her know it post factum. My mom says that I should keep it a complete secret and don’t even write about it here, but you know, why not. No one even fucking reads this thing.


Oops, I lied. We didn’t actually move all of the leftovers of our old apartment. In fact, we forgot my dad’s car wheels there and some other stuff. So as you can you expect, this was one of the main tasks for today. I was woken at 10 AM and forced to go to our old apartment help my dad. The car trip was pretty fun, I’d say. On our way there, we visited a car wash and had to just chill out for a while. After we arrived and took the wheels, we went to my grandma (the one with her own apartment) and put them on her balcony. I’m not sure why, but it has something to do with them being specific to his old car and beging sold separately or something. Not sure how it works. After we sorted out the wheel situation, my mom invited me to a walk with her friends. Or maybe they’re our relatives? I don’t know. In any case, it was a nice long walk. We went all the way to the river port, which is about 3 kilometers away. Though due to the way we walked, the distance was actually about doubled. It was sunny outside + we bought some drinks. Unfortunately, I felt just a bit drugged, so it wasn’t completely flawless. We also had to go home by bus due to being tired and overheated. When we arrived, I finally reclaimed my room, just as I planned.


Someone forgot go write an entry again. But don’t worry, I have a valid reason this time - I fell asleep too early. I just didn’t have time to write the entry because I only woke up the next day. The rest of the day, however, was pretty boring. We only had 2 classes of software development, which I spent doing nothing. I felt really bad and wanted to redeem myself by doing everything at home, but you already know how it went. After the classes, I ate a shitton of food, which only made me feel worse. My free time at home, until I fell alseep of course, was also pretty shitty. I was bored but not extremely bored because it didn’t go for long enough yet. I went outside once to go to the grocery store with my grandma. That’s about it, really. Me falling asleep was the most interesting thing of the day. It also was both a curse and a blessing because while it just let me skip a bad day, it didn’t let me manually improve the day by doing stuff. I’m not sure whether I want to repeat this experience.


Today didn’t suck as much as yesterday, I guess? The day began with me being almost late to college. Yes, the third time in a row. Getting out of the bed is still a big trouble for me. All of the classes today were in classrom no. 407 aka the one with not enough chairs for everyone. Just like the last time we were there, I had to go to another classroom and steal the chair for me from there. In addition to having nowhere to sit, it was also too fucking hot there, so I had to take off my hoodie. The first class was “information security basics” - a new subject. It was pretty much what I expected from our teacher, which is the same as for network software. All we had to do was write, write, and write. I think we filled, like, 5 pages with text in our copybooks. Needless to say, it was pretty boring. The next class was ecology. This time we had to do a practical work and not just write a summary. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a spare copybook, but luckily, my friends helped me out and gave me one. Actually, they also gave me one more for next subject, but we ended up not needing it. The work itself was pretty easy - all we had to do was to read the textbook and bullshit a few explanations. The next class was network software. We had a small test in the beginning, which I guess I completed successfully, and the rest of the class was spent writing. Actually, she also gave us more stuff to write at home, but you know, I’ll probably just do it 5 minutes before the class starts as usual. The last class was software development. We wrote a bit of text in the beginning and spent the rest of the class doing nothing. Pretty cool! After the classes, I went to the bank, which is located in the same building as the college, to get my new credit card. Actually, I was supposed to do it several days ago but was too lazy to. On my way back home, I bought and ate a shitton of food, which I regret. I really should do something about it. After coming back home, my grandma and I went to the supermarket located in a big shopping mall. We ended up buying nothing and getting lost on our way back. Also I started feeling drugged, which I still do. As you can expect, writing this entry was a big pain in the ass, and I even planned to postpone it until tomorrow but decided not to.


