Personal info





The easiest was to describe my personality is to pretend I have 2 shoulder devils - Kris and Ruby - which control me 75% and 25% of the time respectively.


Also known as The Crybaby

  • Doesn’t want things to ever change
  • Thinks about the future too much
  • Overanalyzes and overplans everything
  • Tries to be more considerate then needed
  • Does nothing instead of being productive
  • Doesn’t manage to ever start doing anything
  • Doesn’t want to talk to anyone ever
  • Panics when being the center of attention
  • Has no confidence
  • Listens to other people’s opinions too closely
  • Avoids arguments as much as possible
  • Cares about other people’s feelings too much
  • Gets sad easily
  • Wants to solve problems by running away from them


Also known as The Dumbass

  • Does radical stuff for the sake of change
  • Never has worries about anything
  • Does everything unexpectedly and without thinking
  • Disregards all consequences when doing anything
  • Wastes time instead of being productive
  • Does too many things without finising any
  • Wants to constantly annoy people
  • Draws attention of other people for no reason
  • Has too much confidence
  • Doesn’t listen to anyone once sure about something
  • Starts useless arguments on purpose
  • Ignores other people’s feelings no matter what
  • Gets angry easily
  • Wants to solve problems with extreme violence