Sigh. My life isn’t going to get better anytime soon, is it? So yeah, it was basically another day of mindless studying. It began with me being late again. 4 times in a row, isn’t it impressive? I wonder for how I’m gonna able to continue this streak. Or maybe the better way to ask is whether I’m gonna be able to stop it. Considering how badly all I want to do is to sleep, probably not. Today we had 4 classes, but they felt a bit worse today. This time, however, we were in a good classroom that barely but had enough chairs. The first class we had was software development. I think we wrote some bullshit in the copybook, but in any case, we spent the rest of the class doing nothing. My plan was to spend this time making my friend pronounce random English words in order to reproduce his accent. The idea failed miserably. Not only it was mindlessly boring to do, but my friend couldn’t even talk with his usual accent because he was trying to copy my accent, which is not as fucked up. Because of that, we just gave up halfway and started discussing random stuff, including linguistics. In particularly, I tried to teach him how to properly pronounce the English ng sound, and I think I succeeded. Still, he has a long way to go because, according to him, he has big troubles understanding spoken English and reading English text. He’ll probably solve this problem eventually. Or you know, maybe he won’t, considering he barely practises English. I hope the same fate doesn’t await me. The second class was philosophy. Unsurprisingly, I still didn’t understand a single fucking word that bitch said, so I spent the whole class minding my own business aka doing nothing and constantly wishing I wasn’t there. In fact, I didn’t even do the homework, which was literally to learn some bullshit philosopher quote, which would only take, like, a minute. The teacher wasn’t too happy about this fact, so I most likely got an F. Do I regret it? Maybe. But do I honestly give a shit? No, I’ve been through too much bullshit to evn care about failing. Also my groupmate and I had an “argument” on the class, which I didn’t have time to finish, so now I can’t get this out of my head. Basically, the teacher mentioned some toxic masculinity bullshit rule like “men shouldn’t do that,” and I was like “hey, that’s kinda sexist.” My groupmate, who is… a feminist? I’m not sure if she’s actually one, pretends to be one, or even understands how it works. In any case, she mentioned that “there’s no reverse sexism,” so my argument is invalid. I can’t describe how fucking ridiculous this statement is. I mean, yeah, women aren’t systemically opressed, but that absolutely doesn’t mean that they can’t opress. In other words, it may be not a case of reverse sexism but instead a gender prejudice manifesting itself in a sexist act. However, this disctinction isn’t relevant because she said it as if it’s impossible for a woman to perform an opressive act against a man, so it doesn’t count, which is absolute fucking bullshit. I can’t understand how you can say that you’re for gender equality and just outright reject the equality itself. Unless, of course, she’s that one type of “feminists” and doesn’t actually want equality. In any case, I don’t know what’s going on in her head. The last 2 classes were network software and information security. We spent both of them just mindlessly writing stuff in our copybooks. We filled about 8 copybook pages for each subject. Literally nothing else happened. After the classes, I went to KFC with my friends and had a nice meal. I still ate too much, but fuck it, I at least enjoyed it. My sister also asked me to buy her nuggets, so I of course did it too. Now I’m sitting at home feeling broken. What I’m gonna do now is probably take a shower and sleep for the rest of the day.


Yeah, this day sucked too. Right of the bat, I couldn’t take a shower yesterday because the bathroom was being renovated, so I had to stay dirty. Hopefully, there won’t be such a problem today. When I woke up, however, the nightmare didn’t end. Instead of going to college, I first had to go to My Documents (basically, a government agency that… does stuff to your documents, I guess?) with my parents to change my registration address. I have no idea how it works in other countries, but here in Russia you have to be registered into your apartment, and there’s a special section in your passport that says where you’re registered. We recently moved, so it’s obviously a good idea not to postpone registration and do it as soon as possible. Therefore, we went there in person because it was apparently easier to do. However, we weren’t too lucky as it turned out that they don’t accept a queue of random people off the street and you have to book an appointment. We did book one, which turned out to be on September 23rd, but when we came back home, we decided to say “fuck it” and do it online using Gosuslugi. The application itself took only a couple of minutes, and now all we have to do is to just wait 4 days and then attend another government agency with the documents. My mom, however, says that we’ll also have to attend somewhere tomorrow? Needless to say, I have no clue how any of it works. I’ll just do as I’m told. After we sorted out the registration situation, I finally went to college. The weather was fucking awful, so my hoodie finally came in handy. Also I went there by bus, which means it’s the fifth day in a row I did it. What a streak. The classes themselves were, as usual, depressingly boring. The first class was economics. In the beginning, the teacher condcuted a small survey to figure out whether we learned the topic, which I somehow managed to avoid. Then we just wrote the summary of the lecture. Luckily, the teacher was as funny as usual and interacted with us, so it wasn’t that bad. The next 2 classes were network software. For them, we had to relocate to another classroom because that one didn’t have computers. Well, it also didn’t have tables, but I guess the college staff doesn’t consider that a problem. The main task of the class was to do a lab work that involved doing stuff in the command line and documenting it. But oops, guess what classroom we relocated to. That’s right - 407 - the one that doesn’t have enough seats or computers for everyone. Because of that, only 2 of the 5 people that I was with were actually doing the task. What were we then doing, you might ask? Well, of course, writing a yet another fucking lecture summary. Actually, we were supposed to have “shifts” in order to share the computer, but it didn’t work out, so we ended up just doing nothing after writing the summary. The last class was P.E. I wanted to skip it this time but didn’t, which I kind of regret. After I came to my senses and realized that I made a mistake, it was too late because the locker room had already been closed, so I had to sit through the whole class just sitting staring into the void and suffering. Luckily, the class ended prematurely as our teacher just let us go. All of those classes left me in a state of indescribable apathy. I once again felt like the doom is near and that I should just kill myself in order to avoid futher pain. When I came back home, my dad and I went to buy some shelves for our balcony. And that’s about it so far. There’s one more day until the weekend starts, but I’m not sure if I can take it. Obviously, the weekend won’t fix my life and is just a temporary relief, but it is a much needed one.


Just like yesterday, the day began with me going to God knows where. This time, instead of going to My Documents, we went to the “controlling company.” I’m not entirely sure how it works, but according to my mom, they control apartment buildings. So we went there, and it turned out you also have to schedule an appointment ahead of time. Luckily though, they accepted our documents somehow. If I understand correctly, we merely made a request, and they won’t do anything until the time of the next appointment arrives. Now all I have to do is to wait until next Thursday, come back there, and I’ll have my passport back. While we were in the process of figuring out all of this stuff, it turned out the classes today actually started at the first class and not second, so I was already late. While it’s technically the sixth time in a row, I didn’t take the bus today because my parents gave me a lift, so I lost the streak. The first class was software development. We were supposed to do the lab work, but I was doing nothing instead. Also we had a little test in the beginning, but it was easy because the teacher didn’t mind us using computers. The next class was English. Now our classes start with the same task each time - talking about news in English. I chose the news about Docker Desktop, and even though I was barely able to put words together, it still somehow managed to impress others. Other people had troubles talking about anything, so it was pretty fun, and we had a few nice laughs. In order to make the whole thing even worse, I asked questions about their news to each student, forcing them to answer and creating even more laughs. We spent most of the class talking about news, then we quickly checked the homework (some stupid questions about a text about computers) and made a dialogue. The next class was software development, again. We spent most of the class writing a lecture summary and then doing nothing. Pretty boring. The last class was philosophy, and it was unbearable. I still was just as clueless about what the fuck the teacher was talking about. I think it was even worse this time. In order not to get another F, I actually tried to learn something this time, but my aphorism got too much of a deep meaning, so I was forced to repeat it thrice and try to speculate what it means. We spent more time on my one alone than any other one, and I think it might have been on purpose just to torture me. After the aphorisms, we started writing a lecture summary, and it felt like writing complete nonsense. It was so uncomfortable, I had to count minutes until the class ended. When I came back home, I felt pretty shitty, but don’t worry, I had a trick up my sleeve. I just fucking fell asleep, and now I feel much better. I had a nice dream, which is now on my mind instead of random political stuff I read online. I hope it stays like this.


The exact thing I was most afraid of happened - the weekend so far was even more boring than the business days, just like the last year. All I was doing was lying in the bed watching YouTube videos while being sad. In fact, it was so boring that I have barely anything to write about in contrast to the rest of the month. However, it wasn’t that bad. At least I managed to go outside once with my mom to take her to the hairdresser and the supermarket. While we were there, we also scheduled an appointment for me for tomorrow. Now I’ll finally get the tips of my hairs cut so my hair looks less shitty. Hopefully, I’ll also find something to do tomorrow. Like, you know, homework maybe? We have a deadline on Monday for software development, so I better do it.


While the day wasn’t too eventful compared to yesterday, it was much better. I wasn’t by far as bored, and my mood was much better. The first half of the day was spent doing nothing. My hairdresser appointment was supposed to be at 3 PM, so I took a shower beforehand. However, when 3 PM arrived, an extremely heavy rain started, so we had to cancel the appointment. The rain ended pretty quickly, but it was too late. Now I’ll have to wait at least until the next weekend. In any case, not a big loss. I have problems other than my messy hair. I was going to start doing homework after getting back from the hairdresser, but because I didn’t go to one, I started doing it right away. The homework was to code some simple stuff in C#, and there were 6 task overall. I don’t know C#, but after a few minutes of Googling, I managed to configure everything and learn some basic syntax, which allowed me to successfully do the task. I’m not sure if there weren’t more tasks to do and how to document the whole thing, but I guess I’ll figure it out tomorrow.


I feel drugged again. Luckily, this time it happened after much more time of not feeling drugged. Does it mean lowering the dose helped? I don’t know. In any case, today was meh. Apart from feeling drugged, I was pretty paranoid today. We had only 2 classes today, both of which were software development. I think it was exactly this way a week ago? I’m not sure. I successfully presented my work to the teacher and made a report for the whole thing, which wasn’t too hard to do. After getting back home, I decided to start doing homework, and by homework I, of course, mean the network software lab work that I was supposed to do a long time ago. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do it because the task required me to have 2 Windows machines, which I obviously didn’t have. At about 6 PM, my parents and I went to my dad’s friend in order to discuss something and to take his scanner because we apparently need one. When we headed out, it was about the time I started feeling drugged, so there’s probably no explanation needed for how well I felt. Right now I’m sitting in the bathroom with a case of extreme diarrhea. Considering I’m barely able to put words together, I probably won’t do the homework today. The teacher will probably kill me, but I have no other choice.


You may think that I forgot to write an entry again, but don’t worry, I did it on purpose. I just didn’t feel as good and waited for a better time to do it. In any case, today the classes were different from last week. The first class was English. Once again, most of the class was spent telling news, but it wasn’t as funny this time. After the news, she checked whether we learned the topic’s vocabulary and made us make up a small dialogue. The next class was ecology. No practical work this time, we were just writing a lecture summary instead. The next class was network software. I didn’t do the lab work again, but luckily, it was a lecture class and she didn’t check it. I was safe for now. The last class was software development. Other people were doing C# array tasks while my friend and I were doing nothing. After the classes, I decided to buy a shawarma because I didn’t have a breakfast and haven’t had a shawarma for a long time. I went to a local shawarma shop called “Juicy Bill,” and oh boy, I do regret it. Not only the shawarma was fucking garbage, the place itself was cramped and looked ran down. I didn’t notice that there was a much cheaper student shawarma, so I spent a lot of money on a regular one. I’m never coming back to that place. I’d rather pay a bit more money for a comfortable place and high quality ingredients. When I came back home, there was a door to door salesman trying to seel my grandma some useless shit. I don’t know what I was thinking about, but instead of just telling him to go fuck himself, I waited until he left just to blame my grandma for being so stupid afterwards. She ended up giving him, like, $100 dollars for a set of knifes, a frying pan, and a bedding. In other words, things we absolutely didn’t need. I deeply regret not trying to help her. She was vulnerable, and he used it while I didn’t even try to help her. In fact, it wasn’t even the first case of this happening. Like, 5 years ago another door to door salesman entered our house, and he also used my vulnerable grandmas that were trying to be polite. They even fed him some pelmeni, but luckily, they didn’t buy anything from him. This time, however, she spent actual fucking money on it, and a lot of it. Man, I feel guilty. While it’s unlikely that something like this will ever happen again unless she’s that stupid and didn’t learn anything, I can’t stop blaming myself for not helping her. If I had a chance to just go back in time, I would. Unfortunately though, I don’t have such a superpower as you can see by the number of avoidable stupid things I’ve done in my life. Sigh. After that, I was supposed to do my homework, but you know, I didn’t get any less lazy compared to last time. Instead, I just fell asleep and wasted the rest of the day. So now I have no homework just like last time, but this time she’ll actually check it. Unless, of course, I just don’t attend her classes, which I can do in theory. You see, our entire class goes to the hospital for fluorography, and the appointment time just happens to perfectly align with the time of her class. My mom says I already took it this year, but I don’t know, maybe I can take it another time just to cheat the system. In any case, I’m tired of all this shit, fuck this world, I’m back to sleep.


The day began with another incident. I ended up oversleeping, so my grandma started panicking and constantly telling me to hurry up. I didn’t care about being late, so I continued at my own pace, but she only got more angry at me. While I was taking a shit, she started screaming at me, so I ended up swearing at her in response. The whole thing made her have a mental breakdown, and she started crying. And you know what, I’m not even a single bit sorry for her. That was completely her fault for not respecting the boundaries and not letting me be responsible for my own actions. She got what she deserved. If she feels otherwise, she’s free to go fuck herself. Spectacles like this from her is one of the reasons I want to move away. In any case, I was expectedly late but not by much - only about 15 minutes. The teacher was okay with it. The first class was English. Due to me sleeping the whole day, I didn’t do the homework, but she wasn’t too angry about it, so who cares. The class went as usual - news, homework, and the main task. This time, instead of making up a dialogue, we did a test, but didn’t have quite enough time to check it. The next class was software development, and it was spent doing a test. We could use Google, so it was pretty easy. The next class was network software, and we were supposed to do another lab work. As you know, I didn’t do the previous one, but I’m not alone, so I guess I still have time. After about half of the class, I left in order to go to fluorography. I didn’t have my passport yet, so I thought they’d just reject me, but luckily, it didn’t happen. After the hospital, I thought to attend the last class, but my mom suddenly called me, and I had to go get back my passport. By the time I did it, I didn’t have time to get back to college, so I just went back home. Instead of sleeping the whole day like yesterday, I started doing homework. And by homework I, of course, mean software development and not network software, which I have no will to do. Hopefully, I will do it sometime. At about 6 PM, I had my first English courses class this year, which happened remotely via Zoom. Out of 4 girls, there was only 1 left, so there were only 2 of us in the group. The class went like usual. Now I guess the best thing I can do at the moment is to fall asleep again because I don’t seem to be likely to do anything else productive today.


No incident while waking up today. The classes started a bit later today, so I had more time to sleep, and I was also less hesitant to wake up. I ended up being barely on time. The first class was economics. The teacher talked a bit more off-topic today, so it wasn’t too boring. Also considering the things he said, it’s safe to assume he’s a socialist. I probably should’ve discovered that earlier, but whatever. The next class was network software. We wrote little test in the beginning, for which I was completely unprepared. I just wrote some random nonsense on the answer sheet, but it somehow worked, and it seems like I got a good grade. The rest of the class was spent writing a lecture summary. Also at some point, our curator entered the classroom in order to notify that my friend for COVID and that they’re currently thinking about going remote. The next class, information security, was spent pretty much like the previous one. Our teacher entered one more time, and as far as I understood, they’re currently not sure whether they want us to go remote, but they’ll make up their minds by Monday. The last class was supposed to be P.E., but I decided to just skip it. Luckily though, just when I went outside, I was notified that the class got canceled. Phew. Maybe I was right about commiting to my bad decision. Then I went to KFC, went back in order to order a certificate that says that I study there because my mom needs it for some reason, and went home. At home, I finally changed the registration address on Gosuslugi and Namecheap, so hopefully I won’t have any problems with the law. My mom also says I need to go to the military comission and notify them, but you know, not today. I’m scared as fuck of even appearing in anything related to the Russian Army, but I guess I’ll do it tomorrow because I’d rather stay a law-obiding citizen.